Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 10111


At the entrance of Cangyun mountain range, Liu Changtian and Lin Lei returned to the mountain range where Huoyun was.

“Is this here?”

Now the mountain range entrance, looking up, looking at the mountain range in front of him, Lin Lei’s face showed a dim look, this look passed before, others did not notice.

“Well, because I was going to get revenge, I can only arrange the teacher-in-law here, and I will be guarded by Demonic beast, safe.” Liu Changtian responded.

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Slowly, Liu Changtian’s speed accelerated, perhaps because he felt the eagerness in Lin Lei’s heart. The speed was faster and faster, which made Hong Si, who was on the side, cry a bit.

Looking at the speed of Lin Lei and the others, Hong Si was very weak. He wanted to increase the speed and follow the steps of a few people, but it was OK, he was powerless. Can’t get up.

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Xue Lingtian, in the restaurant before, Lin Lei introduced him to Hongsi. Although Hongsi was a bit unacceptable at first, after all, Demonic beast can obey people’s orders.

I can think of the strength of Lin Lei, Liu Changtian’s position, and I changed my mindset a little bit, and finally accepted the existence of Xuelingtian.

Only, now that he sees the speed of Xuelingtian, he starts to feel bad again, because this speed is faster than him, and much faster. He can feel that this is not the whole speed of Xuelingtian.

Lin Lei felt that the speed of Hongsi was a bit lacking, and eventually slowed it down a bit, but despite this, Hongsi was tired enough.

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Lin Lei, in order to avoid trouble, the cultivation base was released and the coercion was released, so that the Demonic beast did not dare to approach, so it would be so smooth, otherwise … hehe …

Cangyun mountain range In one of the valley bottoms, Long Ming made his disciple in a three-person team and set up sentries within a radius of 1000 meters. As long as there is wind and grass moving, it will return to the dragon at the fastest speed. Make your ears and make arrangements.

This is the first sentry within 1000 meters, patrolling normally, glanced at all around, and just looking at the situation around the sentry, just, the entire group appeared in the show.

Looking at the remote group in the distance, the man opened his mouth and reminded the two of them: “Do n’t go to sleep, someone is coming, and promptly warn him not to come close. If you fail, you should understand the consequences.”

When the words came out, the duo who had been sleeping with their eyes closed jumped up and grabbed a wooden stick similar to long spear in one hand, poking at a few people in the distance.

Of course, the three did not at all kill the strikers in the far away group, but poked in front of the entire group.

咻 …

Three empty sounds came from a distance. Lin Lei, who wanted to rush to the destination in a spurt of energy, heard the sound of empty sounds, looked up, and saw three black shadows rushing to the final insertion. On the ground in front of five meters.


A muffled sound was accompanied by a warning from a distance.

“Stop coming, here is private territory, the first is a warning, the second is not necessarily.”

“en?” Suddenly, Lin Lei and the others looked at each other and looked puzzled towards Liu Changtian,

However, Liu Changtian, who received the eyes of Lin Lei and the others, was also blank. He remembered that there was no such thing when he left before.

Looking at Lin Lei’s cannibalistic gaze, Liu Changtian’s silhouette shuddered, cold sweat on his forehead emerged, and then opened the mouth and said: “Master, I … I don’t know, wait a minute, I ask . “

Speaking, without waiting for Lin Lei to speak, Liu Changtian stepped out, looking at the place where the three men were, opened his mouth and said, “I am Liu Changtian and give me the dragon. Call it out. “

“en? Liu Changtian?” At the sentry post, the three heard frowned, and looked up, as if they wanted to see who they were.

Fortunately, the three eyes Divine Prediction is good, staring at Liu Changtian for a long time, and finally determined that the person in front of him is Liu Changtian, that powerhouse.

“Liu Senior, I waited for the Young Master to arrange a guard post, in order to be afraid of unexpected situations, and if you offend, please atone for it.” The man said, leaving the three to quickly come to Liu Changtian and the others Pay respect to your luggage to make amends.

Looking at the three, Liu Changtian looked much better. He explained why White Dragon Ming did this, and he didn’t blame him.

“You did a good job.” Praise the three, and continue: “Go, take us in.”

Liu Changtian didn’t want to wait for a while to encounter this situation. He didn’t know how many Liu Changtian set up this sentry.

“Well, Yan Senior please.”

The three made a pleased gesture, and then stepped forward and started to guide the way for Lin Lei and the others. Sure enough, as Liu Changtian thought, basically there would be an outpost after a while. Right This Liu Changtian appreciates Long Ming more, and he can think of this method.

Lin Lei is also very interested in this. He also has a good understanding of Long Ming. After all, Long Ming did this to protect his mother. Although he sinned the Lin Family before, this kind of thing can be considered Gong is atonement.

Like this, under the leadership of the three, Liu Changtian and the others went smoothly along the way, not at all being warned like the first time.

Time rushed, and it didn’t take long for Liu Changtian to be led to the bottom of the valley.

Stop, the three-man team Liu Changtian and the others bowed saluted, “Your Senior, if you’re already there, I’ll go back first.”

Looking at the three, Liu Changtian was nodded, “Well, you go back!”

The three left, and Liu Changtian turned towards looked towards Lin Lei, opened the mouth and said: “Master, that Cave Mansion is the residence of the sibling.”

“This?” Looking at Liu Changtian’s finger, a dark flash appeared in Lin Lei’s eyes.

“Uh, this …” Seeing Lin Lei’s doubts, Liu Changtian’s voice paused, and then continued: “Although … although some leaks were found, safety is the most important, and the nurse was injured before. Now it should be It’s almost restored. “

“Well, I see.”

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

“tsk tsk… this speed, really fast?” Looking at the silhouette of Lin Lei, Hong Si was very envious, and there was nothing but envy.

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