Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 101075


Likewise, Lin Lei returned it to Hongsi, how ironic it was for Hongsi.

The difficult lifts the head, looked towards Lin Lei’s gaze, not to be as complicated as before, but to become complicated and fearful.

If he can’t do it, he can suppress him only by the coercion. He is afraid that even Liu Changtian can’t do it.

Hong Si understands that he is not the opponent of the person in front of him. Even if Liu Changtian of Liu Family Courtyard can make a move in the hands of the person in front of him, it is a question.

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“Fuck, this fuck … big guy?”

“Yeah, isn’t that terrible? Just releasing the momentum can suppress this person to fight back.”

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At this moment, the onlookers looked at the scene in front of them, and they were all shocked, and the most shocked was the man who wanted to stop Lin Lei before.

At this moment, Lin Lei’s strength is enough to prove that he has no problem in entering the Liu Family, but he was foolishly stepping forward to block it. Think of the man’s flushing.

Step into the compound and look at the corpse in front of the ground. The appearance of blood flowing into a river looks terrifying like Shura.

“Who the hell is it?”

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Looking at this scene, Lin Lei smiled, and then Divine Consciousness was released, instantly covering the entire Liu Family.

next moment, the entire Liu Family is transformed into a 3D three-dimensional view, which is clearly presented in Lin Lei’s mind.


“Is this guy Liu Changtian even here?” The moment he saw the silhouette in the depths of Liu Family, Lin Lei looked at him and recovered.

“It seems that what happened to the Liu Family is the good thing this boy did. Then, let’s say that, isn’t that guy at the door …” Looking at the silhouette of Liu Changtian, Lin Lei thought of the door blocking him. The blood man suddenly smiled awkwardly, and the coercion was immediately withdrawn, and Chuan Yin gave it to Hongsi.

“Enter Liu Family, don’t think about escaping, you should understand that you can’t escape.”

This remark rang outside the front door of Liu Family, lying on the ground.

“Our day … what …”

“What’s the situation?”

The sound came too suddenly, and he still remembers that the sound of the youngster you were officially busy just now can make Hongsi shocked that the man has entered the Liu Family, but now the sound sounds in his mind.

He turned his head and looked towards the audience. Looking at them, Hongsi was certain that only he heard it.

“Forget it, let’s talk about it!” After jumping from the ground, moving his body, feeling the oppression and repression of the pain disappeared, Hongsi stepped into the Liu Family.

A muffled sound of “咚” entered Liu Family. Hongsi didn’t forget to pay attention to the door. What does it mean to stay? That is, but if Liu Family has signs of life, people and beasts must die.

Close the door and trot catch up with Lin Lei. People don’t dare to take the slightest move behind Lin Lei, as if they are afraid they will anger Lin Lei.

Looking at Hongsi, Lin Lei smiled and opened the mouth and said, “How did you and me know the discipline?”

Macro Four: “………?”

Lin Lei’s sudden opening made Hongsi listen to the misty clouds and mountains, which was very aggressive.

“You disciple, what disciple do you have? When did I know your disciple? Big brother, how can you say clearly and run well?” Looking at Lin Lei, Hong Si was furious.

“Senior, are you … what is the disciple in your mouth …?” Hiroshi resisted the impulse in his heart to open the mouth and said.

“Uh … oh, forgot to say, my disciple is Liu Changtian.”

“hong” On a sunny day, the news of Thunderbolt exploded in the head of Hong Si. For a time, Hong Si couldn’t turn a bit.

“Yu Changtian is your disciple?”

“I fuck, who can you, Liu Changtian is more than you, how can you be a master of Liu Changtian, just kidding.”

At this moment, Hongsi ’s first thought of going back to Shen’er was to disbelieve. After all, the age gap, although the opponent ’s cultivation base is very strong, Hongsi still has some disbelief.

“Don’t believe me?”

Seeing that Hongsi didn’t make any noise, Lin Lei brows slightly wrinkle and asked.

“Um, this …” When Lin Lei ugly complexion got up, he was stunned, and then quickly explained: “Senior, you don’t believe it, it’s just that your age is …”

“Okay, you will understand after a while.” Closing, Lin Lei did not speak, he understood that his age is too young, it is normal for the other party not to believe, so how do you know Lin Lei Better understand that it is impossible to ask now.

