Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1096


“Oh! Here’s a fault,”

After hearing this, the guard looked for a moment, sneered, and then turned his head and looked toward a dozen brothers who were also guards behind him, and waved: “brothers, see if there is a stubble to find the door today, What do you say? “

“Of course it’s done. Shall we lose face?”

“Yeah, don’t you just Smelly Brat, you can kill it. Since you dare to make trouble at Imperial Capital, you need to realize your death awareness.”

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“I rely, what do you mean? Oh, you are not interested, am I already interested?”

At this moment, without waiting for Lin Lei to speak, a dozen guards started to throw Lin Lei to anyone.

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Lin Lei kept watching, seeing the dozen guards so impudent, his heart rose, and his expression changed.

While in the arms, Xue Lingtian was amused by the dozen or so guards in front of him at the moment, the little one was very happy.

I do n’t know, I thought it was the same as the point of laughter.

“Shut up.”

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In the eyes of Lin Lei, these dozen guards are already dead. “You are fine.”

“Give you a chance, since you do n’t know how to cherish, then … all will die!” As soon as the words came out, the silhouette flashed quickly, 20% cultivation base was activated, and the dragon step was launched instantly. Pure fleshhy body power plus Spiritual Qi.


The sound of a broken bone reached the dozens of guards under discussion. The original voice was well-known. A dozen guards turned their heads and looked towards Lin Lei. At the next moment, the pupils shrank fiercely. Breathing stopped.

At the moment, in front of a guard, Lin Lei’s hand has been pinched on the neck of the guard, and the guard seems to have lost his bones at this moment. He pulled down, no struggle, no breathing sound, no heartbeat. There are signs that he … is dead.

“hu hu …”

Looking back at the gods, the crowds exhaled a long breath. At this moment, the look of Lin Lei made a dozen guards different.

Be willing to kill a martial artist. This kind of power is powerhouse in their eyes. Although I understand that the country’s capital powerhouse is like a cloud, but what? Who would take the lead for a few guards?

Of course the answer is not, as they thought, who would guard the Empire, the watchdog of the Empire is angry, unless the person’s brain is abnormal, or he is a fool.

“hmph, the most eloquent thing that Fuck said before, now it’s alright, I’ll always be drunk! See if you dare to dare to speak in front of this deity.”

“Fuck has also abolished me, hey, you don’t look at yourself for a few pounds or two, you also deserve it!” Looking at the guard who seemed to be unable to say anything in the hand, Lin Lei just thrown garbage at his disposal Aside.

The pupils opened, looked towards the remaining dozen people, the corners of his mouth were lightly raised, and a bloodthirsty smile appeared from Lin Lei’s face.

“You … how do you …” A guard wanted to say, “Why did you do it? It’s us who obviously do it!”

Of course, before saying this, Lin Lei was interrupted. “The world is big, you should go and see. Don’t come here and think that you are a weak person.”

“Even if you are weak, you guys are just empires watchdogs, do you really think you will kill your empire?”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, this time the empire will not give me an account, so …” With that, looking at the city wall of the empire city gate, the killing intent suddenly increased.

“If he didn’t give me a perfect reason, then he wouldn’t be necessary.”

“Renewal, the law of all things …”

A dozen people’s faces became ugly again, and their hearts were very aggrieved, “What about the ghosts, what’s the matter, just a few words?”

As soon as the idea came out, the man felt a barrel around his neck, his consciousness gradually blurred, and the moment when his eyes fell on Lin Lei, there was only a certain amount of consciousness, which completely disappeared during the vitality of the man.

“I can’t think of the cultivator in the realm of Dignified Saint, but now he is beheading the low-level cultivator. If this is to be worn out, wouldn’t he Lin Lei lose face?”

Can’t help but think that if this thing is heard by God World’s group, I am afraid it will be laughed to death.

And at this time, Lin Lei’s confused memory came to mind intermittently.


