Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 10115


Xue Lingtian’s meaning, Lin Lei knew what he was thinking at a glance. Seeing Xue Lingtian’s meaning of rejection, the original good complexion disappeared instantly, his complexion was gloomy, and his eyes contained killing intent.

“You …”

Lin Lei has a sudden change of breath, and Xueling is stunned, his face is timid, his body can’t help taking a step back, and he dare not look at Lin Lei.

“Are you sure you don’t help?” Lin Lei said.

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“I …” Feeling the change in temperature, Xueling’s subconscious consciousness wants to open his mouth and refuse, but he can’t say it by his mouth, as if having a fish bone stuck in one’s throat, his heart is straight tú tú.

“I’m very humanitarian to give you another chance to reorganize your language.”

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No words, but also humanitarianism, you are the most inhuman right now.

Of course, this kind of thought is just Xuelingtian thinking in his heart. He really wants to put it on the bright side.

Lin Lei didn’t say anything, but the killing gaze kept on Xueling Tian. With this vision, Xueling Tian vowed never to have another time.

“Okay, help, help!” In the end, Xuelingtian compromised, not because of Lin Lei, but because of Canglong.

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As the saying goes, the face of a woman, June days, change will change, but in Xue Lingtian’s view, what a woman’s face, June days, Lin Lei’s face is better than a woman It’s better than it.

“Little Tian, ​​this time will do as you say, killing the chicken to warn the monkey, the Guangyun Empire Imperial Family is the first choice.”

“Yes.” Realizing the importance of this matter, Liu Changtian rose suddenly, bowed and saluted.

“Remember, no one from the Imperial Family stays.” A killing intent emerged, and everyone sitting by the campfire felt the moment of this killing intent, and their bodies were like falling into a thousand years of ice caves.

“Lei’s cultivation base is getting stronger and stronger!” It is not looked towards Lin Lei who bears his body, Huoyun thought to himself.

“Yes, disciple understands.”

“Well, this is the truth to teach you, do n’t stop, it is very important for you in the future.”

“The so-called wildfire is endless, Then The Spring Breeze Will Blow And Give Life To It Once More. , The original cold eyes softened when they saw the cloud of fire.

Liu Changtian also listened very attentively, and agreed with Lin Lei’s saying that in this and the others cannibalism and competitive world, either you kill him or him, and against the enemy, if you do n’t want In the future, we must sever the other party, and only then can we feel relieved.

“Master, disciple remember!”

Liu Changtian looks like this at the moment, Lin Lei is pleased that nodded, “That’s good, this time Imperial Family has Martial God level martial artist, you should not be an opponent.”

Speaking and holding Xue Lingtian and throwing it in front of Liu Changtian, he said, “Bring him on, Martial God will deal with him. As for Li Huangdao, if you ca n’t even beat him, it ’s for the teacher. people.”

“You should be a little bit, who lost me, the campfire is very serious.”

“Uh …”

Lin Lei’s threatening tone left Liu Changtian speechless. Eventually, he could only brace oneself to speak, “Ming … I understand, I must … I will not shame the Master.”

It ’s the strongest to say this, but I do n’t want to happen in my heart. I think of Li Huangdao and Liu Changtian crying, “Master, you Senior can dare to say. The other party is of Martial Saint level. Are you sure I am an opponent? “

“Don’t you be afraid I’m not being killed by an adversary?” Liu Changtian thought about this, but he also wanted to try his true strength. After all, to this day, he doesn’t know where his real strength is. Yet.

“en! Okay, that’s the matter for you. Must must be beautiful and beautiful. Remember, let the whole destiny world know my Lin Lei people, they can’t move, they must die.”

……………… Unknown to the destiny world, the major empires and sect are chaos coming, and the originator of this chaos is Lin Lei from God World.

Of course, this was not intentional. He just wanted to avenge and teach them a little lesson, but he did not consider that the demise of one empire represented the jealousy of other empires and even sect.

It’s like the Guangyun Empire is a piece of fat, and the other three empires and sect are also meat-splitting people. For this piece of fat, they will kill the people who hinder them, and even say that they wage war .

Because the fatness of this piece of fat is so tempting, they make them forget that the ultimate suffering is the destiny’s ordinary person. Perhaps they simply don’t care. In their eyes, the destiny’s ordinary person is Ants, since they can’t live, they shouldn’t die.

Guangyun Empire National Blessing, inside Imperial Palace, Li Huangdao listened to the information reported by his subordinates, his face gloomy.

“You mean that the Liu Family’s site was divided up by the Long Family?” Obviously, Li Huangdao could not think of this ending. He believed that the Liu Family had disappeared, and all the Liu Family would belong to the Imperial Family, but now …

“Yes, the sentence spoken by his subordinates is true.” Below Li Huangdao, a middle-aged man trembled and reported.

“Long Family! Hum, give him a face, and look at the Emperor’s things as much as possible.” Thinking of the Long Family, Li Huangdao’s killing intent emerged. Before the Liu Family came forward to suppress it, Li Huangdao was at ease, but Now, Liu Family passed away, which other family of Imperial Capital can match the Long Family?

No, the entire Imperial Capital can restrain the Long Family in addition to the Imperial Family. No other family can restrain the Long Family. Even before the Liu Family did not rise, the Long Family was among the capitalist families. That is stand by one’s word. Lever.

“Why … how is this happening? Liu … What’s wrong with Liu Family? Why does the emperor divide Liu Family?” At this moment, Liu Linglong stood there in a corner outside the great hall, his face stunned, his expression dull .

Liu Linglong came at not at all at first. He also arrived when he heard that the Liu Family was being divided up. He wanted to come to Li Huangdao to share his breakthrough happiness, but is he happy now? No, it’s not happy.

I have a bad feeling of rising in the mind, tears can’t stop, and I cover my mouth with my hands to prevent myself from making a sound.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Thinking, I looked at Li Huangdao in the great hall, turned around and left and didn’t stay. I hope that the reluctance in my eyes will be lost.

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