Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 101086


Using Origin Force to stabilize your trembling hands, the pain naturally cannot be eliminated.

Looking up, looking at Liu Qingbai, Liu Changtian’s face shows grave expression. It can be said that this is the only opponent he has encountered in such a long time that can make him fall back, of course, Lin Lei is not counted.

In the last blow, although Liu Changtian only used 60% of his power, this power is just a general Martial Sect Great Perfection. It is impossible to live in a place, but now it happened unexpectedly, and now Liu Qingbai can’t resist it. Stayed, but also repelled him.

“You are very strong, especially the cultivation base, I can’t beat you.” Looking at Liu Changtian’s solemn face, Liu Qingbai said solemnly, Liu Qingbai himself knew very well, although he just repelled Liu Changtian. , But this does not mean that you can win.

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“Nevertheless, if I release all the cultivation base, I’m afraid I’m not your opponent and I can take a few moves in your hands, I’m not sure.

Liu Changtian: “……………”

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Stabilize the shaking hand, hold the three-foot cold glow tightly in the palm, and stare at Liu Qingbai with no serious words. The silhouette bursts out.

The butterfly moves, and the silhouette instantly turns into a path of afterimage appearing in Liu Qingbai’s sight, the scene is very shocked,

Although it is only a residual image, the movement is also graceful and exquisite, as if a butterfly was constantly in front of the air.

“Come here!”

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Looking at the rushing Liu Changtian, although Liu Changtian’s silhouette can’t be caught by the eyes, Liu Qingbai is not the person who is waiting to be killed, holding the Dualbladed Halberd, stepping out one step, and a turtle appears on the ground instantly Crack, like the spider web.

silhouette rushed out, hand-dual Dualbladed Halberd, a method of warfare used, guns appeared, guns blasted into the sky, magnificent, as if to pierce this world, this world seems to be guarding Dualbladed Halberd’s cage.

“It’s interesting, this Old Guy practiced his gun intentions, okay! didn’t expect this kind of thing to be found in such barren places.” In the distance, Liu Changtian, who had been watching the battle, looked at Liu With light white combat methods, his eyes suddenly lighted and his mouth murmured.

The eyes haven’t left Liu Changtian, they are more and more interesting.

The sound of a weapon collision of “peng” penetrated the sky, and Liu Changtian’s long sword avoided the Dualbladed Halberd of Liu Qingbai directly by speed, and pierced his shoulder.

However, despite this blow, there is one thing that makes Liu Changtian helpless. Just now the sword was not unexpected. It should be possible to solve Liu Qingbai directly, because long sword not at all 100% Avoids Liu Qingbai ’s Dualbladed Halberd, but rubs the Dualbladed Halberd before being stabbed. Among them, several of the long sword have been removed by 50%, so this mind appears.


The long sword is pulled out, and the blood is like a small fountain. It rushes up the shoulders and sprays on Liu Changtian’s clothes.

“Fast battle”

After Liu Changtian succeeded, a voice sounded from his mind, and the voice was full of overbearing and irresistible breath.

Liu Changtian heard this voice, his body was violently agitated, his face showed excitement. Others did not know it, but he understood it very well. This voice was Lin Lei’s voice.

After that, after understanding, the silhouette flashed quickly, the action was faster than before, and he dared to kill Dear Liu Qingbai.

long sword With the word energy of the sword, the strikes are constantly light and white, the speed of a sword is faster than that of a sword, and a sword is heavier than a sword. As soon as he appeared, Liu Qingbai understood that he was totally miserable.

However, what made him wonder why Liu Changtian now judges that they are not on the same channel.

As Liu Changtian’s speed increased, Liu Qingbai began to have more wounds on his body. Blood couldn’t stop flowing from the wound, and his clothes were torn apart by sword energy.

In just a few minutes, both Liu Qingbai and Liu Changtian stop Liu Changtian’s kicking silhouette. Quickly exit the combat range.

At this moment, Liu Qingbai stood silently, watching Liu Changtian’s retreat indifferently. The meaning of death had already filled Liu Qingbai.

