Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 10112


Ignoring the eyes of the crowd, stepping out into the flash, this time Lin Lei did not use the cultivation base, with excitement.

It’s been several years since he went out. Although this is just his mother, he was born to support him, love him, and protect him. This is enough to let Lin Lei exhaust everything to protect this love.

The caves are not very big, they are dark, and they also return to the tide. Cultivation in these places is nothing to the cultivator. After all, most of the cultivator’s training places are Cave Mansion and the like.

However, this is not a good place for a martial artist, and it ’s still a woman practicing in such vaginal places, which is even worse and harmful to cultivation.

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Lin Lei came to Huoyun, and Divine Consciousness immediately released it to investigate it. Looking at the operation route of the cultivation technique in Huoyun’s body, Lin Lei frowned, and then relaxed.

“Mother can shut down the Five Consciousness Cultivation in these places as much as possible, but I am very relieved about the entire group such as Long Ming!” It is very taboo to shut down the Five Consciousness Cultivation, especially in this environment.

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Looking at Huoyun’s cultivation technique has reached a critical moment, Lin Lei did not bother, but came aside, found a dry place to sit down, closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

From the outside, Liu Changtian saw Lin Lei leave, Liu Changtian waved his hand to let everyone go, and they followed them wherever they went.

As for Liu Changtian, he also came to another cave, this is Long Man’s Cave Mansion.

Longming is not as bold as Huoyun. When Liu Changtian entered the cave, he felt it. Then he opened his eyes and turned to look at him, but when he saw someone coming, Longming had a smile on his solemn complexion.

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Yes, what Long Ming saw was Liu Changtian. He stood up and spoke to Liu Changtian.

“Coming back!” Looking at Long Ming, Liu Changtian said, “I have left this time, you did good. It seems that it was right to leave you here.”

Listening to Liu Changtian’s compliment, Long Ming’s face showed an arrogant pride, “Senior is too famous, this is all I should do, after all, this is also my responsibility.”

“Hehe, your kid …” Seeing Long Ming say this, Liu Changtian didn’t justify, after all, he had previously acknowledged that he was a member of the Lin Family. It is right to say so.

“Oh, right.” It seemed like I thought of it. Looking at Long Ming, a smile appeared on his face, and he continued: “This time, my master is back with me, and there is good news.”

“You … your master?” Long Ming was shocked. Liu Changtian’s master was a super powerhouse, and most importantly, his and the others’ lives were still being held by him. Only when Lin Lei spoke, did they really break away. death.

Looking at Long Ming with such a look, Liu Changtian smiled, and he thought in White Dragon Ming ’s mind, “Relax, the master has already said that he will not kill you and your subordinates, rest assured at this time ! “

“Really … really?”

I thought I was in danger, but now this news makes Long Ming a little bit unbelievable.

But to make sure again, Long Ming said again and confirmed, “Senior, are you saying that true, I … we really don’t need to die?”

Liu Changtian: “……………”

Longming is so speechless, but in order to reassure Longming, Liu Changtian still responds, “Yes, I said everything is true, you can rest assured, the master said that he will not do anything to you , And if nothing else, maybe this time you can get unexpected benefits. ”

“Of course, this is just my guess. I don’t know the specifics. I won’t know until I’m sure.”

At this moment, Liu Changtian’s words can’t get into Longming’s ears. At this moment, Longming is confident that he only wants to stop playing, as the reward kills him almost not in.

If a person lives, if he is dead, it is useless to give him Jinshan and Yinshan. Only have life, everything is King Dao.

“Senior, since that person is here, I would like to thank you for not killing me now!” It seemed like something had come to him, Long Ming recovered from excitement and looked at Liu Changtian and Liu Changtian. Road.

“Should I take a bath and change clothes? I …”

Long Ming’s move almost made Liu Changtian not laugh out loud, but he didn’t really laugh out loud, “Okay, don’t be busy, the master is now in the nurse’s Cave Mansion, If you want to see the master, I’m afraid to wait until dinner. “

“Ah! Is this so?” The inexplicable loss revealed from Long Ming’s face, but he recovered from it.

“Okay, let’s get ready and wait for dinner to come and you will be able to meet someone stronger than me.” By the way, Liu Changtian didn’t give Long Ming a chance to talk and came aside, looking for it Lie down in a clean place.

“Just wake me up at dinner.” He closed his eyes and didn’t talk. He was so tired during this time that he basically didn’t rest much.

Now that Lin Lei is here, he has no worries anymore. The worry in his heart is finally relieved, his body is relaxed, and the drowsiness is swept up. I don’t know that I fell asleep.

I saw Liu Changtian falling asleep, Long Ming didn’t bother, and walked away from the Cave Mansion tiptoe and went to prepare dinner.

In a hurry, the evening came. In Huoyun Cave Mansion, Huoyun ended one day of practice and opened the five senses. The first perception is that there is one more person in his Cave Mansion.


Aware of the person’s existence, Huoyun frowned, opened his eyes sharply, and turned his head to look.

“Ray … Ray?”

When he turned his head to see the person, Huoyun was stunned in his place, with an unbelieving look in his expression, and a tentative whisper.


Stop for a while, Lin Lei didn’t speak, Huoyun froze, and said again, “Ray, are you?”

The sound rang again, and as Huo Yun slowly looked forward, Lin Lei’s pupils slowly opened.

Huoyun is where his eyes are. When he sees Huoyun waking up, Lin Lei gets up and goes to Huoyun. Without saying a word, he kneels on the ground, “Mother is on top, please accept my son Bye. “

“peng” A loud beep sounded, and Lin Lei’s forehead kissed the ground with a firm kiss.

“Lei, really … it’s you, you’re here!” At this moment, if Huoyun’s dream is a dream, it’s really abnormal.

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“You … are okay, I heard Liu Changtian said you were injured before.” Although I have roughly investigated Huo Yun’s injury, I still can’t help asking.

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