Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1039

“Well, cause and effect have reincarnation, everything is fine, as for the rest, forget it.”

For the shadows behind them, Lin Tian really listened, but … if they shot, the danger would be with them, which was not what he wanted to see.

“Although I can’t get the storm out of control all over, but if I can tear it apart with my whole body, it can still be done. Madam, you two will return the same way and return to God World and wait Back of Young Master, “

“Although the waiting period may be a bit long, I believe that, trusting the ability of Young Master, he must be looking for a way to return.”


Vaguely, when I felt Lin Tian’s thoughts, I just heard the interruption from Lin Tian as soon as I wanted to talk.

“Okay, this thing needn’t be said, it’s settled, after all … after all, my life is the Young Master, so … Madam, please remember for a while, you must charge ahead as fast as possible, otherwise……”

“Otherwise everything I do will be in vain.”

In other words, Lin Tian was not listening to the two of them and threw it to him, turning the whale secret method to the extreme.

“Not enough … why still not enough?”

Originally thought that the current power could be a bit out of control storm, but in the end Lin Tian was wrong.

“Well, it seems I still have to use that method,” thought, and a flash of light flashed.

“Bloodline, reverse …”

Lin Tian also has Bloodline in his body, but this Bloodline is not the kind of Bloodline that can cultivate and enhance the cultivation base.

On the contrary, although Lin Tian ’s Bloodline will increase the cultivation base, the price that can be paid is terrible, as long as it enhances the cultivation base with its own Bloodline.

Moreover, this kind of Bloodline can only be used once in a lifetime, because after one time people die, how can it be used.

This kind of Bloodline has a collective name, Mingyue goes against the blood, and I am afraid that only Lin Tian knows that’s all.

And this Cold Sect’s Bloodline was still familiar when he was in charge of the Heavenly Secret Pavilion. After learning the characteristics of the inverse blood burning pulse, Lin Tian was shocked, and quietly tested his Force of Bloodline, the answer to the final meal. That is, he Lin Tian is really against the blood.

Even Lin Lei didn’t know about this, and Lin Tian had already made up his mind after learning that he was such a Bloodline, not for others, only to be able to use this when Lin Lei was in danger. Bloodline helped Lin Lei and nothing more.


There was a loud noise, and a terrifying breath burst out of Lin Tian’s body.

This aura is full of coldness, terror, and violence and cruelty.

“How is it possible. Little Tian … Little Tian this energy … he …” Feeling the breath emanating from Lin Tian within the body, the shadow and ice are shocked. This aura they never felt, this aura gave the two a sense of death.

“Asshole, you’re crazy, stop …”

However, behind him, the demon saw that Lin Tian, ​​despite his persuasion, still opened the blood pulse, and his heart was surprised and angry.

It’s a pity that even if he screams, it will not help. The inverse blood pulse has been opened, and it is still impossible to close it.

“haha ……”

There was a mad laugh from Lin Tian’s mouth, there were distress and nagging, but it was more induction, because today he can finally protect the people he wants to protect.

“Give me a drive.”

Wait a long time, when the reverse blood burning pulse is completely opened, when Lin Tian’s breath reaches the power of Peak, suddenly turned around, long spear uses the medium to drive the breath in the body, and points directly at the obstructed place behind him. go with.


A stab, as if something was tearing the ordinary sound, in between, there was an empty space, a crack the size of one person appeared.

“Hurry, Madam, you leave quickly, I can’t hold on.”


As soon as he opened his mouth, mouth spurt blood came out, his face paled, and his breath became even weaker, like an old man with a candle remaining in the wind, and he could give up at any time.


Seeing Lin Tian so, what I wanted to say, the voice just came out, and a cold voice came from the front.

“Hurry up, otherwise Lin Tian this bastard will do nothing for you.” There is no doubt that this voice comes from Lin Tian’s demon.

“Elder sister, listen to Lin Tian, ​​otherwise he …” Speaking of this, it seems like something is blocking his throat, but Bing can’t say what he wants to say.


The hesitation hesitated flashed, thinking of all that Lin Tian did, the original hesitation of the shadow disappeared instantly, and it was replaced by determination and firmness.

