Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 11

“Who are you, why are you in the body of the Zodiac Senior”

Looking at the old man in front of him, Lin Lei’s newly relaxed divine essence tightened again, his eyes staring at the baleful aura old man.

“Giggle, the little baby is not too stupid, you are right, I am not the idiot of the zodiac, but although I am not a zodiac, I was created by him, so I am the other side of him”

Speaking of which, I saw the old man making a cold voice, and the murderous aura and bloodthirsty breath in his eyes rushed towards Lin Lei without concealment.

“Hehe, you are the Evil Spirit of the Zodiac Senior”

After seeing this scene, Lin Lei finally knew that the last word of the real zodiac, after going out, be careful what that Evil Spirit means.

“Ha Ha Ha, Evil Spirit, the zodiac said to me like this to you, no matter how much I was part of his body, he despised me so much.”

Speaking of this, I saw the old man screaming frantically, with a touch of desolation in his voice, as if he had been abandoned.

“Boy, I don’t care who you are. Since the Zodiac says I am Evil Spirit, I will show it to you.”

Speaking, I saw the old man who had penetrated Lin Lei’s mind with a thunderbolt.

Just for a moment, Lin Lei could only stare at the old man, but did not have the ability to stop him. Lin Lei’s eyes suddenly became lonely.

“Ding dong, there is an Evil Spirit in the host’s Sea of ​​Consciousness. Since the host has not yet reached the level of opening the Sea of ​​Consciousness, the host has no ability to stop it. Will the host temporarily seal the Evil Spirit? The price is to borrow it. Half of the Spirit Stone? “

Just when Lin Lei felt powerless, the voice of system hint suddenly appeared. This sound was like a guiding light forward, illuminating Lin Lei and giving Lin Lei new hope at the same time.

“Seal, seal quickly, isn’t it Spirit Stone, take as many as you want”

After saying that Lin Lei directly took half of the Spirit Stone from the loan and gave it to the system.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for choosing to seal the Evil Spirit. In order to make up for the host ’s loss, the system specially awards rewards, lottery three times, and the new system lottery mode is opened. The host can now draw historical characters and turn them into their own generals, but the strength Limited, the war will only be at the level of the host. If you want the war to continue to break through, the strength of the host must be broken through to the next level, and the number of times to extract the war is also wired. The host has only six in his lifetime I hope that the host can seize this opportunity. “

After that, there was no more movement in the system, only Lin Lei was stupidly there.

“Fuck, No way! This system is too advanced, and it has all of them, wouldn’t there be my own forces around me in the future?”

Speaking of this, Lin Lei was instantly excited. I didn’t know if it was too excited. I saw Lin Lei jump up. Immediately, Lin Lei’s head hit the top of the cave.

With a bang, Lin Lei fell to the ground. Although there was no bleeding from the head, there was still a little bruise.

“I trust, I forgot to forget the stubble,” Lin Lei forgot that he was still in the cave because he was too excited.

“Hehe, now my brother’s capital is no worse than those sects,” Lin Lei thought of it, and immediately became happy.

“Ding dong, may I ask the host if he wants to extract the generals now?” The voice of system came again.

“No smoking”

Lin Lei said it without hesitation.

“Hmph, you are stupid when I am, I am now only the fifteenth level of body refinement, if the generals are drawn, at most, it can only be the existence of Peak training.”

Thinking of this, Lin Lei’s vision suddenly fell into the Spiritual Qi liquid pool not far away.

Slowly, Lin Lei walked towards the Spiritual Qi liquid pool and looked at the Spiritual Qi liquid pool in front of him. Although Lin Lei was excited, it was not time to lose his mind.

“System, I am now in the Spiritual Qi tank, are there any bad consequences?”

Lin Lei did not seeing instant benefit, but calmly consulted the system.

“Well, the problem is not very big. If you can afford it, there is basically no problem.”

After hearing the words of system, Lin Lei was relieved, but when he didn’t hear the words of system, one of Lin Lei’s feet had entered the Spiritual Qi pool.


When Lin Lei went into the spiritual liquid pool, not at all felt the wet clothes, but the whole person became very comfortable, as if the whole body had entered the cotton, soft.

After entering the spiritual liquid pool, Lin Lei quickly ran the chaos, and saw a rush of Spiritual Qi rushed into Lin Lei’s body, but at this moment everything changed.


A painful roar came from Lin Lei’s mouth, the expression on his face also became sloppy, and the meridian on the head burst out, so it was scary to see.

“Why … what happened, didn’t you say there wasn’t a big problem? Why am I so distressed now?” Lin Lei now had the heart to die.