Since there is nothing to say, the footsteps naturally speed up. He is not worried about Liu Changtian at all, and does not look at the disciplinary who Liu Changtian taught.

Also, he has already explored. Among the entire Liu Family, the strongest cultivation base is Martial Sect Great Perfection, and Liu Changtian’s cultivation base is Martial Venerable, so Lin Lei is not worried at all.

And as Lin Lei thought, Liu Changtian successfully met the martial artist of the Martial Sect big perfect realm.

Ying Qing State saw Liu Changtian’s first glance, and his heart snorted. He understood that what Old Ancestor said was true, because Liu Changtian’s clothes were stained with blood, but the clothes were not broken. It was obvious that this blood It’s someone else’s.

Looking at Liu Changtian, Liu Qing State stepped forward and opened the mouth and said: “Senior, I don’t know where my Liu Family offends you, but let you be so cruel to my Liu Family slaughter?”


The Liu Family Old Ancestor behind Liu Qing State saw Liu Qing State so reckless, his eyebrows frowned slightly, and his complexion became difficult to look at. He couldn’t figure out why such a person could be qualified for Liu Family Patriarch.

Of course, this is obviously not the time to think about this. If today or I am afraid that the Liu Family structure will change.

Of course. The premise is that Liu Family can survive this time, otherwise everything is useless.

Ignoring the barking of Liu Qing State, Liu Changtian’s eyes also looked towards the old man behind Liu Qing State. Liu Changtian could feel that this should be the Liu Family’s Old Ancestor.

Looking at the old man, Liu Changtian arched his hand: “Under the Lin Family Liu Changtian, this time is not for others, only for extinguish sect.”

Straight to the point, there is no concealment at all. If a person of low strength can say this sentence, I am afraid that the Liu Family gate cannot be reached today, but unfortunately, Liu Changtian’s cultivation base is very strong, so he has no scruples.

“Liu Changtian?”

After hearing Liu Changtian reporting to his door, watching frowned, repeating softly, he arched his hand and responded.

“Liu Family Liu Qingbai, Liu Family third generation Elder.” A simple sentence is enough to explain Liu Qingbai’s status.

“Is Liu Qingbai?” Looking at the old man, Liu Changtian continued and said, “Since that is the case, let’s make a quick decision. I don’t like to waste time.”

In the dark, Lin Lei, who has arrived, heard Liu Changtian’s words, and suddenly looked away, said ill-humoredly: “Well, this bastard boy, misappropriate my words, it seems that the previous training is still too easy. . “

Speaking, the corner of the mouth slightly twitched, a smile appeared, but this smile fell on the side of Hong Si’s eyes, but there was no slight feeling, except for cold, it was fear.

“Ah, Senior, this time you are really bad luck, good luck.” Hong Si silently looked at Liu Changtian.

On the other side, Liu Changtian didn’t even know the arrival of Lin Lei. At this moment, his Origin Force savings reached a peak, and it was about to reach the stage of explosion.

Looking at Liu Changtian, Liu Qingbai sighed, “Is there no room for recovery?”

“Can you tell me why you want to destroy my Liu Family?” Liu Qingbai understood that Liu Family had forgotten today, but he wanted to understand why men must destroy Liu Family.

Looking at Liu Qingbai, Liu Changtian didn’t conceal, opened the mouth and said: “Liu Family Liu Tianxiang moved a person who shouldn’t move before and hurt that person, so he must die.”

“And as a cost of hurting that person, the entire Liu Family must perish.”

“Of course, you may not believe it. Even if I didn’t come today, there will be another person coming soon. If that person comes, then your Liu Family will not be so easy.”

“What? It’s you …” Liu Qing State, who was quietly listening to Liu Changtian talking to Liu Qingbai, suddenly froze, killing intent in his eyes Ling Ran.

“Did you kill my Tianxiang?” Looking at Liu Changtian, Liu Qing State pretended to be crazy, and rushed towards Liu Changtian when he stepped forward.

At this moment, Liu Qing State already doesn’t care if he is Liu Changtian’s opponent. He just wants to kill the person in front of him to avenge his son.

The hatred of the child is not shared, even if he fights his own life.

“hmph, ants-like things, dare to bark in the deity, act recklessly.” For the charge with Liu Qing State, Liu Changtian did not anger and laugh, the power of random savings seemed to find a vent, lifted He patted his hand at the rushing Qing State Fiercely.

“Star finger.”

