Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1015

“Fuck, aren’t you embarrassing?”

Looking at Lin Lei, Heavenly Dao couldn’t help but cast a blindfold and met shameless, but it was the first time that Lin Lei had such a reasonable shameless.

Of course, he has no way to do this kind of shameless, which makes Heavenly Dao feel weak.

“how about it?”

“I …” Looking at Lin Lei, Heavenly Dao groaned for a while, and finally said: “Okay, but you remember, there are only three souls, and there can be no more, otherwise …”

“Relax, just let it go, no more.” After waiting for Heavenly Dao to finish, Lin Lei promised first.

“Well, then I’ll find it for you.” Then, Heavenly Dao silhouette disappeared in front of everyone.

“Oh, it’s resolved.”

Turned around and looked towards my mother, Lin Lei opened the mouth and said: “mother, after a while Heavenly Dao will bring the soul of Father and Uncle back, but now I have a low cultivation base and have no ability to help them rebuild the fleshhy body ,and so…”

“Feng … Brother Feng, they … can they really survive?” Shocked, excited, and unbelievable, for what she had just made her completely believe what Lin Lei had said before.

“Well, yes, but in this state, father, they are not real, oh come to life, just in the state of soul that’s all.”

“If you want them to be born again, you have to wait until I reach the fit period to be able to help father reshape the fleshhy body.”

“Until then, they were truly reborn, so …”

“No … nothing.”

At this time, the Old Master, who has not spoken, said, “As long as you father them, they can live, and the others can come slowly.”

At this moment, the Old Master has no emotions other than excitement. For an old man who has lost his son, suddenly his son can be reborn, which is how exciting he is.

“Yeah, Leier, this is all right, as long as you can live through father, all the problems will not be a problem.” Huoyun said, and she was only grateful to her son.

“Well, that’s fine.”

Seeing that they didn’t mind, Lin Lei was assured that Heavenly Dao should be back in time, after all, it was very simple for him.

Just a few hands can bring a few souls out, of course, Lin Lei also made the worst plan, even if Heavenly Dao failed to bring Lin Feng and the others back, then he doesn’t mind going to Jiuyou and walking trip.

After all, he was not in a place like Jiuyou. I thought he was Jiuyou when he was in God World, and burned Holy Mountain in Jiuyou.

A little time passed, it was an hour before Heavenly Dao left, and Lin Lei, who was waiting, became more and more gloomy. He did not understand why Heavenly Dao had not returned for such a long time.

An hour of time gave him a bad hunch, “Don’t do anything wrong.”

At this moment, Lin Lei could only silently pray in his heart not to have an accident.

Time passed by an hour again, and finally, the silhouette that Lin Lei waited for came back.

“You’re finally back. Did I bring what I wanted?” The first time Heavenly Dao appeared, Lin Lei couldn’t wait to ask.


Looking at Lin Lei, Heavenly Dao was in a dilemma, and his words seemed to stop but something bad happened.

“what happened?”

Feeling the change of Heavenly Dao’s expression, Lin Lei’s expression was somber, his heart clamored, and a bad feeling came to his heart.

“Sorry, I may not be able to do what you said.” With a wave of his hand, two blurred souls appeared in front of Lin Lei.

Looking at the two souls, Lin Lei frowned looked tenderly.

These two silhouettes are not others, but they are uncles. At this moment Lin Lei noticed that something was wrong, because the only thing in it was his father Lin.

“What’s going on, why didn’t my father’s soul come back, what happened?” He understood that Heavenly Dao’s ability couldn’t bring it back.

There is one less now. The only explanation is that either the person is not dead or the soul of that person is destroyed. There is also a possibility that the soul he wants is taken away in advance by others.

All three possibilities are possible. In a plane like Destiny, Third Type may be automatically blocked in Lin Lei’s mind. At such a low level, he doesn’t believe anyone can do it.

Of course, in addition to Heavenly Dao himself, then the question is coming, what is the soul of father Lin Feng?

“It seems that your father’s soul … was taken away in advance.”


