Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 10110


Liu Family’s affairs Lin Lei wasn’t bothering, anyway, Liu Family was destroyed, as for Liu Family’s things, he didn’t care, and he didn’t care about those things.

Bring Liu Changtian to the restaurant, but because of the blood on Liu Changtian’s body, Lin Lei sent him to wash the room and opened it after entering the restaurant.

As for Lin Lei, when he came to the restaurant, he found a place by the window and sat down, ordered good wine and food, and waited for Liu Changtian’s arrival quietly.

The time passed little by little. In less than ten minutes, Liu Changtian returned and returned. The difference is that at this moment Liu Changtian is renewed and has no previous blood, but after all, he killed someone before, even if he had clothes and blood All are eliminated, but there is still a slight bloody presence.

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Lin Chang looked at Liu Changtian, and then raised his glass and drank the wine. “Tell me, why did you come to Guangyun Empire, and where is my mother now?”

Straight to the point, a series of questions were asked, which made Liu Changtian a bit unnatural. What he was most afraid of now was being asked about Huo Yun’s injury before. Sure enough, he still did not escape.

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“en? Lin Family…”

Looking at Liu Changtian, Lin Lei didn’t wrinkle slightly. He didn’t expect that this could be related to the Lin Family.

nodded, “Yes, I want to hear what flowers you can say. If the last reason is not satisfactory to you, you should know the consequences.”

Liu Changtian: “………”

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“I came to the empire, because of the Lin Family, I was separated from the grandma. I wanted to investigate, but did n’t expect that the grandma met Liu Tianxiang, and finally Liu Tianxiang succeeded because the discipline was not there. But disciple rushed to kill him later.

Speaking, the words were very sharp. Yu Guang glanced at Lin Lei’s expression. After seeing that there was no emotion on Lin Lei’s face, Liu Changtian wiped his cold sweat and continued: “Because it was in the empire at the time, The matter may be bigger, so I can only settle the teachers and nurses first, and finally return to China to find the Liu Family to settle accounts. “

“Everything is like this, you will know later, Liu Family is destroyed.” Say, Liu Changtian is relaxed.

Liu Changtian said nothing, Lin Lei didn’t speak for a long time, but his face calmed down, “didn’t expect Lin Family, and this kind of thing happened,”

“Now that the Lin Family reappeared in front of everyone, and the Guangyun Empire found it, the other empires would naturally not be a little windy without me. That being the case, before Father, Uncle, and Third Uncle, they called for their affairs. Out. “

The souls of Uncle and Third Uncle are now found, but the soul of his father, according to Heavenly Dao, if father is not dead, it means that someone else has stepped in and tied him up.

So, everything that happened before is justified.

Thinking, a flash of killing intent passed by, Guangyun Empire. I thought about letting out the Imperial Family before. The mouth is now impossible.

Since they dare to intervene in the Lin Family, they must die. Although he doesn’t have much affection for the Lin Family, after all, he is the family of his own life and the father’s family, so he decides this matter.

Thinking, looking up towards Liu Changtian, “You’re fine with this matter.”

When this remark came out, Liu Changtian, who was still a bit embarrassed, finally felt relieved. He thought he would be punished, but now …

However, without waiting for Liu Changtian’s induction, next moment Lin Lei’s words came again, Liu Changtian’s face collapsed.

“However, capital punishment can be avoided without death. If you make a mistake, you must receive punishment.”

“Master, I …” I want to refute, but Lin Lei’s voice just came again.

“Let me return to Kamiya and add 1000 meters to the original, then add a little bit now.”

“2000 metres, one year, one year cannot break through, then … take responsibility for the consequences.”

Liu Changtian: “………”

At this moment, Liu Changtian doesn’t want to talk anymore, and even the retort is gone. Now he just wants to find a horned owl, squatting down and quietly sad for a while.

“hehe …”

Liu Changtian ’s heart he understands, but there is no way for him to prevent him from protecting his mother. This is punishment …

In the outside world, the Liu Family ’s destruction was immediately known to the Great Clans, especially the Imperial Family, but it was also immediately known to Li Huangdao not at all. Linglong couldn’t accept it. Of course, what was more worrying was that Liu Linglong’s thickness went to provoke Lin Lei and trouble the empire.

Long Family, Long Yaoyang’s room, got a report from his subordinates, saying that the news of Liu Family’s annihilation, Long Yaoyang was almost excited.

For two or three years, it was suppressed by the Liu Family for two or three years. In the two or three years, the Long Family can be described as a shame to death, especially Long Yaoyang’s strong personality.

Now, how can Liu Family destroy the family without being excited, but when he thinks about the strength of Lin Lei, he is very worried. Now Liu Family is destroyed, in case his own family accidentally provoked him, Long Will Family …

“hiss” thinking, Long Yaoyang couldn’t help but take a sigh of relief, and he didn’t dare to think about the consequences.

“Come.” He looked up and shouted at the door.

The door of “Zhi Ya” was pushed open, and a man walked in from the door, kneeling on the ground and saluting, “Patriarch.”

“Go, inform everyone of the Long Family that you must not be disrespectful when you meet that Senior. Also, during this period of time, you have to give me some peace in the capital. Do n’t show any moths, otherwise do n’t blame me. Yang doesn’t talk about love. “

“Especially those few things that are out of the ordinary, let them give me a share, otherwise don’t blame me for killing my relatives.”

As soon as this remark came out, the man kneeling on the ground changed his face fiercely. The meaning of this sentence was very clear, and then he was nodded, “It is the subordinates who will inform the Lord.”

“Well, go, if there is anything they don’t agree with, let them come to me.”

Then, the man got up and left Long Yaoyang’s room to inform the Long Family of the various persons in charge.

This situation is not only the Long Family, but also the other families of the National Capital. Basically, it is some guys who make some of the family’s love affair come to peace that ’s all.

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Now that things have been known, the mood is naturally much better. For example, the most troublesome things have been solved now. As for the remaining things, as long as they are hands-on, this is very easy for Lin Lei.

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