“Department … system, why am I suffering so much now, didn’t you say there was no big problem? Why is it now, and I feel that this time it hurts several times more than the last time I ate Marrow Cleansing Pill”

Lin Lei suddenly seemed to feel cheated and yelled at the system, but the pain did not decrease by half, and the pain was gradually increasing.

“Host, just before I finished speaking, you went straight in. You ca n’t blame me! And this is the Spiritual Qi pool, not ordinary Marrow Cleansing Pill. Since you want to improve your strength, you ca n’t even afford this Then what kind of immortal do you cultivate and what do you think? I think you can go home and plant it. “

After hearing Lin Lei’s words, the system scorned Lin Lei without concealing it, and kept ridiculing Lin Lei.

“You … you haven’t finished, then why are you like this, you are not human, why are you panting, you know, I don’t even have the mental preparation, how can I withstand the washing of the Spiritual Qi pool water”,

“System, you say, what do you do now! You can’t let me wash it in the pool like this!”

Lin Lei saw that system was silent, and the next moment Lin Lei persuaded and asked the system quickly.

“Doesn’t the host have the engulfing method? It is not enough to use the engulfing method to turn these energies into experience points.”

When he heard what system was saying, Lin Lei suddenly woke up.

“Yeah, I still have the Devouring Decree, how can I forget it?” Thinking of this, Lin Lei hastened the Devouring Decree to work.

“Swallowing the law, swallowing the heavens and the earth, swallowing all things in the world, and swallowing everything, only the Spiritual Qi comes and swallows it”

The piece of decree was read from Lin Lei’s mouth, and Lin Lei’s body also produced several cyclones at the same time, in the Spiritual Qi fluid of the Devourer.

I saw that the cultivation base of Lin Lei is slowly growing, one thousand experience, five hundred experience, one thousand experience, almost one thousand or five hundred experience per second is growing. Without one minute, the experience value of Lin Lei has been Reaching the full core, Lin Lei knew that he had reached the edge of bottleneck, and could only use breakthrough chaos to break through the cultivation base.

“At the beginning of the transformation of all things, only chaos is immortal. When Lin Lei saw this decree, he immediately knew that this was the main point of the Refining Qi decree, so he immediately started comprehend, but I have to say that Lin Lei’s perception It is indeed the existence of Peak. After three days and three nights, Lin Lei finally understood the key to the breakthrough Refining Qi period. This key lies in the gas and sea accommodation within the body. “

“Hehe, now that you know how to break through, let’s go crazy now”, Lin Lei quickly ran chaos and devoured together.

During the process of Lin Lei comprehend, Lin Lei learned that there are still many levels to open Qihai. Different Qihais create different lives, just like one person ’s Qihai is only the size of a bowl mouth, and the other ’s anger All three bowls of the sea are so big, then the battle between the two people ends without any suspense, and there are different levels of opening the gas sea.

The one with the sea level is: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple. The most advanced one is chaos, colorless, and the lowest is red. Purple, as colorless, even Lin Lei didn’t know if it was.

“Drink …, devour me,” just when there were only a few cyclones. After Lin Lei’s anger drank, it instantly became dozens. The spiritual liquid in the spiritual liquid pool was crowded towards Lin Lei’s side.

If anyone is here, they will be very surprised. Usually, when one wakes up Qihai, there are usually only one or two cyclones. Even if it is purple, there are not necessarily so many cyclones, but there are so many here.

What is even more incredible is that there is a space far away from this heavenly continent. There is a space here. The entire space is grey misty, filled with gray gas, but when Lin Lei awakens the sea of ​​air, this space The gray air flow is like a summon, and it is crazy crowded to the area where Lin Lei is, as if it is not up to speed.

“Pulling”, saw the gray air suddenly tear the space, and madly poured into the space cracks, this phenomenon made many old fellows in the universe alert.

In the space closest to the gray space, an old man, wearing a Heavenly Dragon robe, sat in the middle, and suddenly felt the abnormality of the gray air quickly came to the place where the space was torn, looking at the scene in front of him, the old man seemed to look When it comes to terrifying things, my eyes are wide and I seem to see an unbelievable scene.

“嗖 … sou sou”, a few empty voices sounded behind watching Heavenly Dragon robes. If you look closely, you will find that these empty voices are the same as the old man just now People of all ages, and everyone is dressed in gorgeous, and in the blink of an eye, the sound of a few empty air has come to the old man.

One of them looked at the Heavenly Dragon robe and asked the old man, “I said Heavenly Dragon Venerable Lord. What the hell is going on here, why Chaos Energy will tear the space away by itself, isn’t you here to guard?”.

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