Hearing this result, Lin Lei’s face was filled with disbelief, and he was taken away. The answer was an option that he automatically blocked, but he didn’t expect to be hit now.

“How can it be?”

The next moment, Lin Lei reacted. Such a low-level plane, even if he had cultivated to the level of Martial God, would not be able to enter Jiuyou to take away the soul, but now …

“I do n’t know, but what is certain is that your father ’s soul was indeed taken away. Judging by the breath I sensed before, the person who took away your father ’s soul is a cultivator. people of cultivation. “

Lin Lei: “………”

Looking at Heavenly Dao, Lin Lei didn’t want to talk anymore. Think of the Dignified Lord of Whole World. Someone came here and he didn’t know it.

“You … don’t really look at me, I really don’t know there is a cultivator destiny, just like you.” Seeing Lin Lei’s weird look, Heavenly Dao quickly turned his gun.


With a sigh, a killing intent flashed, and for the person who took away his father’s soul, Lin Lei’s mind was on the list of killing.

“Troublesome you.” Looking at Heavenly Dao Lin Lei opened the mouth and said.

“You said.”

“Help me find a place where Spiritual Qi is plentiful, and I want to reply to the cultivation base.”

“Well, yes.”

“Also, during my absence, protect my Lin Family from anyone.”

Hearing this, Heavenly Dao froze and didn’t want to shake his head directly and refused, “No, I’m Heavenly Dao, and you asked dignified Heavenly Dao to show the door to your house, how did you …”

“After I reply to the cultivation base, I will give you a hint of heaven and earth. I believe this will be very useful to you,”

“Of course, Heavenly Dao’s heart is high, and naturally, it is natural to despise the insignificant source of this emperor.”

Then, with a hint of regret, Lin Lei continued: “Forget it, since it is, then I …”

“Aiya, what are you doing?” At this moment, Heavenly Dao interrupted, paying attention to the appearance of henchman, and did not run properly.

“Your family is my family. Your business is my business. You can rest assured that as long as I’m there, the Lin Family won’t get the slightest harm.”

Everyone: “………”

For the fickleness of Heavenly Dao, everyone was indifferent for a while. Is this fuck still Heavenly Dao?

Of course, Lin Lei is very aware of the preciousness of this power of silk, and relying on this power of silk, I believe Heavenly Dao should be able to cultivate to the realm of immortality and even breakthrough Deity.

And it’s not just Heavenly Dao that benefits, but the entire destiny.

Heavenly Dao cultivation base breakthrough represents his identity as the tide rises, the boat floats, and as Heavenly Dao’s status is determined, the entire destiny plane will rise to the sky. What is the time for Spiritual Qi? Tongue.

“Well, that’s fine. I hope you can do it, and I promise you will do it.”


He waved his hands, put away the spirits of the two uncles, and sealed them with a special method before reassuring.

Although the cultivation base of the two uncles has not reached the level of immortality of the soul, at least it is cultivator, so even if their souls are released, they will not dissipate in a short time.

After doing all this, looked up towards Heavenly Dao, “Go ahead and help me find a place where the Spiritual Qi is abundant and free of impurities, and when the Emperor’s cultivation base is restored, I will promise you something.”

“Well, I know!”

In response, Heavenly Dao turned and disappeared into the eyes of everyone, and the incident finally came to an end.

The news of Lin Lei’s awakening has already spread throughout the country, which is not good news for the Great Clan and the Imperial Family.

And they only knew that Lin Lei was awake but did n’t know that the Old Patriarch of Huangfu ’s family had returned to heaven, and the person who killed him was just the newly awake Lin Lei.

… In the lobby of the Lin Family, the Old Master sits on top, the facial expression grave looks at the people below, his eyes fall on the four sons, opened the mouth and said: “From today, the family will start the first level alert, Shadow Guard All are gathered in the house, and anyone who breaks into the forest house, regardless of his identity and background, will be killed without mercy. “

“There are trading companies and the like, these days I’m afraid those people won’t give up and order to go down, all shops will be closed.”

