Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 101064


“Yu Qing State, right!” the old man began.

“Yes, yes!” If you look at it, Liu Qing State dare not neglect, although he is the Patriarch of this generation, but if this old man wants some Liu Family Patriarch locations with no difficulty.

The first is the identity of the old man. If he really wants to talk about identity, the identity of this old man is much more noble and his blood is more pure.

The second is the cultivation base. The old man’s cultivation base is the Martial Sect big perfect realm. If you go further, it is the Martial Venerable realm. This is very useful for the future development of the Liu Family, and if the old man breaks through the Martial Venerable, all the nations except the emperor will have only the Liu Family.

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“Yu Qing State, now the family is in a crisis, so the old man has to go out. The Liu Family was now a place for me to retreat. I can think of the original intention of the Liu Family, but the old man’s heart softened … … “

“What? Liu Family… Liu Family crisis time?” After waiting for the old man to finish his speech, Liu Qing State began to speak, and the speech was full of doubts and was very puzzled.

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“Oh, it seems you really don’t know anything.” There was no chance that Liu Qing State interrupted him, and a mocking face appeared, “Liu Family was breached by the powerhouse, and now Liu Family has blood flowing into a river, you said, is the Liu Family in a crisis? “

“I’m not afraid to tell you, even if I am the old man’s own shot, I’m not the opponent of that person, so …”

“Say things as clear as possible for a while. If there is any misunderstanding, it is best to be able to untie it. It is a big deal to join the Liu Family, but if it cannot be solved, then …”

At this point, watching the words come to an abrupt halt, and his face becomes increasingly ugly. Asking a person to rush into the Liu Family to slaughter, this attitude has shown everything, but the old man always brings it in his heart Fortunately that’s all.

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“It’s impossible!” Liu Qing State still doesn’t believe it at this moment. After all, Liu Family has now become the emperor. Who is so terrible?

“Forget it, let’s go, you can see what happened to the Liu Family now, you will understand whether the old man’s statement is true.” Waiting for Liu Qing State to disagree, he turned and left the room.

As for Liu Qing State, despite all his reluctance, he still had to follow.

On the way, Liu Qing State played drums in his heart. After all, the old man usually doesn’t come out, and now it appears, then what I just said may be …

No …

“Don’t …”

My heart is very tangled. Thinking of the obituary from the gate guard before, Liu Qing State believed so much.

“Did Old Ancestor say … is it true?”

“How can this be, there is an empire, who would be so dead? With Longer’s status with the emperor, who would?” Do not understand, filled with question marks.

Of course, Liu Qing State’s idea is old man, I don’t know, Liu Changtian even doesn’t know, both sides are moving towards each other.

Liu Family’s door, Hongsi is now at the gate. The whole person is already red and bloody. Blood can’t see anything except blood. Besides the face, it can be seen faintly. Other places are full of blood.

Lin Lei, after leaving the Imperial Palace, did not return to the restaurant, but went directly to the Liu Family.

In front of the Liu Family, Lin Lei came to the Liu Family, watching the crowd gathered at the door of the Liu Family, and he got into the crowd, and then saw Hongsi at the door.

“Well, who is this person, so cruel?” Looking at Hongsi, Lin Lei asked the crowd on the sidelines with questions.

“New?” When I heard someone asking, the man turned his head and looked at Lin Lei, opened the mouth and said: “Liu Family, now the first family in the country, somehow, two people came before, two words Without saying more, threaten Liu Family to exterminate the tribe.

“No, there is already a person rushing in, and another person who is standing in front of the door, Liu Family rushes out and kills one person. No, it is the blood of Liu Family.” /p>

“tsk tsk tsk, this looks like …”

“His …”

Looking at Hongsi at this moment, the man couldn’t help but take a sigh of relief, his expression was full of fear.

Of course, the speaker did n’t want the listener to be attentive and heard the man ’s perception. Lin Lei froze, looked towards Hongsi, who did n’t understand who Hongsi was, but he only knew that Liu Family belonged to him, except who he was. None of them have the right to the demise of the Liu Family.

Thinking, one step beyond wanting to rush into the Liu Family and destroy the Liu Family.

“Well, I said, why are you going?” Lin Lei’s move caught the attention of others, and then he reached out and held Lin Lei, “You do n’t want to die, you ca n’t go at all now Go to Liu Family. “

Speaking, the man pointed at Hongsi at the door. Obviously, he meant Hongsi.

“Oh, a little more of your kindness, but I have something to do with the Liu Family, so …” A grateful look at the man, although the blocking by the other side didn’t work at all.

Strengthen his arm, freed from the man’s control, and then moved towards Liu Family.

At this time, Hong Si, who was standing in front of the door, also found Lin Lei, looked at Lin Lei, frowned, and looked calm, said solemnly: “little brother, stop.”

“You … stop me.”

Lin Lei stopped and looked at Hong Si and asked.

“Is the little brother Liu Family?”


“Is the little brother related to the Liu Family?”


Looking at Hong Si throwing his hands together like this, Huan’s head was broken, his target was broken, his neck was turned, his persimmon was turned, and his sword was broken!

“But I still want to enter the Liu Family, so let it go, don’t make unnecessary sacrifice, you can’t stop me.” At this point, Lin Lei didn’t lie. If Liu Changtian saw Lin Lei here, he would be afraid Afraid to retreat quickly.

But yes, Hongsi does not know Lin Lei, and he does not understand Lin Lei’s strength. As a Martial Sect, how can Hongsi endure if he is so provocative.

“little brother, be cautious, evil comes out of the mouth, sometimes it will be dead.”

“hmph!” Ignore Hongsi, coldly snorted, and moved towards moving away. After scanning Hongsi, I moved towards Liu Family.

“Hehe, yes, since this courting death, then die!” Seeing Lin Lei so ignorant, even daring to ignore him, how he could endure.

The cultivation base erupted in an instant, and a silhouette flashed to Lin Lei’s face. He raised his fist with a big sandbag and blasted towards Lin Lei’s door.

This fist Hong Si uses 90% of his power. This is the rhythm to kill Lin Lei.

“overestimate one ’s capabilities.”

Lin Lei understands clearly in the mind about the actions of Hong Si. For the actions of Hong Si, Lin Lei is very helpless. No, it can be said that he is disdainful of beheading each other that ’s all.

“Forget it, for the sake of killing Liu Family, let me die today!” Then, the coercion was released, and the rushing macros shrouded in an instant.


Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

“Remember, don’t be so reckless next time, you will die.”

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