Strongest Profind Sect System Chapter 1070


The room was quiet for a while, and there was no sound, and the space was as solid as it was, dead in general silence, and there was no bird screaming.


“Sir, the feathers will come along as prescribed, and please see you outside, please?” Again, feathers are open.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

A few minutes later, the room still did not make any noise, which made it somewhat uncomfortable that the feathers who had always been in the upper place, although it was clear that they were powerful, they were also City Lord of a big city, and were so slow to be rude.

“Father, maybe sir isn’t here. Shall we wait?” On the one hand, knowing his father’s temper, the feathers, the whispering opening.

Shit, a little less! Ramadan Court, update the latest chapter!

But the feathers don’t know that because of her words, they’ve totally fuelled the feathers’ hearts, “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Can you get mad?”

“Isn’t it just cultivation base? Let me wait in my city, really when I’m an onion, huh?”

On the other hand, the twisted eyes on the distant men, the nodded of the Heart Council, walked across the feathers and came to the door and pulled his hand out the door very rude.

the hong sound, inside the room, when the blood in the renovation hears the dynamics, stops the refining, the grows open, and the killing intent comes out.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

“Who, do you dare to bother me before this rehearsal!” Harmful, murderous, completely released, without speaking in front of Lin Lei, he felt that the person who came was not Lin Lei, so he…

There’s been an outbreak!

Because no soul can hear the sound of the blood, except the beast yelling, and at this point it is only you that order, so it is not loud.

xiu. “

The anger dominated the body of the bloody soul, cultivation base, silhouette went out of blood rays of light and hit the throat of those who entered the room.


The sound of a shattered bone of hair, in which it appears, only one snake has bitten at the man’s throat.

“Asshole, let you disturb Grandpa Ben’s refreshment, see if Grandpa Ben doesn’t eat you.”

Thought, the mouth was harder, and the throat was bitten directly by the blood spirit.


The pain is transmitted to the body like electricity, and the pain of consciousness carries both hands to the throat.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be useful at all, the wounds are too large, and the blood comes out like a fountain.

xiu. ”

The bloody spirit comes to the table and watches his hands wrapped with his throat, his blood strained, his passionate and grey man, and the evil in his chest is not hidden.

“What, this…”

Outside the door, it was a shock to see the way you looked at your men, and it just happened too fast to react until men were injured.

Flash, before coming under your hand, and look at the wound in the throat, and the face comes down, and the emotions shine.

The man before him is his strong man, who is now killed, and how he can endure it, and, of course, on the other hand, he feels provocative about his own credibility.

It was not allowed to happen as a superior, so he was going to kill, of course, after the man treated his girl.

ao wu… ”

A beast yelled, on the table, the blood looked in the light of a man coming in, and he understood that this man’s heart now had a killing card.

Such people, they can’t stay.

Whoever he is, it’s only a dead word that comes to an end if he gives birth to killing intent, no matter how weak cultivation base is.


It feels like a bloody killing card, feathers are twisted, and when they see blood on the table, feathers are a feather, especially blood on the tip of blood.

Fuck, no…

“That’s not what Little Brat killed his men for a second, is it?” This idea is full of minds, but instinct is not believable, after all, this Little Brat is too small, and how can he believe that such a small guy has the ability to compete with the force.

That is why the two eyes were relatively stalled, and the blood spirit was not working, not he didn’t want to, but was waiting for Lin Lei to show up.

As for the feathers, it’s not like he didn’t want to do it, just guess if he didn’t do it.

A little bit of time passed, a stalemate in the house left the feathers standing outside waiting.

… Lin Lei, at the front door of the restaurant, took two men and watched them frowned and walked into the restaurant and said, “Go get some clothes for the two children, and get the food in the kitchen.”

“Well… just like yesterday, the whole table is fast, remember?” Lin Lei’s strong, and the shop boy saw it yesterday, so Lin Lei ordered him to disobey.

“Yes, yes, little remember, remember.”

Say, without waiting for Lin Lei to rush, silhouette fell into Lin Lei’s sight, and it was completely in the eyes of the sky, and it was desperate except envy.

“All right, let’s go.”

“en, what’s this guy doing?” Just as Lin Lei arranged, suddenly, the smell of blood was felt by Lin Lei.

this aura is different from normal blood, and this aura is full of atrocities, savages.

heart startled, copied the sky, and a few breaths came to the scene of the attack.

The feathers fall in Lin Lei’s eyes, especially now the feathers outside the room.

“What are you doing?” The sound of silence, mute, and he believes in the blood of the day, and he doesn’t do anything, and he doesn’t get any anger, especially in the face of this chicken.

“You’re back?”

Hear Lin Lei’s voice, and the blood spirit opens up, and it’s only Lin Lei.

“Well, what’s going on?”

“When I was rehabilitated, these people interrupted my refining, and” said that the sight was again locked in feathers and that killing intent had risen again.

“This guy has a killing card in his heart, and I won’t let go of this guy, do you think?”

Although it had not been long with Lin Lei, he understood that Lin Lei was doing worse than he did, and that for those who had killed him, no matter how powerful they were, he would kill him.


Lin Lei will not be in trouble for such a person, notwithstanding the fact that Lin Lei may not pose a threat to himself at this low level.

“All right!”

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.


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