Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1043

Looking at Huang Zhong’s tragic appearance at the moment, everyone knew that he had lost, he was very thorough, and there was no room for him to turn around, but this result made them not think about it.

I originally thought that Huang Zhong was able to persist under Liu Changtian for a while, but I didn’t expect … I didn’t expect to be defeated in just one move, and he was so seriously injured.


With a roar, Liu Changtian pulled back a boulder and walked out of the ruins, patting the dust on his body as he walked, and his clothes looked like an abandonment.

“Tsk tsk, unfortunately, unfortunately, a wrong decision you made before brought you such a price.”

Looking at Huang Zhong, Liu Changtian spoke slowly, and he could hear that Liu Changtian was a pity that Huang Zhong died like this.



“cough cough …”

In the ruins, listening to Liu Changtian’s words, Huang Zhong, who was crushed by the boulder, coughed as if he wanted to respond.



Perhaps it was because the injury was so severe that when Huang Zhong opened his mouth, the severe coughing complexion was caused by the coughing and roaring of other redness.

“I … regret it!”

In a word, everyone was stunned. Yes, Huang Zhong really regretted it. He regretted why he had to heed others’ recommendations instead of accepting them on his own.

He regretted why he had accepted Huang Fujing as an apprentice, which caused the scene now.

He regretted not paying attention to the Senior Brothers he looked at. He regretted that he had done all the wrong things before. Unfortunately …

It’s a pity that it’s too late now. He now faintly sees Death with a smile 9 beckoning like him. This feeling is the most unpleasant feeling in his life.

“Well, it’s good to know regrets!”

For Huang Zhong’s frankness, Liu Changtian still appreciates it. After all, some people will make excuses before dying, just to save their lives.

“Oh … how about it?” How ironic was Liu Changtian’s words to Huang Zhong, what was it like? If he can choose, if he knows that there will be such hard work, he will carefully review the character of Huangfu’s life, and will not be hastily because of his disciple recommendation.

Now that I want to come, it is indeed his intention, and it is because of such an intention that he becomes like this.


It’s a pity that everything is too late. It’s too late, even if you regret it? Can it survive?

“Oh, that’s too naive.”

Knowing his current situation, he knew that he was now defeated, and the only thing waiting for him was death.

And only death is his best place to live now, so that he can pay back those who were killed indirectly.

“Okay, not much nonsense, and then regret it, remember to be a good person in the next life, don’t think about this life, make a messy egg.” As he raised his hand, long spear floated.

“go with.”

Long spear moved under Liu Changtian’s order. If long spear rushed out like a spear, he would soon pierce Huang Zhong’s body.

“Peng” The sound of a collision with a weapon, the long spear bounced off, and a silhouette quickly retreated, and a deep hook appeared on the ground.


Seeing his strikes now, now Liu Changtian frowned, turned around and looked?

“Wang Yun, what do you want?”

That’s right, it was Wang Yun who retreated, and Huang Zhong was already full of people, everyone looked nervous.

They are also afraid, afraid of losing their lives here, but they can think of their brother’s situation, which is not a big deal.


Wang Yun retreating, feeling the strong body of the impact still did not stop, Wang Yun waved his hands for a while, long sword was inserted on the ground in order to prevent the pace of backwardness.

“Brother Liu … see … for our friendship, let’s … let me, Junior Brother,”

Understand the situation of Liu Changtian, and then Wang Yun did not wait for Liu Changtian to say, “You also said, saying about the Lin Family, if you forgive me, Junior Brother, I promise that he will stay in the Lin Family for the rest of his life Lin Family, centered on Lin Family, does not allow individuals to have the opportunity to destroy Lin Family … “

Speaking of this, I was afraid that Liu Changtian would not agree, and looked with suspicion.

Silence, for Wang Yun’s attention, Liu Changtian was silent, but this idea is still very good. It is actually a good thing for Huang Zhongsheng to guard the Lin Family.


Wang Yun’s idea stopped in everyone’s ears, and such people were excited because it might save his brother’s life.

“Brother Liu, otherwise this matter is just fine, let me Junior Brother go to the Lin Family to make atonement, you see …”

The eyes of the crowd were full of expectations, and they were very much looking forward to Liu Changtian stopping there.


