Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 101097


After receiving the order, Liu Changtian did not release the cultivation base completely as before, and the Thunderbolt gun was used instantly. However, because there was no weapon matching the Thunderbolt gun in his hand, the formidable power was a little worse.

silhouette Flashing quickly, butterfly stepping, holding the long sword in his hand, using the sword as the gun head, the arm as the gun body, the silent thunder gun is used instantly, the gun is like a dragon, and it flashes quickly against Liu Qingbai go with.

“oh! my life is off!”

For Liu Changtian’s dispatch, Liu Qingbai lost his resistance. He understood that the Liu Family would die today, although I wanted the idea of ​​perish together before, but that was before I met Lin Lei.

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It’s no exaggeration to say that Liu Qingbai even thought that Lin Lei was the cultivation base of Martial God, but this idea disappeared after all, after all, breaking through Martial God will have a vision, and Martial God in Destiny He basically knew that he had never heard of Lin Lei, so it was Martial Saint.

Looking at Liu Changtian who rushed in, Liu Qing smiled bitterly. The Dualbladed Halberd in his hand was not moving, but was inserted into the ground. His pupils glanced all around, watching the familiar courtyard, and then closed his doubles. Eyes await death.

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survival of the fittest The discomfort is eliminated, and the rules of natural selection are understood at the moment he becomes a martial artist, so he has no complaints. As for Liu Family, Liu Qingbai is just a pity, didn ‘ t expect At last Liu Family ended up like this.

Liu Qingbai felt ashamed of the cause of the Liu Family’s demise. If he died to see the fathers, he would not know how to explain it.

“Well, forget it, why do you want that many, since it is already so, why bother with it.”

“pu 呲…”

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Wherever I feel, I just feel that something has been stabbed in, I just feel a pain, and I don’t need to think about it all.

I did n’t open my eyes, just waiting for death so quietly. At this moment, I remembered what happened in my life, thinking of those who were killed in the quilt, he was a bit intolerant but did not regret it. After all, as martial Artist, he is not wrong, but what is really wrong is this World that’s all.

Holding a sword, watching Liu Qingbai’s move, his heart was slightly trembled, and my heart was inexplicably sentimental, “Will there be such a day in the future, I will be beheaded like this?”

The idea passed by, and then it returned to normal, took back the long sword, and then came to Lin Lei, “Master, Liu Family is gone.”

Lin Lei: “………”

Looking at Liu Changtian, Lin Lei just wanted to give him a crit, and he was helpless in his heart. Is this unknown?

Liu Family Patriarch was killed, and Old Ancestor was also killed. This fuck was not a genocide, and Lao Tzu had eyes.

Of course, this idea Lin Lei didn’t say anything, looked at Liu Changtian’s eyes, and then turned his head and looked towards Liu Qingbai, which still had a good influence on Liu Qingbai Lin Lei.

“You should understand that even if it isn’t you now, it won’t be long.”

“And, at your age, it ’s basically impossible to break through Martial Venerable. After living so long, it ’s time to get rid of it, maybe you will be reborn to a good place in the next life,”

“Maybe in that World, you may encounter something that I am not here, so … rest in peace!”

Liu Changtian: “………”

Looking at Lin Lei’s words, Liu Changtian cast a blindfold, and his heart was scornful.

You wiped out your family, and now you have to rest in peace, aren’t you naked and irritating?

Lin Chang’s idea, Lin Lei, I don’t know, but if Lin Lei knew of his thought, would Liu Changtian still have a better life? Just kidding, how is it possible …

In spite of this, Lin Lei was not talking nonsense, turned around and took Liu Changtian and Hongsi moved towards outside.

“Dust returns to Dust, Earth returns to Earth.”

The moment Lin Lei stepped out of the backyard of Liu Family, he waved a Fireball Technique, and each and everyone from Lin Lei’s basketball-sized Fireball appeared in mid-air, and finally landed in the house and corpse of Liu Family’s backyard. on.

“Boom …”

Blazing flames appear instantly, and everything that is encountered by the Fireball Technique will be burnt and turned into fly ash in an instant.

“This … how is this possible?” The exclaimed voice came from Hong Si’s mouth. For Hong Si, this scene was too shocking, but for Liu Changtian, he was used to it, after all, it was not I have never seen it. Of course, for the first time, Liu Changtian is totally different from Hongsi, without any difference.

“Oh, isn’t it incredible, do you think this thing can’t happen, oh no, shouldn’t it say that it can’t happen in this world?” Looking at Hongsi’s shock, Liu Changtian took Fun smiled and opened her mouth.

“You … I …” Looking at Liu Changtian’s expression, Hong Siyi was in a hurry, and eventually Liu Changtian didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Well, there will be many more things in the future, so don’t be too surprised, it will be shameful.”

Front, listening to Liu Changtian saying this, turning his back to sneer at him, he would like to say, “You just thought it was better than Hongsi.”

Of course, that is to say, if you do n’t really say it, otherwise he will be very embarrassing. After all, Liu Changtian is now his discipline.

The three people stepped out of the Liu Family door and ignored them. As for Liu Family, Lin Lei didn’t need to deal with it at all. The Fireball Technique just now is enough to turn this Liu Family into fly ash.

Now in front of the Liu Family gate, people around at not all disperse, even more people than before, Lin Lei doesn’t want to say anything about it.

Let’s step away and ignore the Liu Family who reached for the burning fire.

When passing the crowd, the crowd pushed involuntarily to the side, giving way to Lin Lei and the others.

Maybe it was because of fear, or it was because the blood on Liu Changtian and Hongsi frightened them. How they were afraid can only be understood by themselves.

Lin Lei left, and walked away, leaving a crowd to watch the Liu Family’s fire grow bigger and bigger, and there were people who wanted to go in and clean it up.

You must know that Liu Family is the meaning of Great Clans of the empire, especially after Liu Family’s presence near the Lord Lord in the past two years, Liu Family’s status can be vaguely the first Great Clans in the country. As much as possible.

However, the raging fire is ahead. Even if they have this heart, there is no such thing. Of course, there are people who are not afraid of death. Some people have entered it, but when they entered the door, they were forced to step back by the heat wave set off by the raging fire .

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Like this, the Liu Family was destroyed within a day. The news spread like wind to the whole country.