“The military is also asking the ancient army to take good care of all our soldiers who are loyal to our Lin Family. As for some tapeworms in the army, I do n’t want to see them all day, let alone hear from other ears, do you understand? “

The order of each and everyone made the fourth child dumbfounded. It was the first time he had seen such a strong regularity, but then he was relieved when he thought about what had just happened.

“I see, you can rest assured that father, I will deal with it.” Fourth child answered.

“Yuner, you’re responsible for sitting at home with delicious food for Leier, after all, you can only eat some liquid food for eight years in a coma and see how thin it is.”

Hearing this, Lin Lei smiled bitterly, but Huoyun was very serious, “One father, I don’t know if you say it.”

“These days, I promise to raise Lei for nothing.” When this remark came out, Lin Lei was dumbfounded. Really, he won’t come back.

“Well, go, you go, too many things happened today, I’m tired too!” Said, got up and moved towards my small courtyard.

Lin Lei, who has been standing down looking at the Old Master’s back, knows that it may be a little reckless to kill Huangfu today, but he doesn’t regret it.

He did the right thing to kill the killer. If he never did, he would do the same.

The field was so quiet, Huoyun looked at his waking son, a smile appeared, and then reached out and grabbed his ear directly, “little bastard, wake up without saying a notification as a mother, go and see how I pack up you.”

Lin Lei: “……………”

Time rushes like running water. In the next few days, Lin Lei can be said to be inferior to life. Everyday is quiet in full of motherly love, but this motherly love makes Lin Lei a little bit unbearable.

Just as Huoyun promised the Old Master before, in the next few days, Lin Lei will have no other activities except to eat. As long as the day is bright, even if Lin Lei hides, Huoyun can be found.

After receiving the order of the Old Master, the fourth child gathered all the Shadow Guards in the house. The military and business community obeyed the Old Master’s words without any hesitation, and the whole thing was clean and tidy.

Sure enough, just like the Old Master thought, the next day, a killer sneaked into Lin Fu and wanted to assassinate Lin Lei, but at that time Lin Fu was already inescapable net, as solid as gold soup, like Tietong, let alone people. Even if a fly wants to go to Lin Fu, I’m afraid it’s a little difficult.

………… Huang Fu’s house.

Huangfu’s house, in the parliament hall, was overcrowded at this moment. The expressions on everyone’s faces were very agreeing, all in anxiety.

“What the hell is going on, Old Master didn’t come back after going out, who can tell me where the Old Master went.” The person who speaks is middle-aged, so it looks like a leader.

“Well, who knows where the Old Master is, you must know that the Old Master is usually like this. Divine Dragon is at a loss, and you can only see it if the Old Master wants to find you. If you don’t want to, you are useless.”

“Yeah yeah.”

As soon as this word came out, everyone was silent and didn’t speak, because it was very correct. Even the oldest son of Old Master, it may take some time to find his father.

However, when the scene was silent, a cold voice sounded in the hall, “I may know where grandfather is.”


As soon as these words came out, everyone’s eyes gathered on the speaker. I saw that the speaker was a little girl about XNUMX or XNUMX years old, but the expression of the little girl did not match her face. that’s all.


It is true that the person who spoke was Huang Fujing, the granddaughter of Huang Fu’s Old Master, and the person who had a marriage contract with Lin Lei.

“Well, I know.” Watching everyone’s anxious eyes, Huang Fu calmly and slowly said, “Grandfather said before going to the Lin Family to dissolve my marriage contract. I thought grandfather was joking, but now grandfather has not returned I suspect grandfather may have actually gone to the Lin Family. “

“What? Lin Family …”

Everyone was shocked, and a flash of dignity flashed. Today’s Lin Family can be described as a cusp, more like a dragon’s pool and tiger’s den. Now the Old Master is gone forever, and a bad feeling is generated in everyone’s hearts.

“What to do, Lin Family is now as solid as gold soup, Tietong exists, if Old Master is really in it, then …”

“Don’t panic, the Old Master is the home of the Huangfu family. At this moment, the Lin Family may be afraid of taking the Old Master with ambition.”

As soon as this word came out, everyone was nodded, and in their minds the Lin Family was already weak enough to make them contempt.

“Well, it makes sense.”

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