Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 101053


The battle is about to start. Basically, Liu Changtian kills unilaterally. Because of the gap in realm and the oppression of martial arts, those martial arts who are below the Martial Venerable realm disappear when they meet Liu Changtian. Want to fight.

And the only man who can survive under Liu Changtian’s hands is the man who can keep up the pace.

Of course, the man is not working at the moment, and he is in a very miserable situation. One-knee kneels are on the ground, blood is all over his body, and the wounds and clothes are torn. Even beggar is afraid that he is better than him at this moment. Much stronger.

The ghostly and secluded path of the sheep’s intestine could have been peaceful, but now it is terrifying, bloody and dead.

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“tsk tsk, Yeshi is really powerful, just a cultivator of Martial Sect can survive under my strikes to the present, I have to say that you are a personal talent.”

“But …”

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It’s a pity … “

Looking at the man, Liu Changtian’s face was full of pity. For the man, Liu Changtian had the love of talent, but …


A mouthful of old blood spurted, his complexion was more pale, his body was trembling, one hand was resting on the ground, the other was covering his chest, and he was pains lifts the head, looking towards Liu Changtian, killing in his expression The intent is more intense.

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You don’t really think you are invincible, right?

I thought no one in Liu Family could clean up you? Even if the Liu Family doesn’t, the Empire doesn’t? Liu Family Young Lady is a monarch’s woman. Do you think you have the power of an empire? “

The face of the man is full of provocation, “I’m not afraid to tell you that Liu Family has turned to the Empire for help. I believe that it won’t be long before the Empire will send a powerful martial art to help Liu Family. By that time, you, and your most The woman she wanted to protect had to die, and she had to pay a bitter price for offending Liu Family. “

Listening to this, a horrifying killing intent has sprang up from within Liu Changtian within the body, and his face has become more sensational, “You are in courting death!”

“Oh, courting death?”

“After joining the Liu Family, I never thought I would be alive, and as a martial art, when I stepped on the road of martial arts, I was already on the verge of life and death.”

“Life and death are insignificant to martial arts, maybe this is a relief! Free this kind of environment where people eat.”

“Are people eating?” Looking at the man who has no desire to survive, Liu Chang Heaven knows, the man has long been bearish on life and death.

“Regardless of life and death, you may go to what you say, but in my opinion, cultivator is struggle against the Heavens, and it is even more about life and death.”

By the way, moving towards the man, although the speed seemed slow, Liu Changtian stepped out and came to the man.

“Life and death may not be important to you, but not all cultivators have the same thoughts as you. At least that’s what I do. I don’t want to die. The world is so big. Strong, it ’s a shame to die. “

“For this reason, I have to work hard to cultivate beyond the existence of this world, beyond the existence of time, even beyond the existence of death.”

“Oh, forget it, it ’s useless to say so much, anyway, rest assured, I believe you will not be alone, because the Liu Family will soon be with you.”

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you if Liu Family really turned to the empire for help, do you think the empire hasn’t come to help for such a long time, is it normal?”

“You …” The man was shocked, yeah, with the power of the empire, such a long time would be enough, even now, but now? Not to mention aid, the empire has no shadow, as if the empire had not received the news.

Thinking of it, the man’s complexion suddenly changed, what a smart person should have thought of.

Looking up, looking towards Liu Changtian, the original crazy eyes changed, and became frightened and frightened.

Yes, it’s panic. Yes, no matter how scared or worried, these are not what he is worried about now.


With fear, it will be very, worrying, so Liu Changtian ended his life, and to death, the man couldn’t figure out why the empire didn’t make a shot,

Of course, not only men, but even Liu Changtian can’t figure it out. It was completely horrible just now, but now the reaction is indeed abnormal.

Leave the corpse of the man aside, looking confused towards the direction of the imperial palace, looking thoughtful, “Empire, what does this Guangyun empire think? It stands to reason that such a big movement in the Liu Family should not happen Didn’t receive the message? “

“And …”

Let’s stop talking, and finally didn’t say, “Forget it, who knows what they think, anyway, I just do my thing, who dares to stop and die.”

Figured out, without stopping, stepping away from this bloody land, at this moment the entire Liu Family has turned into a Shura battlefield, and bloody dominates the Liu Family.

Liu Family, once luxurious, extravagant, and beautiful, is now completely transformed into a place of blood. If the powerhouse flies up and looks down at the entire Liu Family, it will be good. The tangles are as bright as red.

In the depth of Liu Family, Liu Qing State waited for a long time, but he never returned to the people who came to deal with it. The original anger was even more atmosphere.

“Well, how can it be so difficult for them to do something with this bunch of waste?”

Self-talking all the way, and then he got up and decided to leave and go to deal with it himself, but he wanted to see who it was.


When Liu Qing State got up and wanted to solve it in person, the door was suddenly opened, and Liu Qing State in action suddenly stopped in place. Looking up, an old man appeared in Liu Qing State. In sight.

“You …”

Looking at the old man, Liu Qing State was dumbfounded. “Fuck, what is the case, isn’t this Fuck Old Ancestor?”

Yes, this is the powerhouse of Liu Family’s Martial Sect Great Perfection, and the Old Ancestor of Liu Family. The scenes are closed, not born, and the temper is not very good.

But? But what is the situation now, looking at the old man, Liu Qing State is completely blinded, and the mind is instantly unable to think.

“Why? I was surprised to see me?” Looking at Liu Qing State, the old man looked away, opened the mouth and said.

“Uh … no, then … how did you come out?” Looking at the old man, Liu Qing State wondered.

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Looking at Liu Qing State’s doubtful gaze, the old man was long sighed, and he understood that Liu Qing State probably didn’t know what was going on.

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