“Oh, the alertness is quite high, I was almost found out.”

At this moment, Lin Lei on the tree in the distance is startled. Lin Lei, who has been here for a long time, has been staring at the battle in the distance. However, at this time, a person looked at the place where Lin Lei was. Time Lin Lei quickly hid.

“Roar”, I saw that Vajra bear made a final attack when he was dying again. The entire bear was a golden light masterpiece, as if it was destroying everything around him, but the result was not so satisfactory. Vajra bear was at the end. Efforts died, and the few survived, but were also seriously injured.

“cough cough, I didn’t expect to run into this guy at this time, it was really a loss.”

“Yeah, it’s just a dinner for dinner. It’s as hard as it gets.”

“Who said no, but it doesn’t matter, anyway, this demonic beast is dead, which is also a good result, isn’t it?”

Three people, look at me, I look at you, complaining about why you want such a demonic beast, but they didn’t find out that Lin Lei in the distance had touched them.

With a “sou”, a spear stabs at one of the men.

“Hurry away, one of the highly perceptive people has already felt the danger of rushing, which proves that the previous perception is correct.”

“hmph, you sleepy, can I let an injured person live under my gun?”

Lin Lei’s action is fast. If you want to kill a few people without getting hurt, it is difficult, but if they are already injured, if you ca n’t kill them again, then it ’s true. Wasted.

“pu”, I saw a spear interspersed from the back of that person’s heart. The man who was killed looked at the gun head pierced from the back of his heart, an expression of unwillingness, but this was already unchangeable The fact is gone, the vitality of the man is gone. Lin Lei turned to the next goal.

For the injured, Lin Lei was able to kill them quickly.

Lin Lei is like a messenger of Death God, harvesting human life in the night sky.

“You, you are not dead”

When only the last person died in this place, the person saw Lin Lei’s face clearly, and the whole person was so frightened that he fell to the ground, his eyes filled with unbelief.

“Hehe, you guys didn’t expect me to live, do you think I’m dead?”

“How did you survive, didn’t you jump off the ten thousand zhang abyss, how could it be alive, I don’t believe it.”

The man said that he was super excited, and the whole person was madly asking Lin Lei why he was still alive.

“Oh, you don’t need to know this, you just need to know that there are already a lot of your companions waiting for you before you. But someone will come to you in the future.” /p>

After speaking, Lin Lei did not give the person a chance to speak, so he shot and killed the person in front of him. This time, Lin Lei had killed them all the same as last time, and the blood was covered up. .

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for successively defeating the Foundation Establishment cultivator, and hereby rewards the opportunity to draw a general, one opportunity to lottery, and 10,000 Spirit Stones.”

“Congratulations to the host for killing the Foundation Establishment cultivator and gaining 50,000 EXP.”

“Congratulations to the host cultivation base for raising one level to Refining Qi 9-Layer Peak.”

“The host now has the ability to complete the test of the zodiac True Master, do you want to take the task now.”

The system’s tips come to mind one by one. The most exciting thing for Lin Lei is nothing more than the general extraction and the cultivation base upgrade.

For a while, Lin Lei found a safe place and checked his information.

Name: Lin Lei

Age: 14

cultivation base: Refining Qi 9-Layer layer

Experience: (63080/200000)

spirit root: Thunder, fire, wood, three chaotic spirit roots

innate talent: top

cultivation technique : Chen Zhenjing (remnant) Devouring Heaven (Growable) Hong Meng pill concocting (Introduction to cultivation technique)

martial skill: Butterfly step (beginner) Star means (proficient) Silent Thunder shooting (Xuanjie advanced martial skill, now trained to beginner, can produce three thunderbolts)

Spiritual Treasure: Martial Emperor divine spear, Spiritual Qi Advanced (Growable)

Equipment: Spiritual Qi high grade, Spiritual Qi high grade, Spiritual Qi high grade

Mount: Red Flame Tiger Refining Qi Phase One

lottery: a chance

The war will extract the system: a lottery opportunity

Reputation: 100

Exchange point: 1100

Spirit Stone: 11000

Task: Mainline task. One Sect will be established within the next five years. If the task is not completed or timed out, the system will directly kill it. In the next five years, we will receive the five best disciples. The aptitude of each disciple must be Peak, and in five years, we must let our disciples make a name for themselves on the entire Profound Heaven Continent. If you can’t play it within five years, it will be the same as the previous task and will be directly wiped by system.

