Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1097


The sudden appearance of memory, on the other hand, Lin Lei is slow in action, Lin Lei is slow but others are not, and a dozen people in the other party saw Lin Lei stop, not a fool, as the saying goes, while you are sick, you have to You fate, the most taboo in the battle is to walk away.

Drinking violently, the silhouette quickly rushed out in front of Lin Lei, and raising his hand was a piercing move towards Lin Lei's heart.

The cold look didn't hesitate, as if killing was a common occurrence for him, and it didn't matter.

Several other people saw the leader so fierce, each and everyone was not unwilling to fall behind, each and everyone was like a hormone, each and everyone shouted and lifted the knife and moved towards Lin Lei.

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A sound of piercing flesh sounded, and a burst of blood light burst out. Seeing the other side's blood bleed, everyone looked excited for a while.

I used to think Lin Lei was unattainable, but now ... there's nothing to taboo about now.

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Lin Lei looked at the wound for a while, how long it has been ... How long it has not been bleeding, Lin Lei does not know, the former fleshhy body is powerful, even if it is the cultivator of the state of divine respect, it is inappropriate. There will be no pain at all, let alone bleeding.

What about now? The body is weak and has no resistance at all.

Comparing the two, the gap is really as different as heaven and earth. Watching the blood pouring out, Lin Lei didn't go to taboo, and his face was wry.

"Small dragon, you are waiting for Lao Tzu. In today's situation, don't think I will let you go."

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In God World, the small dragon who was resting suddenly wakes up and sneezes and sneezes.

"Bitch, I ... I will get sick too, sneezing in the cold?" This question is very important. It is important to know how a small dragon as a spiritual body can get sick, even if it is old, it is impossible to die, unless the spiritual body has insufficient energy. Dissipate until the end.

Obviously, this last point is not consistent, otherwise the small dragon could not have survived for so many years and should still be survived in the world.

Of course, there is a possibility that the system will be destroyed, and the small dragon will also be destroyed. This is the only possibility.

"What's the matter, is it bad luck that I can't curse?" I may be tangled about this problem, small dragon not at all, and then I went back to sleep.

At this moment, Lin Lei didn't know that his words could make small dragon sense. Lin Lei didn't have time to taboo those, but he looked back from the memory fault. He didn't lift his head, only saw his hand, it was near. A dozen or so guards were close to their places instantly.

How can it be so unobtrusive to make such a big movement at the gate of the capital? Especially passers-by, the gate of the city gate of the capital is now blocked and overcrowded.

Lin Lei's area doesn't have a single person, for nothing else, just for the sake of being strong, just for these people to stay and want to go to the theater.

Looking up, my eyes glanced at the more than a dozen people who were being held. Looking at them, Lin Lei's eyes were even colder.

It hurts to count them as having a high ability, but ... he's not the kind of talented person, let alone this group of people? Obviously not.

Lin Lei's life. For a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long, from Lin Lei's point of view, it is all nonsense.

"You hurt me, you are very capable." Slowly tempting slowly in front of the crowd, the colder face was more intense, as if the light breath could freeze the crowd.

"It is a pity that you have completely angered the deity. The family of the deity was injured here and it is you now. In this case, there is no need to leave the city."

"My reverse scale, the toucher died ..."

"Dead ..."

Speaking, the silhouette disappeared in an instant. Lin Lei's silhouette returned to its place in just one breath, but Lin Lei's silhouette never disappeared before everyone's eyes.

The minds of the onlookers are very interesting at this moment, because what Lin Lei said just now, in the eyes of everyone, Lin Lei is a fool, men have problems, mental illness.

Guangyun Empire doesn't need to exist? Who do you think you are? ruler? Or the creator? Hey, how about playing?

This kind of thought sounded in the hearts of everyone, but without speaking, just watching a movie, this is the psychology and thoughts of passers-by.

In this regard, Lin Lei didn't know, and didn't bother to know, ignored the eyes of the crowd, took a step, moved towards the city.

"Fuck, how did this person leave?"

"Yeah! Why did you leave, didn't you say you want to demolish the empire? These people are not easy to kill, the fuck is bragging before!"

"That's, it's, it's a ..."

"pu 呲 ... puci…" Each and everyone sounded strangely. The voice of the person who spoke before stopped abruptly at this moment. His eyes widened and he saw the scene in front of him. The cold sweat on his forehead couldn't stop.

The scene in front of "pu tong" exceeded his imagination. The whole person had fallen to the ground, his body was shaking, complexion pale as paper.

When everyone saw the man's doubts, the man just spoke. Everyone's attention was on him, so everyone wondered when they saw the man.

However, with the increasing voice of Tong Tong, everyone noticed that weird, and finally, the bloody scene appeared in everyone's eyes.

Some strong people are okay, what does not at all mean, but those who have not seen blood, men and women, each and everyone fell to the ground at the moment, spitting their heads, and the scene was shocked.

"How is it possible and when?"

On the court, the dozen or so guards who hadn't stopped Lin Lei from leaving now. At this moment, there was blood red around the neck. If the blood sprayed out from the fountain, the scene was very bloody, and strangely, a dozen people were still stunned愣 Standing in place without falling down,

It stands to reason that after a person dies, the whole person should not be able to stand still and maintain his former appearance, but now ... now it appears, and Shengsheng is remembered by everyone in his mind. Off.

The crowd was shocked, Lin Lei didn't know. At this moment Lin Lei has entered the city, and the chest wound is not bleeding. For such small wounds, as long as the muscles are percussed to block the wound, use Wood Attribute spirit root to repair it. .

For this, as a deity ... uh, no, as a Saint, if you do n’t, you might be laughed to death.

Ignoring the wound, looking up towards the front, Divine Consciousness releases all sights within a thousand miles to appear in Lin Lei's mind.

In my mind, a blue silk thread is floating in the air, and there are the same things around, but not that ’s all.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Looking at the existence of the blue silk threads, Lin Lei opened his eyes sharply, and the joy flashed, "Sure enough, surely mother has been here."

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