“Go away!”

The two who saw the film still didn’t understand, Lin Tian was anxious, others didn’t understand him, but he was very clear about his current situation.

In his current situation, at most it is just a few ten breaths. After this time, the cracks will recombine. If the shadows do not leave, his sacrifice will be in vain.

In the destiny world, in the Valley of Gods, Lin Lei’s closed eyes opened, and a moment of sadness passed by.

“No, it must be someone who is in danger, it must be … otherwise why is my Dao Heart shaking?”

Feeling that something was wrong, he couldn’t care about those tasteless things at the moment.

Close your eyes, the operation of the strategy of heaven, the operation of the cultivation base began to deduced things related to yourself.

Slowly, as Lin Lei’s deduction time passed a little bit and ten minutes passed, Lin Lei did not wake up, but did not just wrinkle.

Half an hour…

Three hours…

“Pu” A burst of old blood spewed out, his face paled instantly, and his face was filled with sadness.

“Little Tian … you … how can you …”

After Lin Lei’s risk calculation at the expense of cultivation base, he finally calculated that Lin Tian’s vitality is rapidly fading at this moment, and even his life star has become dim.

In the long river of time, each cultivator has their own life star, and the life star change represents their life. If the life star completely loses rays of light, it means that the cultivator is completely unable to return to heaven. .

At this moment, Lin Tian’s situation is moving towards that situation, and how Lin Lei can still calm down.

The memory of Lin Tian for a while involuntarily swarmed from the depths of his mind and filled Lin Lei’s mind.

“That being the case, then I announce that from then on, Lin Lei and Lin Tian will withdraw from the Lin Family, and since then I have nothing to do with you, and you, Lin Batian, you are not my father, and everything will be nothing to do with me. “.

“What,” everyone was shocked when they heard these words. They didn’t expect Lin Lei to do this.

“Lin Lei, it ’s father. Sorry for you. Do n’t worry, even if you do n’t have a cultivation base, I will guarantee your life in the future.” Seeing Lin Lei ’s radical action, Lin Batian did n’t know what to do.

“Hehe, father, don’t you think this word is particularly ridiculous? I worked hard to improve my strength, but it is because of your word that everything I have paid for now will be lost, why do you, before Have n’t managed me, now you want to come to control me, do n’t you think it ’s too late? And I have never considered you as my father, so you can save it, as for my future life, I will not bother you

I was a little excited when Lin Lei said, his eyes were flushed and his body was trembling. The flushed eyes were soaked.

“Pu”, Lin Batian, who wanted to say something, looked up after hearing a strange voice, and saw that Lin Lei’s hand had been placed on his dantian, and there was blood in his mouth, and his breath gradually waned. Come down.

“You”, everyone was shocked to see this scene. They never thought that a XNUMX-year-old boy was so decisive and spicy.

“Cough, cough, hehe, now I have nothing to do with you. As for my servant, I bought it with my own money when the mother was alive, so he does not belong to your Lin Family.”

After that, Lin Lei limped out, of course, these are all made by Lin Lei to install system.

“Lei, what’s the matter with you?” At this time, when Lin Lei stepped out of the lobby, he suddenly heard someone calling him, and his tone was as intimate as possible.

“You, who are you?” Lin Lei turned to look at the person who came, and was very strange. No matter how he looked in the memory, he couldn’t find any memory about the boy in front of him.

“Hehe, I forgot, you haven’t seen me before, how could you know each other?” When he heard Lin Lei’s words, the front laughed with a self-deprecating smile.

“Not good, don’t you know what’s wrong with you?”, Lin Lei saw that the expression of this boy was a little inexplicable, and he was impatient. He is running out of time now, and will not leave again, then his plan I just helped out, and by then I’m afraid he would really abolish the cultivation base.

“I just want to say, don’t hate father, he also has a last resort, so …”

Hearing this, Lin Lei was immediately angry. Lin Lei thought that there was something wrong, but did not expect to be a lobbyist.

“Enough, don’t tell me any hardships, even if there are any hardships, it doesn’t make much sense to me now, these have nothing to do with me, so goodbye”, Lin Lei looked back without saying a word. Walked to his yard.