Second line mission: Kill the Evil Spirit of the Zodiac True Master ten days later. If you ca n’t kill it, kill it directly. Secondary line mission: You must go to Windcloud Sect to kill sect third elder Wang Shen within the next year. Is complete, system will erase directly.

medicine pill: body refinement Dan 30 pieces, Essence Condensation Pill 200 pieces, Foundation Establishment 50 pieces, and Cleansing Marrow Pill 1 piece.

“I didn’t expect that this was Refining Qi 9-Layer, and EXP rose to the second thousand thousand. It seems that this is enough to work harder.”

Lin Lei saw that his cultivation base was not happy, but felt that it was not enough, and he had to work harder.

“Ding dong, system repeats the second time, the strength of the host has reached a level that can fight against Evil Spirit, whether the body will kill it now.”

“No, I don’t have time now, wait till the last day of the seal!”

Lin Lei did not choose to complete the task now, although he said that the task will be upgraded immediately, but the experience of killing and turning will be more. Lin Lei believes that killing everyone outside this way will immediately raise the cultivation base to Foundation At the Establishment Stage, you can imagine that Lin Lei’s calculations are perfect.

“Well, since the host has decided, it must have the host’s intentions, but system must remind the host that if the seal is not wiped out before the seal is unsealed, then Evil Spirit will actually substantiate the host’s mind Sexual destruction, I hope the host carefully considers it. “

After speaking, the system has no sound, and Lin Lei also walked out of the place where he had just cultivated and went outside to start the third killing.

A dozen or so individuals came in for hunting. They have now been killed by Lin Lei in half, and the next will be smoother.

Lin Lei found the direction, started the nether shadow gradually, and looked towards that direction and walked quickly.

The people who came in have basically completed the task assigned by Captain.

“Hehe, this time I will be able to have a full meal, and if I have some carved wine, it will be more perfect, eh”

The person who talks is the one who hunted recently. When he thinks about drinking, that person’s mouth keeps pouting, as if he has already drunk it.

“Hehe, look at you like this, there is nothing right, just thinking about drinking one day, there is nothing else to do?”

When the person next to him heard the words of his companion, the whole thing got worse.

“Do n’t just say that, you do n’t just know that you are drunk in the drunk flower house all day. You are not afraid to die in that day.”

You and I say each one as if they were very happy, even though there wasn’t even one person beside me.

“Hehe, the relationship between the two is really good.”

The sudden voice of “who” scared the two.

“Oh, don’t you guys know me?”

Lin Lei pushed his face forward at this moment so that they could see clearly.

“What”, the two were really shocked to see who Lin Lei was.

“Why aren’t you dead”.

One of them asked the question as soon as he lost his mouth, but the man immediately regretted it.

“That, brother, you see, the two of us are acting by orders, in fact, we don’t want to do it, they are forcing it.”

“hmph, forcing?”

Lin Lei wouldn’t believe their funny words. Lin Lei took his tone out of it as soon as he shot it.

After seeing Lin Lei’s action, the two were really shocked, and quickly took out their own weapons to resist. The imagination was very full and the reality was very skinny. The final result was the death of the two.

Lin Lei, having the experience of killing, has no mercy and softheartedness, as long as the killing is basically to find the key points, he killed himself.

“hmph, a bunch of life-threatening things.”

Lin Lei super-solved them in less than a minute, and then said to the corpse at this time.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

“hmph, die …”

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