“I let you make quick decisions, not to tickle your enemies. Really, I didn’t know how you cultivated from the Valley of God.” Just when Liu Qingbai looked at the retreating Liu Changtian, A disgusting voice emerged from Nankai.


The sound came too suddenly, and death’s eyes glanced at all around. Liu Qingbai wanted to find the place where the speaker was, but unfortunately, he couldn’t find the place where the speaker was.

Liu Changtian respectfully saluted behind him, opened the mouth and said: “It’s the master you are right.”

Liu Changtian didn’t dare to refute. He also refuted by himself that some things that Sumit unexpectedly happened would be miserable.

“Oh? That’s the case. After going back this time, Kamiya will extend 1000 meters on the original basis!”

Liu Changtian: “……………”

Liu Changtian didn’t answer, but his face represented his thoughts. At this moment, Liu Changtian complexion paled, and even couldn’t stop shaking, whether I was excited or afraid.

Seeing that Liu Changtian didn’t speak, Lin Lei got up and walked out of the place that blocked the silhouette, exposing the silhouette to everyone’s sight.

“en? you …”

When Lin Lei’s silhouette appeared, Liu Qingbai stunned, “This is the person who just spoke? But … why is it so young?”

This idea occupies all the thoughts of Liu Qingbai at the moment. Indeed, Lin Lei’s appearance at this moment is too young to make him wonder.

As for Liu Qingbai’s idea, Lin Lei ignored it, but looked towards Liu Changtian with helplessness, opened the mouth and said: “You this bastard boy, solve a person lower than your realm It takes such a long time, what about the high realm of the disease? “

To Liu Changtian, Lin Lei didn’t care about his face at all, and Lin Lei didn’t even realize that he had said something wrong. The strength of the beast is much better than mine, but in the end, hasn’t it won for the teacher. “

Liu Changtian: “………”

Liu Changtian spoke without me. He was a little disbelieving. After all, he hadn’t seen it, and it was a bit inadequate based on his words.

“Don’t believe it?”

Liu Changtian has these words on his face that I don’t believe at the moment, which are very important to Lin Lei, who takes pride in himself.

“Okay, okay, since your bastard news is so, then I will show you what is strong. After this time, if you give me such a disgrace, no one else, I will just waste you , Lest I lose sight of Lao Tzu. “

“Nightmare Formation, now.”

A middle-level formation was cast by Lin Lei in an instant. For this kind of formation, the effect of using the formation flag is very good, but now the conditions are rude, so …

However, this price is not enough, but it is enough.

Standing out of the nightmare fantasy, the fog flashed, and a scene that shocked Liu Changtian appeared. The scenery of the original place disappeared, and it was replaced by a large house, which was messy at the moment. There are many people, but most of them are desperate and want to escape this place.

And in the center of the house, a black dog stood there, staring at the man with a temper, “You … you are different from them. I don’t understand why you still have to stay in God World at this level of strength. Does it make sense? “In the end, the eyes of the devouring beast fell on Lin Lei. The Lin Lei’s cultivation base was clear at a glance.

Especially, at the beginning, the Devouring Beast and Lin Lei noticed each other, so … In the view of Devouring Beast, the smallest solution should be Lin Lei, the cultivator of Saint Early-Stage. Already.

Because Lin Lei’s body makes the Devouring Beast feel a dangerous breath, this aura he hasn’t seen in a long time.

The words of Devouring Beasts puzzled everyone on the court, talking about the eyes of Devouring Beasts. When they saw Lin Lei, they were silent for a while.

They have n’t seen anyone who devoured the beast ’s mouth, and they even know that this person is very strange, unlike the Yancheng man, it definitely belongs to the Outsider.

I felt the hesitant look of the audience. Lin Lei ignored it, staring at the devouring beast, and a smile was drawn in the corner of Lin Lei’s mouth, but this smile seemed so dark and horrifying to everyone in the audience. Human hairs burst.

“Engulfing beast, the most mysterious race in the world of Hongmeng and Mongolia, with engulfing blood, it is really strong.”

