Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 10113


“It’s okay, isn’t it all good!” Then, standing up pats his chest is to let him not worry about it.


See how mother looks like this, Lin Lei bitterly laughed, “It’s okay that I left a little trick on you this time, or you can’t imagine it, you know?”

“Look at you, what’s so dangerous about staying here at home, what a danger?” Looking at Huoyun, Lin Lei seemed to be reprimanding, but he was slowly in love with the air, and his tone was even more It’s so soft, it’s hard to hear. This is the way to blame.

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Looking at the look of his son’s blame, Huoyun smiled, stepped beside Lin Lei, and froze on his face, “Well, don’t be angry, does this improper mother want to see her son?”

“I …” Looking at Huoyun, Lin Lei wanted to come, but he didn’t talk just after speaking, not because he didn’t want to say, but as if having a fish bone stuck in one’s throat, it seemed that he couldn’t speak,

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“I thought that there would be danger. After all, Liu Changtian’s cultivation base, but didn’t expect the empire to be so miserable. When he entered the city, it was not much, and he was spotted.”

“No, fortunately, I have a handsome and handsome, good-natured son, or the old mother will plant it.” Then, without Le Lin’s anger, Huoyun’s words added some ridiculous words.

Sure enough, the effect was as Huoyun thought. At the moment when the words came out into Lin Lei’s ears, Lin Lei, who had been embarrassed, showed a little smile on his face. It looked as if he enjoyed what his mother said It seems so.

“Hehe, okay, don’t talk, you quickly tell me where you have been in the past few years, why do you go to Kamiya, how horrible is that place? Do n’t you know?” >

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“You father hasn’t come back yet. If you come back and know what you are doing, I will probably spank you.”

Lin Lei: “……………”

Huo Yun’s words were unscrupulous and did not give Lin Lei any face. The original situation was instantly reversed by Huo Yun. Lin Lei was originally interrogated. Now the situation has completely turned into Huo Yun.

Listening to Huo Yun, especially the last spanking sentence, made Lin Lei a black line on his forehead, and his face was extremely awkward.

You know, although Lin Lei looks like a teenage child, he lives in a soul who is three or four thousand years old. Now he is said so, where does his old face go?

Fortunately, no one in the surrounding area sees it now. Otherwise, if people see the dignified Saint being treated this way, then he is definitely famous in God World and even the holy realm.

“Come on, don’t think about it anymore.” Seeing that Lin Lei was silent, Huoyun reached out and pinched Lin Lei’s ear, rudely.

“I …” At this moment Lin Lei wanted to cry. When would he ever have such a day, I thought he had never been treated like this when he was not a cultivator.

Nevertheless, even though Lin Lei felt a little embarrassed, he felt warm.

Holding by Huoyun, it doesn’t hurt, but Lin Lei still exposed his clothes hurting and asked for mercy. “Mother, I was wrong, I was wrong, I said, I said I’ll do it!”

“hmph, hurry.” Seeing his son’s compromise, Huoyun sent his ear-piercing hand and followed it, looking at Lin Lei waiting for his response.

“Well, Hu Luo Pingyang was bullied by his mother!” Looking at mother’s appearance, Lin Lei sighed in his heart, and then opened up to say something after leaving the house.

As for danger and so on, looked towards is really not there, after all, if he is in danger as his cultivator, I am afraid it will be a shame.

Slowly came to Huoyun and sat down, looking at the Cave Mansion door, slowly speaking about some of the things he had experienced in recent years.

“I left home at the beginning, and I planned to travel, but later I went …” In this way, slowly Lin Lei began to talk about his own affairs, and this was a few hours.

During this period, Huoyun raised questions several times, but in the end they were suffocated by Lin Lei with simple needs. I do n’t think there is anything wrong with this fire cloud.

The sky outside is gradually getting darker. The so-called dark clouds over the city want to come to 9 but this is the case. The sky is dark and the sky is red.

“ao wu…”

A beast roar came from afar, and the sounds of all kinds of Demonic beast roared as if to say, night is coming and the time for hunting is up.

In front of the cave, a bonfire is burning with a blazing flame. Above the bonfire, barbecue has been on it. .

Long Ming was sitting before watching the bonfire, constantly rolling the barbecue, and not letting the ride bake out. No one except Long Ming.

“My mom, it’s finally good!” Looking at the rotten meat, Long Ming reached out and tore off a piece of meat from the barbecue and put it in his mouth, tasted it, eyes shined, although the taste of rotten meat is not delicious. But it’s a good thing in this wilderness.

Get up, walk to the cave where Liu Changtian is, and open up in front of the door and shout: “Senior, the meat is roasted, you can go out to eat!”

In the cave, Liu Changtian’s closed eyes slowly opened, looking at the space of Junior Brother. Liu Changtian froze, then got up and moved towards Cave Mansion.

Sleeping for a while now, I feel a lot easier on my body. During this time, my body and mind have been in a tight state. Now I finally rest.

Out of the cave and saw Long Ming, laughed at him, “Yes, didn’t expect so fast!”

At this moment, Liu Changtian has seen the barbecue on the bonfire, and its fragrance has also passed into Liu Changtian’s mouth and nose.

“Senior is so famous!”

“haha, don’t be humble.” laughed, pats Long Ming’s shoulders, then turned to Cave Mansion where Lin Lei was, and whispered: “Master, grandma, dinner, you two, come out for dinner. ! “

At this moment, Lin Lei in the Cave Mansion ended the communication with Huoyun. For a few hours, Lin Lei finally briefly described his experience during this time.

At this time, Liu Changtian’s voice came. The two looked at each other with a smile on their faces. They got up together and moved towards Cave Mansion.

“Why are you planning this time?” On the way, Huoyun couldn’t help but ask Lin Lei.

In her opinion, she didn’t want Lin Lei to leave. After all, the mother and the child just met, he didn’t want to be separated from him so soon, she was reluctant.

Lin Lei also understands this, turning his head and looking towards Huoyun, hesitated, opened the mouth and said: “I will not leave in this time, there is something for Liu Changtian to do.”

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“Well, really.”

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