“Well, it seems that it’s too late. Seeing the current situation, it seems that Lei has already hated father.” The teenager suddenly felt helpless when he saw Lin Lei turned away without looking back.

“Hu, hurry up, it’s been a long time now. If you don’t hurry, you really have no time.” Lin Lei speeded up after speaking, and came to his yard soon.

“Ah, Young Master, are you okay!” Lin Tian, ​​who was waiting for Lin Lei in the courtyard, felt faint after seeing his master return, and hurried over to help Lin Lei.

Seeing that his servant cared about himself so much, Lin Lei was very touched, so he laughed at Lin Tian and said: hehe, silly boy, do you think I look like something, but the most important thing for us now is to quickly leave Martial City, Otherwise it’s over.

“Oh,” Lin Tian had no reason, but after hearing Lin Lei’s words, he quickly helped Lin Lei want to go outside.

At this time, the only law enforcement church left was Lin Batian and Lin Lei.

“Father, how can you do that, Lei Di managed to cultivate, but why did you abolish Lei’s cultivation base, and you broke Lei’s hope like this, don’t you think this is cruel?”

The young man stood up and shouted at Lin Batian.

“Hehe, how could I not know, but Lei was right, I have never managed him for so many years, and when disciple reported to me just now, I almost forgot his existence. Is it ironic that you say this? Ah, “Speaking of which, Lin Batian stood up and walked lonely.

Seeing this scene, Lin Fang was silent. He didn’t know what to say. No matter what he said now, everything was too late.

On the other side, Lin Tian helped Lin Lei out of Martial City and looked at the avenue in front of him. Lin Lei suddenly became confused. He didn’t know where to go.

“Young Master, where are we going now?”

At this time, Lin Tian next to Lin Lei asked.

“Well … let’s go to Wangxinzhen! It’s not far from Sentian mountain range, just right now we can go there to experience it,” said Lin Lei’s eyes on Lin Tian’s face.

“Well, Young Master, where do you go?” After speaking, Lin Tian helped Lin Lei to walk towards Wang Xinzhen.

At this moment, Lin Tian’s childlike innocent smile appeared in Lin Lei’s mind. Lin Lei’s memory of this memory is still fresh. This is where they started, and Lin Tian swore to follow. Anxious, how can Lin Lei not worry about this.

But thinking of such Lin Tian is about to die soon, he is not calm, but …

But even if it is not calm, at this moment, he is just a little cultivator who is not even Nascent Soul. It is impossible for the teleportation array to leave this place where the birds do not shit.

Thinking of Lin Tian’s negligence since entering Immortal World and God World, thinking of these Lin Lei regrets it very much, if he could do it again, he would never do so.

Although I don’t know why Lin Tian is like this, besides, with Lin Tian Divine Emperor’s cultivation base and Xuanzong, he really can’t figure out what kind of person dare to make such a shot.

However, if Lin Lei knew that Lin Tian was doing this to rescue his wife, I’m afraid he would be completely mad.

Because it’s all because of his relationship that he made Lin Tian make that decision.

“What to do, what to do, Little Tian, ​​you can’t do anything!” Feeling the faintness of Lin Tian’s life star, Lin Lei was anxious.

“Yes, system, yes, and system.”

Just when Lin Lei was desperate, suddenly the word system appeared in Lin Lei’s mind,

“System, small dragon, I don’t know if you can hear it. The situation is urgent. Little Tian is in danger. Go and rescue him.”

It seemed to be afraid that the two wouldn’t make a shot. “It’s you who got me here. You are responsible. If it weren’t for you, maybe I would have a chance to rescue it, so …”

You must be responsible. If Lin Tian dies, I’m afraid I can’t do what I want.

You may be looking for a new Paragon Primordial Chaos Bloodline, but you know that your time is running out and …

There are not many people in the world who have Paragon Primordial Chaos Bloodline. You should know this.

In God World Great Desolate Divine Realm, as Lin Lei thinks, the system duo listened really well.

“This bastard boy threatened me as much as possible.” Looking at the screen in front of him, the small dragon smiled and cursed, yes, just laughed, not at all because of the threat of Lin Lei.

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