Looking at the crowd at the moment, Liu Changtian’s smile flashed. Seriously, he didn’t want to do anything for Huang Zhong, but because there was no good excuse.

But … it’s different now.

Now the excuse ran to him, which meant that Huang Zhong didn’t need to kill and could complete the task given to him.

Thinking of this, how can he be unhappy and not excited, thinking about looking up towards Huang Zhong, who has been half dead.

“Well, Huang Zhong, since so many people plead for you, then I will live for my Master once and let you go, but you must settle in the Lin Family, always guard the Lin Family, and be the leader of the Lin Family. You must never betray Lin Family matters, I wonder if you … will you? “

As soon as this remark came out, everyone in the room froze and thought of a smile appearing, nodded again and again, “Agree, agree.”

I dragged a tired and painful body to Liu Changtian, and I knelt directly on the ground, “I swear by Huang Zhong in this life, as long as I am alive for one day, after all, protect the Lin Family forever.”

“Hong” When Huang Zhong vowed, the sky that was once clear of ten thousand li suddenly fainted. Of course, this scene was just a moment, and it seemed to be responding to Huang Zhong’s vow.

“Well, so, let’s forget about this thing, let’s save your life!”

“Thanks … thanks, thank you, thank you …”

Realizing that he was all right now, Huang Zhong was so excited that he couldn’t help himself.

“Well, okay, you quickly go back for treatment and give you two days. After two days, we will go to the Lin Family.” Looking at the crowd, the next sentence disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

“hu ……”

“pu pass”

“pu pass…”

The silhouette of Liu Changtian disappeared in front of everyone, everyone seemed as if they were free, each and everyone collapsed on the ground,

“hu ……”

One mouthful of impure air protrudes long, a look of immortality, and a smile on his face.

“Finally … this matter is finally over.”

… In the Valley of Gods, Lin Lei, who closed her eyes, opened her eyes, and a flash of light flashed. “This Little Brat, it seems that I really don’t take my words seriously.”

I am afraid that Liu Changtian himself didn’t know it. When he left, he was marked with a ten thousand li by Lin Lei. Everything that happened to Liu Changtian could not be put into Lin Lei’s mind. .

……………… Master. “

Seeing Lin Lei’s arrival, Liu Changtian’s expression changed, and his brain hurriedly pulled down. When he thought of being tortured by Lin Lei in the past year, he just shuddered just thinking about it.


Looking at the two, Lin Lei responded, and finally the silhouette stood in the middle of the two. “I didn’t expect that you and the two were still discussing, but …”

Turning his eyes on Liu Changtian, “Is your kid injured?”

“Uh … no … no!” Lin Lei’s words made Liu Changtian hesitate. He didn’t expect Lin Lei to ask this, which is obviously very different from the usual Lin Lei.

If I saw this kind of thing before, I would n’t see it. On the contrary, I would squat in the dark and wait until Liu Changtian was abused by a minor, but now …

“Well, that’s fine.”

When he heard that Liu Changtian was okay, Lin Lei exhaled a long spit. “Since it’s okay, let’s leave the Valley of God when we clean up.”



Two shocks sounded at the same time, apparently, it was Liu Changtian and Xueling Tian.

looked towards the two, Lin Lei knew to himself, “I was just letting you go for a promise a year ago.”

“a year ago?”

After hearing this, Liu Changtian recalled, yeah, one year ago, the Master himself said that for one year, only one year was given to Sword Sect, and he would be sent to Sword Sect for challenge and extinguishment within one year. sect.

It’s been a year now. With his current strength, Liu Changtian is very confident that no one in Sword Sect can escape from him.

But … for Sword Sect, he has some friendship, so Liu Changtian always thought it was a joke, not at all seriously, but now it seems that he misunderstood the meaning of Lin Lei.

Seeing Liu Changtian pondering, Lin Lei said, “You should think of it when you think about it. I told the teacher a year ago to let you go to extinguish sect, but it was not a joke.”

“Of course, this is just one of your tasks that’s all.”

“What else, Master, you say.” For Chang Lei’s order, Liu Changtian is not easy to violate.