The star finger is activated instantly, the middle finger and the index finger become white jade color instantly, poking at Liu Qing State.

“Well, you can practice the Star Fingers to this extent. Although not at all is imported, it can be considered as a pass. I barely managed to pass it.” In the dark, watching Liu Changtian’s strategy, Lin Lei was slightly relieved.

Of course, it ’s just a relief that ’s all. After all, this kind of realm can reach him in a maximum of two or three days. Of course, it may be shorter.

“pu 呲”

A sound of piercing flesh sounded, and in his eyes, Liu Qing State was fixed in the air at this moment, and Liu Changtian appeared in front of Liu Qing State at this moment, and a hand was poked at Liu Qing State. The heart.

Scarlet blood said that Liu Qing State’s arm slipped down, and the scene was a little scary.

“pu …”

A spit of blood, with an unbelievable glance, looked down towards his chest, “how … how is that possible?”

He didn’t believe it, he didn’t believe he was killed in Liu Changtian’s hands without even taking a move.

He doesn’t believe that his destiny is completely over today. He doesn’t believe why he will die. Isn’t his daughter a monarch’s woman? Why didn’t the monarch help? each and everyone doubts are present in Liu Qing State’s mind, but unfortunately, he will never know the answer to these questions?

“Touch …”

Ignoring whether Liu Qing State is still alive, Liu Changtian throws it aside randomly, his eyes fall on Liu Qingbai, his expression is full of heat, obviously he wants to fight Liu Qingbai.

“It’s your turn!”

“Yeah, it’s my turn!” A bitter smile emerged, he knew himself and knew that he was not the opponent of the person in front of him, but as a martial artist, there is no reason to shrink back, knowing that it can’t be done, this is what martial artist.

“Come on, let me take a look at Martial Sect Great Perfection. It is only one line away from Martial Venerable!” Long sword appeared, and at this mouth, Liu Changtian not at all was using his bare hands, but instead used a weapon.

He is not a man of arrogance. Liu Changtian is very much looking forward to him who is separated by Martial Sect Great Perfection and Martial Venerable.

“Okay, so, let’s fight fast and happily!” The bitter smile disappeared, and indeed what he knew was a wild battle, a free and easy.

“Che, two little Mao children, the little children are really excited and really drunk.” Looking at Liu Changtian, Lin Lei sniffled.

“… Little child… Little child fighting?”

“Who? Are they?” Listening to Lin Lei’s words, Hongsi was at a loss, except in solitude.

However, Hong Si soon noticed Liu Changtian’s body again.

It is uncommon to have such a battle. With his current realm, maybe he can break through after watching it.


Moved, Liu Qingbai’s silhouette flashed quickly and rushed to Liu Changtian at a very fast speed. I didn’t know when a Dualbladed Halberd swept across Liu Changtian’s head.

The shot is a killing move. The whole body of baleful qi is soaring into the sky, it is amazing and horrifying. At a glance, you know that there are no fewer people killing people.

“Yes, it’s very aggressive, it’s a bit poor.”

“Well, the ability to predict is also very strong, yes, compared with Liu Changtian, it is still a lot of investigation. If there is no gap in cultivation base, Liu Changtian will not be Liu Qingbai’s opponent.”

In the distance, watching Liu Changtian’s and Liu Qingbai’s hands, Lin Lei couldn’t help but analyze.

“No way!”

On the other hand, Hong Si, listening to Lin Lei’s analysis, was obviously a bit shocked. He didn’t believe that Liu Qingbai was better.

“Oh, you will understood in a while, if it is not the gap between the cultivation base, I am afraid that Liu Changtian has lost at this moment.” With that, Lin Lei’s face showed a disappointment.

“It seems that after this time, he has to get him into the Valley of God, otherwise he will lose his strength and lose my people!” As he said to himself, Hong Si could not stop a shiver.

Liu Changtian doesn’t know. He has been spotted by Lin Lei. I’m afraid the future will be difficult.

Looking at the speed of Dualbladed Halberd, Liu Changtian was a little surprised, and then quickly raised his hand to block the long sword.

A crisp sound of “Dang”, the long sword became a Dualbladed Halberd, but the long sword is always somewhat flawed compared to the Dualbladed Halberd.

The two sides collided, a force of collision applied to their respective weapons, and the weapons rushed into their respective bodies.

“嗖 …”

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

“I’ve run into stubble.”

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