Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1100


“Mother … mother?”

Looked, looking at all around, Li Huangdao caught the answer on the spot, but turned into endless anger. Now not only does Lin Lei want to find that person, even he wants to see, in the end It is He Xuren who is so bold and arrogant that he thinks of the relatives of Martial God powerhouse.

Fuck isn’t Shou Xinggong hanging, is it too long? And … you courting death, do n’t bring me …

The more I think about it, the more Li Huangdao feels that he hasn’t had this thing. Perhaps he hasn’t been so passive and was treated like this for the first time.

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The cold sweat couldn’t stop, and his face paled slightly.

“That’s it. As long as you help me inquire about the fighting incidents in the city before, let me come tomorrow and tell me.”

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“I rely, No way, just fucking around me?” Looking at the silhouette of Lin Lei, Li Huangdao was numb. Today Lin Lei shocked him too much, and the meal made him have numbness.

“Oh, by the way, don’t try to hide, otherwise …” Lin Lei, who came to the door, stopped and reminded Li Huangdao behind him. While reminding, he glanced all around, his eyes filled with indifference.

“Understand, understand, understand, you can rest assured, I will tell you the answer you want to know truthfully, I dare not hide anything.”

“Well, that’s fine, I hope you can do it.” After that, Lin Lei left the air.

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When Lin Lei’s silhouette disappeared into view, Li Huangdao fell to the ground as if he was free, and his clothes were prepared for cold sweat.

“It seems necessary to walk with Old Ancestor!” Looking at the direction where Lin Lei left, Li Huangdao recovered for a while, got up and moved towards the depths of the imperial palace, as for the sword on the ground, Li at the moment Where does Huangdao still have that mood?

He just wants to figure out what’s going on, what exactly is the youth’s cultivation base just now.

If you want to know the answer, you can only go to your old Ancestor.

Thinking, the speed at your feet accelerated, and the body turned into an afterimage that disappeared deep inside the palace.

At this moment, the empire Old Ancestor is sitting among you, and he knows about Li Huangdao who is coming.

Quit the practice and quietly wait for Li Huangdao’s arrival. Although he has withdrawn from the empire long ago, after all, this country was created by his father. He is different from this empire disappearing.

Time passed by, minutes passed, Li Huangdao hurriedly came to the door of a secret room, reached out and pulled you to the door, “dong dong dong…”

“Old Ancestor, the descendants of Li Huangdao are here again, please see me again.” Bowing hand in hand, very respectful.

“Well, come in, wait for you for a long time!” In the room, an old voice rushed out of the room into Li Huangdao’s ears.


Saluted, getting up and backing away from your door, an old man appeared in Li Huangdao’s field of vision, looking at the old man, Li Huangdao said nothing, a lunge came in front of the old man, Tong Tong knelt down and various red tapes appeared.

I wasted a long time in this way, and finally the red tape was finished by Li Huangdao, and then he looked up without any twists and turns, bluntly: “Old Ancestor, I came here just now, and his cultivation base is very strong, so let me find him Mother. “

“Also, the person also said that you have seen the spirit body of the person before, I don’t know if this matter …”

“Really.” Without waiting for Li Huangdao to finish his words, the old man responded directly, “That man is very powerful, so powerful that I blushed with shame.”

“It’s like in front of that person, I just want to know about the baby, I can’t fight back.” It seemed to think of the previous thing, the old man couldn’t help shaking.

“This …”

“How could it be, if that’s what you said, wouldn’t that person’s cultivation base … be beyond Martial God’s scope!” Shocked, completely shocked beyond Li Huangdao’s attempt.

“Yes, that person ’s cultivation base has reached an unbelievable level. Therefore, his requirements should be met as much as possible. Don’t be negligent. Otherwise, the end result will be as cursed as the empire. . “

“I … I see!”

I got the answer I wanted. Although the answer was a bit unsatisfactory, it was also expected.

“Oh, yes, Old Ancestor, the mother who said he was bullied in the country just now, you also said that you have seen the spirit body of that person before, then you know who the mother was bullied Right? “

“The one who told me to tell him the answer tomorrow, I don’t have any clue now!” Thinking of the strength of Lin Lei, Li Huangdao couldn’t help laughing.

Thinking about my own overestimate one ’s capabilities before, and wanting to fight with them, I think it ’s ridiculous.

“Which mother?”

Li Huangdao’s words, let old man listen for a while, fuck, I did see a woman when I went before, but that woman … too young!

Although I do n’t know if it is, but or is out, “I did see one before, but that one is too young to keep me from paying too much attention.”

“Oh? Who is it?” Listening to Old Ancestor’s words, Li Huangdao eyes shined, excitedly said: “Hurry up and say, who did it?”

Looking at Li Huangdao, she smiled, “The bottom of your beloved concubine, and the boy wants to give that mother too!”

“What? Liu … Liu Family?”

It’s dumbfounded that he didn’t expect that the mother who harmed the mother was the one from his beloved concubine’s family. So, wouldn’t it mean that he had a part in the Imperial Family?

“Liu Family, it’s time to move. After you marry that little girl, Liu Family will become even more rampant and use the reputation of the Imperial Family to act outside.”

“Of course, it depends on what you mean. After all, I don’t manage things in the palace anymore, and it depends on you.”

“I …” hesitated. He liked the daughter of Liu Family very much, and he knew some behaviors of Liu Family, but because of Liu Family girl’s relationship, he also turned a blind eye, but now it seems that I was wrong.

“Okay, don’t stop here, let’s stop here, and leave the matter to you, Liu Family … Let’s do it!”

Say, a soft energy pours out of the old man’s hand, and turns into an invisible big hand to push Li Huangdao out of the door.

A muffled noise, the door closed, and the room was quiet.

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“Well, it’s okay, it’s a fuck.”

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