Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1089


Lin Lei entire group finished a meal very quickly. Originally, Xue Lingtian wanted to stay here for one night. Lin Lei was naturally impossible, and he couldn’t bear one when he thought his mother might be in danger.

For this reason, Lin Lei threatened Xuelingtian with Canglong. Once Canglong came out, the arrogant flame of Xuelingtian was instantly ruthlessly extinguished by Lin Lei.

Like this, Lin Lei entire group embarked on the road again, this time Lin Lei is even happier, even using the dragon step, but now this realm consumes too much, but Lin Lei can’t control it too much.

Lin Lei did all this, Huoyun naturally didn’t know, she even didn’t know that her son was rushing to where the accident happened before her.

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Here, sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces at the bottom of a valley. There is only one road in front of it. If the powerhouse chases it, unless someone can walk in the sky, don’t want to come here.

Cangyun mountain range. This is the most famous mountain range of the Guangyun Empire. It is also the place where some sects are tested. Here, there are Demonic beasts. There are some criminals with deep crimes. A trial ground dedicated to direct disciple.

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There are mountains, rivers, and woods, which are all standard. The most important thing is that Liu Changtian feels a strong and suffocating Spiritual Qi here.

He believes that if there is a Spiritual Qi, the breakthrough Valkyrie is not a dream, the moment when he enters the Valkyrie is transformed into the state of Nascent Soul, and condensing Nascent Soul is not a dream.

But …

Soon, this idea was suppressed by Liu Changtian forcibly, not for others. That aura he felt before, he vaguely felt that Lin Lei would come during this time.

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Strangely, Sect’s hand reached into the empire, and he did not believe that the emperor of the Guangyun Empire was unaware.

Either that, there is an empire behind it. Although it is only speculation now, this possibility is very high.

Looking at the flashing flash behind, Liu Changtian’s eyes flickered, and then moved towards another flashing walk.

Into the cave, there is no trace of darkness, but it is bright, and the wetness and coldness of the cave are not imagined. On the contrary, it is warm and somewhat comfortable.

At the top of the cave, the night pearl found by three fists appeared on it. This treasure is hard to find. Of course, this is just an ordinary item. It is useless for a martial artist.

Under the night pearl, Long Ming sits cross-legged, and the cultivation technique works to repair the previous pain.


It seems that I heard a slight footstep, Longming frowned, but soon stretched down, he had told him before, don’t bother, so it is naturally impossible for people to come in, so it is not difficult to guess.

Receive the power, the closed eyes opened, and Liu Changtian’s silhouette is in your eyes.

Sure enough …

Secretly thought, a smile emerged, and he got up and opened the mouth in front of Liu Changtian and said, “What’s the matter?”

Straight to the point, there is no nonsense, Liu Changtian’s character is well understood, and generally he will not find him except to say things.

“I’m going to leave for a while. You will be here with me during this time. There is a Martial Sovereign in town. There should be nothing.”

“It’s been a hard time for you. Take advantage of this time to stage your injury. Maybe it won’t be long before your chance comes.”

“As for what chance is not convenient to say at this time, you will know by then.”

Looking at Liu Changtian, Long Ming was shocked, and then returned to God, “You want to leave?”


“How long will it take?”

A series of questions, but Central China didn’t ask anything about the chance.

However, this question not at all makes Liu Changtian stun God, “Go to the capital, wait for someone.”

“And there are some things I haven’t figured out yet, and I need to figure them out.

You also understand that taking you will only be … “

When it comes to here, Liu Changtian is silent. As for what he doesn’t say later, I believe that he should be a smart person.

“I see!”

Longming is nodded, even if Liu Changtian does n’t say he wo n’t follow him, he understands his strength is not good, just like the previous thing, the certificate matter is plain because of him, if it ’s not strength, why bother? Things happened before.


“So, the nurse has troubled you to take care of it. As for the food, if they encounter a powerful demonic beast, they can make it.” Finally, Liu Changtian told him to leave with two beeps.

As for Long Ming, when Liu Changtian walked to the entrance of the cave, he finally couldn’t hold back. “Help me look at the Long Family. I heard that the Long Family was not doing well because of the Liu Family. If yes … “

“If possible, take care of one or two.”

For this request, Liu Changtian was nodded. After going back anyway, he planned to go to Long Family. If he could, he wouldn’t mind eliminating the threat of Long Family.

Nodded echo, the silhouette of butterfly walking disappeared into the valley …

Liu Changtian, who was far away from the valley, didn’t know it. When he left, another flickering cloud of fire was being restored. His closed eyes opened and his face was full of sighs.

Qing Qi Zhu lips gently, sighing, “It seems that we have to improve our strength, otherwise the previous situation will be dealt with at all.”

Think of what happened before. Had it not been for the troublesome silhouette of her son and the appearance of Liu Changtian in the end, I am afraid she is now in a round with her husband.

Think of Huoyun and feel scared. Of course, she is not afraid of dying, but she can think of her husband who has been missing for many years, his son has not been married and had a child, and he has not become a grandmother. He is full of life.

Becoming stronger, Huoyun only has this idea at this moment, because only by becoming stronger can these things be realized one after another

“Forget it, let’s recover the injury first, as for the actual promotion …” Thinking of my age, even if the promotion would not be better, I could not help but feel lost.

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The cave is silent …

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