Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 10117


Li Huangdao’s behavior is completely unknown. If she knew that she was going to do something with Lin Lei, nothing else, even if he beheaded Xiao Ba, he wouldn’t hesitate.

Women and rights. In the presence of a king, you do n’t need to know that you are important. A man has a woman but he has no rights, but he cannot.

In particular, Lord of the entire Country like Li Huangdao, he doesn’t allow a little error for Lin Lei.

He can’t pay the price, which is too big to breathe him.

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The man knelt on the ground and looked at the emperor sitting on the upper body. His body seemed to be standing still, except that his pupils rolled.

“Emperor, please think twice about this. If the Long Family is bigger, it won’t do any good to the empire.”

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All eyes are on the old man, among which is included Li Huangdao, watching the old man’s expression change for a while.

Li Taiyuan, the ancestor of the Imperial Family, is also the prime minister of the empire. It can be described as under one person above ten thousand people. In addition to the emperor, the empire has only Li Taiyuan the most right to speak.

If you are a senior, Li Taiyuan is still Uncle of Li Huangdao.

The inner Qi atmosphere is more depressing, and the man kneeling on the ground is even more speechless. From the beginning to the present, even if he is a martial artist, it is not useful.

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The only thing you can do now is to watch the changes. Now the situation in the capital is changing rapidly. With the variable Lin Lei, he dare not care, he cannot afford to gamble.

“Sir, the emperor you said understands, but …” He wanted to tell Lin Lei’s story and tell them his helplessness as the emperor, but he didn’t say anything in the end.

“Forget it, let’s talk about this later, as for the Long Family …” With that said, Li Huangdao continued to say: “Long Family first observe in secret.”

“Monarch, you …”

“Okay, do n’t even talk about it. This is the thing. Remember, during this time, let your descendants give me a safe place. Now you know the situation in the capital. If something goes wrong, do n’t do it. Come and cry in front of me. “

Li Taiyuan still wanted to say something, but before he spoke, Li Huangdao quickly blocked his mouth.

“唉 …”

The sound of sighs is continuous in the great hall. Li Huangdao is helpless. He also wants to solve the problems in front of him, but he has this heart, but he has no such power.

“Okay, now that everything is settled, let’s withdraw it! Remember, this thing is limited to a few of you, if not …” A Murderous aura emerged, covering the entire audience instantly.

“pu 通”

A strange noise made all the people who were standing on their knees, even Li Taiyuan.

Every face has dignity and redness, Li Huangdao, what cultivation base, what cultivation base, it is difficult to not lose self-control in front of this kind of murderous aura.

“I wait to understand, and please rest assured that the emperor, after all, will keep to what is happening today and never let half of what is happening today.” Everyone said in unison.

“Well, go!”

As soon as the killing intent was closed, a few of Li Taiyuan felt their bodies were loose. The cold killing intent disappeared, and the original scene of the Corpse Mountain Blood Sea disappeared.

Get up and say no farewell to Li Huangdao saluted.

At the door of the great hall, everyone came out together. You look at me and you look at each other. They are helpless in their expressions. They are helpless about Li Huangdao’s decision. They do n’t understand. Huangdao was so patient.

Isn’t he like Liu Linglong, the only daughter of Liu Family? Why Liu Family was so indifferent to such things.

“Also, the things of Liu Family and Long Family are not in the range that I and I can bear. From now on, don’t pay attention.” Looking back at the great hall, he turned and opened his mouth and stared at everyone next to him. .

“But …”

A middle-aged man is dissatisfied. The most invisible man born as a military man is the kind of man who shit on the neck of the empire.

“Okay, don’t say anything, old man is old, and there aren’t many days left. This empire is the world of youngster.” Looking at the crowd, Li Taiyuan sighed, shook his head, and walked outside the palace while talking. go with.

The rest of the people looked at the back of Li Taiyuan’s departure. At this moment, the back seemed to be very estimated. Lonely, everyone shook their heads helplessly, not to say more.

Nodded each other, separated, separated from each other, and went to each mother.

In the great hall, Li Huangdao can think of the scene outside the hall even without perception, especially Li Taiyuan’s disappointment.

Looking at the entrance of the great hall, Li Taiyuan shook his head helplessly, “Sir, I hope you don’t blame this emperor, and this emperor also thinks this living method is very far away, but …”

“The strong enemy ahead is too strong, even if Old Ancestor is not an opponent, even more how do I?”


In the Cangyun mountain range, the bottom of the valley where Lin Lei lives at this moment, Liu Changtian has packed up at this moment, the breath has returned to Peak, and even a slight breakthrough.

“Master, disciple is uncertain about life and death this time, you don’t plan to give a few magic or warfare, or the pace?” Looking at Lin Lei, Liu Changtian not only laughed.


Huo Yun saw Liu Changtian at the moment, but he couldn’t hold back the laugh and burst out. They had been together for a while before. He remembered that Liu Changtian had such a year.

It’s not just Huoyun, Longming, and Hongsi. It’s true that watching Liu Changtian get so detached, the rogue is drunk.

“Relax, you can’t die!” Lin Lei snorted as he watched Liu Changtian.

“You are the one with that bastard.”

“Si si hiss …” A voice similar to a snake vomiting came from Xue Lingtian’s mouth.

“Asshole, you asshole, what old bastard, can you speak, people … others are still cubs.” Lin Lin lost a glance, and his voice sounded in Lin Lei’s mind.


“Oh, juvenile? Indeed, you are indeed a juvenile, but your juvenile period is too long. You said that your juvenile was human how many years?”

“I’m all old Gaba, and I’m still young. I’m so embarrassed to say that I can hear all the reds.” For Xue Lingtian, Lin Lei showed no mercy.

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Yes, that’s mean, this kind of demon is uncomfortable if you don’t hesitate for a day, just like Fuck M, it’s unclean.

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