“After returning at this time, the first thing is to kill Sword Sect. As for the second thing.”

After a moment of contemplation, he continued, “It’s very simple. After going back, after finishing the Sword Sect thing, I went to my Lin Family to see what happened to the Lin Family. If the Lin Family encountered some of that, just solve it.”

“But you have to remember that cutting the grass does not remove the roots, and the spring breeze blows up again, just like the Lin Family. If you encounter other families that have adverse actions against the Lin Family, you do n’t matter who did it, they will be killed and released Speak, if anyone dares to be against the Lin Family, Sword Sect is their end. “

“Lin Family, are you really the Lin Family who has been in a coma for eight years?” Although he has been following Lin Lei for more than a year, Liu Changtian dare not ask him more about his affairs. Now he heard him say that he is confused now.

“Oh … you can be, of course, this is just my temporary living body, and one day I will return to my original body.” For Liu Changtian, Lin Lei not at all concealed.


Liu Changtian was shocked. What was temporary stay and what would return to his original body in the future? This method shocked him …

“Haha, all right, this thing is not what you think now, you will be like me when you reach a certain height.” Seeing Liu Changtian so, Lin Lei capsule interrupted.

“Remember me, go to Sword Sect after leaving, Sword Sect will be left to you. As for how to do it yourself, I believe you will not be busy as a teacher.”

“As for the Lin Family, tell me mother and say I’m fine, don’t worry him.”

“If they asked me when I would return home, you would tell them three years, and now only a year has passed, there are still two years, and they will definitely return home after two years.”

Then Lin Lei said some other things that Liu Changtian noticed. Except for Sword Sect at the beginning, the latter ones were basically related to the Lin Family.

Time passed, half an hour passed, Lin Lei finally stopped and didn’t speak.

“pu pass…”

Suddenly, Liu Changtian knelt down on the ground, slamming his two heads, and looked at Lin Lei with gratitude. “Master, you accept me more as an apprentice. If it were not for you, I would be like a frog in well. Sit down and watch the sky. “

“If it weren’t for you, how would I know that cultivating the world is so wonderful.”

“Say it’s not you, I won’t have what I am today.”

“Hehe, get up, this is just the beginning of that’s all.” With a wave of his hand, a majestic Spiritual Qi flashed out, and there was always a hand of Spiritual Qi condensing to lift Liu Changtian kneeling on the ground.

“Okay, hurry up.” He waved his hand at Liu Changtian, then turned his head and looked towards Xuelingtian, “Go and send Changtian out of the Valley of God.”

“Uh … why am I?” Looked towards Lin Lei, Xueling Tian asked.

“Hehe, because I’m strong! Don’t agree?” A look of disapproval came out. “

“Asshole!” Lin Lei was so, and Xue Lingtian was dumb in his heart, and then scolded and promised, “Well, I’d love to do this.”

“pu …”

The appearance of Xueling Tian made Liu Changtian laugh aloud regardless of his image.

It’s not that Liu Changtian laughed a little lower, but it was Xuelingtian eating so much or was the first time he saw it. It’s hard not to make him unhappy about this.

“You …” o

“You can’t go yet.”

I do n’t know if it was Lin Lei next to it or that place. For Liu Changtian ’s laughter, Xueling Tian roared, and then twisted his huge body and moved quickly towards the exit of Kamiya.

“Hehe, all right, follow it quickly.” Feeling Xue Lingtian’s expression at the moment, Lin Lei smiled and didn’t care, and opened his mouth to Liu Changtian.

“Well, I understand Master.”

Thinking of his cheap disciple accounted for him when he left before, now he is not at all concerned.

“Che, isn’t this what you want to see?” Xue Lingtian’s voice passed into Lin Lei’s ear,

“Uh … too.”

It is undeniable that, thinking of what he did with the cheap disciple, did he officially give the best result of the test.


He just thought that Liu Changtian would not kill to the last one extinguish sect, but … he never thought that it would not be stupid to even blame the capital?

Thinking of that Huang Zhong, Lin Lei could not wait to kill him, but thought that he would guard in the Lin Family, and then he hated Huang Zhong much less.

“Forget it, since it’s your decision, then respect your decision, but hope you don’t let me down.”

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