Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 101183



In the deepest part of the ancient land of Hades, a roaring sound reminds me, and it is accompanied by The earth shook and the mountain quivered. Rocks and rocks collapse, the land falls, the sky is overcast with clouds, the thundercloud rolls, and it is within ten thousand li. All are shrouded in a powerful gas field.

At the moment when this natural phenomenon appeared, the flowers and trees turned into fly ash and disappeared between Heaven and Earth, as if it never appeared.

“hōng lóng lóng…”

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“ao wu…”

A beast roar suddenly appeared, deterring the sky, and the ominous beast in the entire ancient land. When I heard the sound of this beast roar, I fled, and some who had no time to escape had to worship in the ground, like Like Sovereign, his expression was full of fear.

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The wind and clouds are surging, the natural phenomenon is now, Heaven and Earth is changing, and the theorem of constant ancient is unchanged.


Thundercloud rolls over. As soon as it arrives in purple, this red thunderbolt rolls in thunderclouds and brews for a long time. Finally, when Thundercloud can no longer be trapped, it blasts down and points deep into the ancient land of Hades Boom in the cracks.

“zi zi.”

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“Old Thief Heaven, thought this would compromise this Sir?”


As soon as he shouted, the voice came out of the crack with a sullen voice.

“Haha …”

“Come on, let this Sir see how horrible your Thunder Tribulation is, and see if your Thunder Tribulation is strong or this Sir’s defense is strong.” The voice came out again, the kind of arrogant and conceited, if at this moment Lin Lei again, fearing that his eyes wouldn’t fit him until he rolled his eyes to death.

“嗖 …”

Suddenly, the Thunder Dragon dived down, and in the crack, as soon as the black shadow rushed out, it rushed towards the Thunder Dragon that dived down. The speed was astonishing.

Whether Jingruo’s virginity moves away from the rabbit, what is ridiculous like glances, waste, at the speed of the shadow, these adjectives have to kneel.

“Come on, this Sir continues.”

The voice of arrogance does not diminish. I wonder whether this capability is really there or just talking about it.

Slowly, the shadow speed is getting faster and faster, and after the thousand zhang shadow appears, the silhouette is completely exposed.

Double horns above the head, the body is like a snake, four feet, fish tail, and looks like Dragon Race, but the difference is that there is no scale on the body than Demonic beast, but you can see a glimmer of light on the body surface from the body. Walk around.

If you haven’t changed, he and Dragon Race have no comparability at all, because … he’s too ugly.

“Boom …”

Demonic beast’s words seemed to be understood by Thunder Dragon. The original Thunder Dragon was a few ten zhang thick, and it suddenly skyrocketed, and it suddenly startedling heaven and earth, ghosts and gods weeping, a great spectacle emerged.

In the Myriad Treasures Sect Master great hall of Huang Yu, a middle-aged man sits cross-legged and looks very beautiful. Not to mention shocking and stunning, but also dashing eyebrows. The staring eyebrows is a handsome uncle. Thousands of girls type.

“en? This … Heaven and Earth coercion?”

Suddenly, the man opened his eyes, and a strange light flashed from the man within the body.

“The eyes looked towards the direction in which the coercion appeared, and the brows frowned tightly, and the silhouette disappeared into the spot instantly, in this great hall.

Out of the great hall, the man does not know when it will appear, standing outside the great hall looked towards the coercion out of the station, “What’s going on? Heaven and Earth coercion is so strong!”

“What the hell is going on that can cause such terrible Heaven and Earth coercion.”

“Afraid that Heavenly Tribulation, a breakthrough made by Hunyuan Tiansheng, is not as powerful as half of this coercion!” Feeling that the coercion is getting stronger and stronger, the man is full of seemingly and worrying.

And such a scene in the mysterious region, region, heaven, wasteland, flood domain, sector, universe, Nine Layers Heaven, the Great Sect, and the Empire ’s powerhouse have all felt the terrible pressure of Heaven and Earth. Among them, there are many Saints of Heaven and Earth, Saints of Heaven and Earth, and even Supreme Existence and Saint, all feel the existence of this terrifying Heaven and Earth coercion.

Deep in the ancient land of Pluto, Black Shadow did not know his own reasons, so that the entire sect of the holy realm felt the strangeness here.

“Touch …”

Finally, the two collided together, and the horror of Thunder Dragon instantly drowned the shadow, wrapping it in it.

Thunder Dragon, dark shadows appear in the abdomen, the power of Holy Spirit erupts, and there is no worry in his pupils, as if the situation in front of him does not cause him trouble.

“hmph, if you have only this ability, then I can only say that this Sir is disappointed.” Looking at the surrounding thunder and lightning and strikes, the shadow pupils flashed with disappointment.

“French phase Heaven and Earth, explode for me.”

Suddenly, Black Shadow screamed, a golden light emerged from behind, a pirated black shadow appeared, the difference is that the pirated black shadow body showed golden-yellow, and the silhouette became bigger and bigger, Slowly there is a trend beyond Thunder Tribulation.

“Thus, the Thunder Tribulation cannot be wasted. Although the body of this Sir has broken through Saint and the fleshhy body has been sanctified, it is better than nothing. The ants are also flesh below.”

“Language Heaven and Earth, please swallow me.”

Under the urging of the shadow, the French phase Heaven and Earth suddenly wanted to come to the blood basin, and a horror suction appeared, and the surrounding Thunder Tribulation seemed to be moving towards the French phase Heaven and Earth as it lost control.

This scene, if seen by the sacred realm, will surely startled to fall the chin.

French phase Heaven and Earth is a sign of Saint. Although French phase Heaven and Earth is powerful and can swallow Thunder Tribulation, this … they can’t do it, who would think that they live too long to die?

“ao wu…”

A scream came from Thunder Dragon’s mouth, and the sound was terrifying.

Thunder Dragon seems to have encountered something terrifying, and he doesn’t care if the shadow inside the body is the object of his dragon. At this moment, Thunder Dragon just wants to get rid of this evil and escape.

Unfortunately, Thunder Dragon wanted it but couldn’t do it, and Black Shadow seemed to feel the idea of ​​Thunder Dragon. The disdain surfaced and the speed of devouring increased.

A little time passed, and for a moment, Thunder Dragon was swallowed up by the shadow of Heaven and Earth.

“hōng lóng lóng…”

In the air, Lei Yun felt the provocation of the shadow, and the second Thunder Tribulation was impatient and wanted to rush out and fight with him.

Boom …

A golden thundercloud suddenly appeared and merged with the original thundercloud. The three-color thundercloud appeared, and the Thunder Tribulation that was not allowed was more powerful.

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God World, in the Great Desolate Divine Realm, the small dragon turned his back to the sky, his expression changed for a while, “The heavens are born at dusk!”