In a word, a word tells where the devouring beast came from. The crowd also listened to the clouds and fog around it. It was the middle-aged man who had previously bid 90 million. Hearing Lin Lei’s identity about the devouring beast. Hou, his face changed suddenly, gloomy.

“didn’t expect It’s not just that I know the identity of the devouring beast, this person is clearly understood so clearly.”

“Who is he?”

“Why does he know the identity of the devouring beast, and he is not like from the holy realm, why does he know the identity of the devouring beast?”

Looking at Lin Lei, every middle-aged person rises in the mind, and he feels very mysterious about Lin Lei.

But on the other side, Lin Lei didn’t know about the middle-aged person. At the moment, he didn’t want to know. Facing such a powerful opponent, Lin Lei was not easy to relax. He was afraid that he would die, and …

System is running out of time, and some time has been wasted before. If you do n’t hurry up, the only thing left for him will be death.

It’s not surprising that Lin Lei knows who he is, and he never hides his identity.

Looking at Lin Lei, a flash of light flashed, “You are smart, I do n’t know where you see the message of the deity, but if you see the message of the deity, you should know that the deity is so strong that you cannot resist it To the point. “

A look of pride appeared on the face of the devouring beast. For this point, Lin Lei could not help thinking of small dragon.

“Well, you are really strong.” This Devourer cannot deny it, the Devourer is really strong, and not letting Le Lei be so scared and frightened,

It’s …

As Lin Lei of Pill Saint, he also knows that although the Devouring Beast is very powerful, there are some injuries on him, although not fatal, but it has affected his strength.

So, for the current Devouring Beast, as long as you raise your Spirit strength to the extreme, you can do everything with caution.

“The injuries on your body are very strong. If you do n’t heal them quickly, you wo n’t know how much your final strength is.

“Also, if your injuries are known to the old bastards of the Holy Realm and the Hongmeng Realm, I am afraid that it will break through the formation and I will find you and give you blood.”

“You …” Listening to Lin Lei’s head saying, the face of the Devouring Beast changed again, and he never said anything about his injury to outsiders, but this person in front of him …

An idea rose in the mind, and looked towards Lin Lei, saying, “You … Are you a Pill Master?”

“Oh, Pill Master.”

“tsk tsk, that’s a good name, but I still like people to call me Pill Saint.”

“You … your Dan Realm broke through to the Holy Land?” The Devouring Beast is a little disbelieving. Although he doesn’t understand it, he still knows the realm division of Pill Master.

Pill Saint is not the highest in the realm of the Pill Master, but it is also a very high level existence. Pill Saint is not even a holy realm. However, in God World, he found one person, and how this did not shock him. ?

Shocked by the devouring beast, Lin Lei still feels very happy, after all, this can be considered to praise him.

Looking at the shocked look of the devouring beast, Lin Lei did not deny it, and nodded replied, “Yes, Bendi did break through into Pill Saint, otherwise he would not know that the dignified devouring beast would have such eye pain. “

Looking at the scene in front of him, Liu Changtian’s heart was nothing but shocked. Really, he was shocked. Not only the existence of strength, but also the decoration of the room. It is not comparable to destiny, especially things like cultivation base.

While Liu Changtian was watching vigorously, the original picture suddenly collapsed and disappeared, and Liu Changtian’s thoughts instantly withdrew from that picture.

Returning to reality, how long-looking towards Liu Changtian, opened the mouth and said: “Master, why are you gone?”

“Uh … this …” Lin Lei was dying to say that the Formula had collapsed, but his face didn’t allow it.

“Let ’s see, hurry up to solve my immediate problems, and let me follow you back to the Valley of God. This time, if you have n’t cultivated into the realm of Martial God, do n’t even think about joining the WTO.”

“Ah, Martial God!” Liu Changtian’s face collapsed, his heart filled with bitterness, where did Martial God say that it was accomplished.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Speaking of it, Lin Lei stepped aside. There is nothing to look at Liu Family, and Liu Family is now considered extinct.