Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 10119


“Yeah! The heavens are born at dusk!” The electronically synthesized cold voice sounded from system.

system After all, the system space has been quiet for a long time, and the small dragon looks up to his senses for a long time came back to his senses. The expression is very complicated, there are concerns, doubts and doubts.

According to his speculation, it will take at least thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years for the evening to appear, but what is the situation now.

I do n’t know at dusk, because his birth not only saved the saints, but even the system at God World also noticed the terrible world’s prestige.

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For a long time, the small dragon looked up at the sky, “Now the guy of Lin Lei is still in another world. Now that the heavens are born at dusk, there must be a big move after the holy realm.”

“I understand what you think.” The electronic voice sounded, and of course the idea of ​​the small dragon system knows that from the very beginning small dragon would not want Lin Lei to go to another world.

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“And if the deepest thing in the ancient land of Pluto is obtained by others, I am afraid that it will have an indelible danger to the entire holy realm. Only when Lin Lei gets it will he be able to rise quickly and break away from this realm.” p>

“You know that …” Small dragon is in a hurry. Since system says so, it means Lin Lei will return soon, so …

“I understand what you think. In fact, this time letting Lei Lei travel to another world is more than necessary.”

“I originally wanted Lin Lei to rest for a while while in another world, but now it seems unnecessary.

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“Take Lin Lei’s fleshy body and go to everything. If possible, you can let Lin Lei’s kid fly directly from the realm to the holy realm.”

“Only in this way, Lin Lei can rise quickly, and in the holy realm, he will not be injured or even killed in the battle of Pluto ancient land.” The voice of system is still the same, cold and without any trace of affection.

At this moment, the small dragon is happy. He has missed Lin Lei for a long time. He still misses him very much. After all, Lin Lei is a big boy like a child.

“I see.”

“When do you leave?”

Looking at small dragon so deeply, system shook his head helplessly. His relationship between did n’t expect small dragon and Lin Lei was so deep.


system At this point, the small dragon silhouette had previously entered Lin Lei’s body. Next moment, Lin Lei, who closed her eyes, woke up, and stood up and waited.

“Taking Heaven and Earth as the potential, supplementing the earth’s veins, the teleportation array is completed.” The electronically synthesized sound and sound of the system, I saw that a huge teleportation array in the deepest part of Divine Realm appeared, the scale, if Lin Lei saw this Teleportation Formation again, and surely he was envious of it in addition to being shocked.

And Lin Lei must be able to discover that this Formation is more powerful than the formation that his Holy Form Master doesn’t know.

Formation A city, a small dragon on the side came to the center of the teleportation array, waiting for its own teleportation.

“Ready, because your match with Lin Lei’s body is not high, so the Space Array will affect you slightly.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, just like a damsel, hurry up.” Small dragon said impatiently.


For the urgency of the small dragon, the system ignored it, and saw that the teleportation array sent out a shocking rays of light, and buried the small dragon instantly.


A roar came fast, disappeared faster, and rays of light appeared in the blink of an eye. When you look again, rays of light are disappeared without a trace, as if they never appeared.

The entire Divine Realm replied to the same situation, and the Formula that was previously arranged by the system disappeared with the disappearance of the small dragon.

……………… The deepest part of the destiny world, the Cangyun mountain range.

Lin Lei didn’t know at this moment, what happened in the Holy Realm affected his pace in entering the Holy Realm, and even System was a little anxious.

A hundred years were left in the realm, but now, the small dragon is taking his fleshhy body in the teleportation array and is moving towards the destiny world, and his original scene and peaceful life also disappeared. not see.

It has been a day since Lin Lei gave Liu Changtian, and Xueling Tian released the mission. The two left Cangyun on the same day and went to the capital city of Guangyun Empire. As for Lin Lei, he was in a cave because The existence of Little Jin’s coffin made his cultivation base realm rapid progress.

Uh … Of course, this destiny is making rapid progress, not the true Cultivation World.

If really speaking of which, Spiritual Qi is far from endless and inexhaustible as Spiritual Qi in Culture World.


A muffled sound came from Lin Lei within the body, accompanied by a heart-warming coercion moved towards Fang Yuan swept away with Lin Lei as the center.

“Boom …”


Lin Lei In the cave beside the practice cave, Huoyun experienced the low level of her cultivation base in the previous events, so that during this time, she wanted to improve her strength day and night without burdening her son.

I wanted to talk to Lin Lei today. After all, I have n’t seen him for a long time. As a mother, how can he not want his son?

In the end, I can only go back to the cave to practice, but who knows that the fire cloud that has just entered the practice, suddenly a terrible coercion suddenly gave her no chance to react at all, and suppressed it instantly Ground.

Fortunately, the cultivation technique that Huoyun runs is indirect, because the surrounding Origin Force passes so quickly that he doesn’t even run the cultivation technique very much.

Fortunately, otherwise, when she was running the cultivation technique, she came here suddenly, fearing that she would be seriously injured even without the cultivation deviation.

Lie on the ground, feeling the cold feeling from the ground, and my heart was speechless. “This dead child, cultivation is the cultivation, you have to make such a big movement, this is to kill his old mother!”

Huoyun doesn’t need to know who this coercion comes from. The whole valley of the clouds, only her treasured son Lin Lei can do it.

Although my heart complains constantly, I still feel very good about my son ’s high cultivation base. At least this person can eat people, and the world of natural selection can survive.

I do n’t know what Lin Yun looks like at the moment, if he knows, he ’s forced to stop practicing if he does n’t want to make a breakthrough.

“hu … huh …”

Lin Lei in practice has a very regular breath and more regular breathing. 4 is also very natural, as if it is a fusion with Heaven and Earth.

“Finally broke through. Although I just entered Golden Core, but at least I have restored to Golden Core, and some common spells can be used.”

Whispering in the heart, the eyes that were originally closed slowly opened slowly, his hands quickly holding a secret art, fast technique, secret art mysterious.


Suddenly, a sound of flowing water rang from the cave, and the sound of water became louder as time went on.

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A water dragon with the thickness of an arm rushes out of the secret art formed in the palm of Lin Lei.