Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 10114


“Master, nurse.”

Liu Changtian waiting at the entrance of Cave Mansion to see Lin Lei and the two saluted.

Long Ming, who followed Liu Changtian’s life, also saw Lin Lei, but the moment he saw Lin Lei, his brain buzzed blankly and was stupid.

Lin Lei is too young, and Liu Changtian calls his master. In addition to Lin Lei, Huoyun knows him, so he can be sure that Lin Lei is the master in Liu Changtian’s mouth and Huoyun’s mouth. son.

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“Oh, ah, that …” Wakened by Liu Changtian, Long Ming returned to God and responded quickly, and spoke to Huo Yun at Lin Lei, “See Senior, Madam.”

Nevertheless, Long Ming’s heart is still in a misty state. He still can’t believe it. He doesn’t want to believe that such a young baby is the master of Martial Venerable Liu Changtian.

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Lin Lei looked at Long Ming, he saw Long Ming’s expression, he could understand the other party’s thoughts.

Lin Lei also expressed helplessness. After all, the free of charge for cultivators will not grow old. Of course, not all cultivators, but there will be a choice when entering Nascent Soul. Most of them will become themselves Young and different with these people.

Longming looked at Long Ming for a long time, Lin Lei said, “You are very good, and I will not treat you by following my mother.”

Speaking, I found a bottle out of my arms, and moved away towards Long Ming …

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“This … really give it to me?” Long Ming, who understood the value of this medicine pill, looked at the bottle in his hands, and felt a little dreamlike.

He thought that this medicine pill was the kind that is rare and rare, especially precious and difficult to train, but in the bottle in front of it, it is estimated that there are at least a dozen.

“Let ’s just hold them. My master has many possibilities. Even when eating sweets, there is no problem.” Seeing Long Ming like this, Liu Changtian couldn’t help but speak.

“peng” tone Barely fell, and a muffled sound, I saw Liu Changtian, who was now beside Long Ming, at this moment could not see the silhouette.

“Uh … this …” In the distance, Liu Changtian fell to the ground, Long Ming glanced back and glanced all around, watching Liu Changtian look like this, his forehead burst into cold sweat.

Lin Lei’s temper began to reexamine in his heart. He remembered that Liu Changtian didn’t seem to say anything just now!

Of course, Long Lei ’s thoughts, Lin Lei, do n’t know, looking at the distant Liu Changtian, Lin Lei sadly said, “Are you a prodigal boy, are all the things coming from the wind coming?”

The abrupt change of the wind makes it unacceptable to everyone around you, except for Xueling Tian and the Min siblings. After all, they have been together for a long time, and they know a little about Lin Lei’s character.

“I do n’t know if the rice, oil, and salt are expensive, do you think this medicine pill is very well made? You can eat as much as you want, you are so generous!”

The voice doesn’t stop, “Tell you, if I ever hear this sentence again, I’ll pinch you, or you will go and pill concocting it yourself.”

Of course, as not at all Lin Lei said, this kind of medicine pill is as much as Liu Changtian said, but you can eat as much as you want, but it ’s rare that there is not much spiritual grass in this destiny world. Long Ming’s holding of medicine pill is still his savings.

oh la la…

Lin Lei’s words were introduced into Liu Changtian’s ears, and Liu Changtian, looking depressed, climbed from the ground, and the rubble on his body slipped to the ground. The whole person was extra-battered and exhausted.

“Master …” looked towards Lin Lei with an aggrieved look, he didn’t expect Lin Lei to give him a kick in the face of so many people.

Huoyun couldn’t stand it anymore. He reached out to Pats Lin Lei and ordered: “Lei, Little Tian is just saying that, why do you take it seriously? Then, medicine pill, refine it. It ’s been eaten, what ’s the use of it. ”

Lin Lei: “………”

Looking at mother, Lin Lei’s forehead has a heavier black line. He wants to refute, but seeing his threatening eyes, he dare not speak again.

“Okay, don’t talk about it, let’s hurry to eat.” With the turmoil of Huoyun, before everything resumes.

Lin Lei was not talking, followed Huoyun to sit down in front of the bonfire, stretched out a Spiritual Qi, rushed out, cut the most delicious place of Demonic beast, cut it with a spirit strength knife, and cut it with spirit strength Turn your hands and compromise the basin-sized Demonic beast flesh and let it down in front of Huoyun.

Lin Lei’s ability is truly enviable, and the evil phoenix means Martial God cannot do it.

Of course, Xuelingtian is not the same as Huoyun and the others. He sneered at Lin Lei’s hand. It is important to know that his inheritance is Great Desolate, which is a small means in his childhood … no, no, It will be when he was born.

In this way, everyone ate, and Huoyun asked about the siblings of the Min family on the way. Lin Lei truthfully told Huoyun about all of his fifteen and ten, although he mentioned it in the cave before.

As for Blood Ling Tian, ​​Lin Lei was called a pet Demonic beast, for which Blood Ling Tian was very angry, but under Lin Lei’s obscene power, that anger was forcibly suppressed in his heart.

“Little Tian, ​​what did you tell me before, what are your plans?” Just as everyone was eating, Lin Lei looked towards Liu Changtian and suddenly spoke.

“Kill.” Without a trace of emotion, spit it out, Murderous aura rushing to the sky.

“Why kill?”

Looking at the change of Liu Changtian, Lin Lei brows slightly wrinkle, he was a little dignified. The previous Liu Changtian was not such a killer, and just a moment ago, Murderous aura rushing to the sky, this kind of Murderous aura has completely exceeded his previous boundaries.

Lin Lei, who was persecuted by Murderous Aura, some do not want Liu Changtian to participate in this matter.

However, Liu Changtian’s next words dispelled Lin Lei’s thoughts just now

“Master, only these people can kill the chicken to warn the monkey completely. Of course, the most important thing is to kill the chicken to warn the monkey. This is not a simple killing.”

“Oh? Continue.”

“Imperial Family, as long as the Imperial Family is destroyed, even a Martial God is beheaded, that is a very sensation for this World. At that time, the family of Lin Family will be promoted. At that time, I am afraid of those young children. The seniors hit Lin Family? “

Liu Changtian’s words not at all, to avoid the people around, Huoyun naturally heard it, nodded in favor of it.

“I agree with the words of Little Tian. After all, the Lin Family is facing so many people, so well-organized, there is the Imperial Family of the Grand Canal Empire. After that, no one will move my Lin Family.”

Looking at mother and Liu Changtian, Lin Lei also agreed, but then he would be moved, after all, be present …

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“I rely, don’t look at me, I’m your pet Demonic beast, there is no actual combatability, don’t look at me!”

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