Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1098


The original smile receded at the moment when the spirit body appeared, and was replaced by boundless anger and killing intent.

Since you have been here and the spirit has appeared, it means that your mother is in danger here, and in this way, everyone is possible here.

"In that case, just go to the palace and maybe find the person I want faster, just don't know what the emperor of the Guangyun Empire will be."

Lin Lei didn't want to wait, let alone stay in this place. With the existence of Little Jin's coffin, he wished to hide in a quiet place and restore his cultivation base to the Great Ascension.

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"Forget it, let ’s talk about it first, it ’s really impossible, then destroy the city!" Lin Lei was very disgusted with this approach. First, he thought he was not a killer, and second, he did n’t want to Here too much reveals that he is a cultivator, and thirdly, he does n’t want his family to fall into the eyes of the world because of himself.

But now, if the emperor of the Guangyun Empire does not recognize the image, this last method is the best way.

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"Xue Lingtian, show me that these two guys are waiting here. If something goes wrong, then you go to a dragon to sleep!"

Let ’s throw the blood spirit sky in his arms onto the ground. Before the blood spirit sky reacts, Lin Lei disappears as quickly as possible.

"I ... 艹 ..."

Seeing Lin Lei walking away, the blood genius dared to say something in his heart, "Fuck egg, this kind of hard work is for me. What do you think, anyway, I am also the Great Desolate legacy! Just think of me as a nanny! "

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The duo looked at the little snake on the ground, their expressions did not relax at all. They have seen the formidable power of the little snake. They encountered a powerful demonic beast before. Lin Lei originally wanted to let Min Tianyu took a look at his cultivation results, but in the end it was not so bad that it became a dessert of Demonic beast.

Fortunately, just before Demonic beast was approaching Min Tianyu, the little snake was out, and the body became huge instantly. A big mouth appeared and swallowed Demonic beast directly into the mouth.

In this scene, Min Tianyu and Min Rongrong watched for a while. After that day, when the siblings of the Min family saw the little snake, they would be very nervous, so afraid to speak, it was like a wire pole pestle there. .

Finally, I don't know how long I scolded, maybe I was refreshed, maybe tired, I wobbled my petite body to the side of the building and lowered it, raised my tail and posed for Min Tianyu to let them go.

The two didn't resist the snake's order at all. The stiff head nodded twice, followed by a small broken step, and stood behind the snake without standing.

For the Min family siblings, the small dragon didn't care. He lay on the ground and seemed to fall asleep, but Divine Consciousness was always vigilantly exploring whether all around was dangerous.

On the other side, Lin Lei left without stopping, and the silhouette quickly flashed into the palace of the world.

Standing on the city wall and looking at the palace in front of you, Lin Lei had nothing but sigh.

"It's very similar to the Imperial Palace here, and that's it! Anyway, it's also an empire that governs the territory of 10,000,000 li. The palace is just as ... miniature cannon ... small."

Yes, it's small. In Lin Lei's eyes, it's not as good as his own Profound Sect.

However, Xiaogui is small, but the emperor's momentum is still there. For example, the pattern of the emperor's palace is also very good.

Although it is small, its decoration is not bad, it looks very luxurious and gold.

Dangling the man, throw away all these things, Divine Consciousness is released, and the pattern of the imperial palace appears in Lin Lei's mind.

"Oh, I found it!"

No effort, Divine Consciousness wants to find someone, even if you hide deep in the ground, it is useless. Of course, except for some Divine Consciousness to isolate the formation, otherwise Lin Lei is not afraid.

Among Divine Consciousness, deep inside the imperial palace, in a huge courtyard, a young man in yellow practice clothes is holding a long sword at this moment, and a set of faces waving in his hands is a tiger. Tiger Shengwei, isn't it grand.

"Emperor, tsk tsk tsk ..."

Looking at this man, Lin Lei had a pity beyond his sigh. "A genius with a top grade fire spirit root has become such wastewood in the years."

"It's a pity ..."

At the moment, you have to be close to no one, even more because no one knows Lin Lei. Otherwise, what he just said is enough to shock people to death.

What is innate talent? This fuck is also a Martial Saint! Why is it a ruin in your eyes?

The emperor's emperor, Li Huangdao, Martial Saint Early-Stage cultivation base, defeats the main force of an empire with one person's strength, and is modest and decisive.

In the eyes of Lin Lei, what Lin Lei says is simply unbearable.

After the exploration, the silhouette step and walk in the sky moved towards Li Huangdao where they rushed quickly.

"Who's en ??"

At this moment, in a secret room deep inside the imperial palace, the old man who was practicing suddenly opened his eyes and flashed the light, his expression full of vigilance.

According to the breath of the person, he can judge that the opponent is the previously broken spirit body.

Thinking of Lin Lei's strength, the old man sighed, "Forget it, toss, even if I go out, I won't change much."

Thinking, the look of vigilance subsided, and you closed your eyes and started practicing.

If Li Huangdao knows the old man's idea, he is afraid that he will directly hit the south wall. What does it mean that the result will not change much? Well, even if it hasn't changed, you should tell me the strength of the other party.

Unfortunately, Li Huangdao doesn't know. At this moment, he is still quiet in his sword intent. No one has found anyone who has come to him.

"gu lu…"

A sound of flowing water sounded, followed by Lin Lei's voice: "tsk tsk, this tea is good, but unfortunately the sword o is too bad."


Li Huangdao reacts, Lin Lei's voice is indeed too much to reflect, then Lin Lei would think that Li Huangdao is deaf.

Put down the tea cup, looked towards Li Huangdao, a smile flashed, opened the mouth and said: "My dear Lin Lei, this time I want to ask, who was the one who hurt me, my mother, and who I have. It's over. "

"Find out the deity can be blameless, if not ..." The smile disappeared and a killing intent emerged.

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"The entire imperial city is the price you don't do!"

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