Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1099


Lin Lei’s threatening words made Li Huangdao’s silent heart excited instantly, “fuck, I’m here to find the difference.”

Li Huangdao can be sure now, this young man is here to look for differences, but this is a bit big …

At the cost of the entire empire, your uncle, why do n’t you go to heaven.

At this moment, Li Huangdao was extremely upset with Lin Lei. It was already a capital crime to disturb his opinions. Now it is still so arrogant and conceited. It is impossible to kill anyone forever.

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“Uh … little, little brother?” Listening to Li Huangdao’s title, Lin Lei trembled, and a puppet almost fell to the ground.

“Sister, brother. I can be your grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather.” Of course, after a long time in my heart, there was still a smile on my face, no change.

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After you figure it out, looking up towards Li Huangdao, killing intent flashes over, “Little Brat, in your words, you must learn to judge the situation, don’t be forced by your appearances, or you will suffer a lot, such as … “

“Now …”

As soon as the sound falls, Lin Lei silhouette disappears instantly, as if never before.

“en? why …”

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When Lin Lei disappeared, Li Huangdao was inexplicably panicked, but then calmed down, anyway, it was a long time in the depths, and it is not unusual to see the big scene.

The moment Lin Lei disappeared, Li Huangdao sensed the momentary release, and explored the changes of the Origin Force around the grass and trees around him.

It’s easy and pleasant for a Martial Saint, without any slight pressure.

However. At the next moment, Li Huangdao’s facial expression grave, and in the perception, there was no silhouette of Lin Lei, not even a trace of breath, which made Li Huangdao very confused.

“Shouldn’t it? Why is it so?” Perceiving the surroundings, his eyes glanced at all around vigilantly. Now that the other party does not appear, he may be in danger at any time.

“Nothing shouldn’t be!” At this moment, in a peaceful space, Lin Lei’s voice seemed to come from all around, making Li Huangdao completely unprepared.

“You … how did you do that?” Looking at all around, looking for the silhouette of Lin Lei, he asked.

Li Huangdao is very confused about this, and can make a person who Martial Saint powerhouse can’t perceive, either the person’s cultivation technique is very powerful, or the cultivation base is very powerful, and these two options cannot be escaped.

In the dark, watching Li Huangdao’s panic glance flickered, and then he became calm. In this scene, Lin Lei appreciates Li Huangdao.

“Little Brat, don’t waste your efforts, even if the Martial God in your empire is here, I’m afraid to detect the existence of the deity. Do you think he doesn’t know the arrival of the deity?”

“He knows that the deity is here. If I said yes, the Martial God in your empire has already met the spirit of the deity.”

“Now, when the deity comes, he understands that the dedication cultivation base is strong, so he dare not appear. Do you think you … are the deity’s opponent? or is That Martial God is your backing and support?”

“You … you do it …” Li Huangdao was shocked. Although it is no secret that the empire has Martial God, it can be learned from Lin Lei that his empire’s Martial God has seen him, which made Li Huangdao’s heart somewhat. mixed feelings.

If it really looks like Lin Lei just said, then … doesn’t it mean that Lin Lei’s cultivation base is not …

Thinking of this, Li Huangdao’s look at Lin Lei changed. It was not the previous contempt, but the arrogance but the vigilance. It was not interesting to relax, because from the information just now, he felt that there might be a youth in front of him. Stronger than Old Ancestor of his empire.

If so, the young man in front of him is also a Martial God, or even a Martial God Great Perfection.

So realm, not to mention the four empires, I’m afraid it only exists in sect.

Li Huangdao’s idea Lin Lei didn’t know. Looking at the changing face of Li Huangdao, Lin Lei sneered, “How, give you another chance to choose, should you choose someone for your deity or your empire? Will it be destroyed in your hands? “Lin Lei loved asking again, but the silhouette didn’t show up.

l He is sitting and preparing at any time. If Li Huangdao still doesn’t agree, then he will come true …

It does n’t matter if you are in your heart, whatever happens to others.

Silent, silence has replaced all of Li Huangdao’s current thoughts and thinking. He can’t figure out the strength of Lin Lei. Now Old Ancestor is not out. If Lin Lei is really a Martial God, then the whole empire will suffer. .

As he is the emperor of the empire, he is not the same to offend such a killing god because of a little thing.

The so-called knowledgeable person is Junjie. As a smart person, of course he chose to agree.

Looking up towards Lin Lei, Li Huangdao nodded answered, “I can help you find it.”

Lin Lei didn’t say a word, because there is always one after this sentence, but he believes that Li Huangdao hasn’t finished the sentence yet.

“But …”

Sure enough, Lin Lei wanted to appear, Li Huangdao’s but blurted out.

“Well, let’s talk, but what is yours?” Lin Lei believes in a word, letting the horses work alone does not make them full, this is inhuman, for the same reason …

“I do n’t plan to launch the Guangyun Empire from now on, for whatever reason?”


Listening to this condition, Lin Lei didn’t wrinkle tightly, but then seemed to think of something, and nodded echoed, “Yes, I agree with your condition, so if that’s the case, help me find someone!”

“OK! it’s a deal.”

See Lin Lei’s promise, Li Huangdao’s excitement in his mind, but he understands that it is not the time to be excited, and finding talent is the right thing.

“Say, find someone who can send you such a great buddha!” ​​Li Huangdao began, his expression filled with expression, he wondered what kind of person could make a Martial God.

Look around all around with a similar look, waiting for the answer.

“My mother has appeared in your country before, but it seems to have encountered some of the words, which touched the jade talisman that I put on my mother’s life and broke it. I would like to know who is the best. Move my loved ones. “

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