Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1101


Li Huangdao cursed, and then turned away. For Liu Family, if you want to let Lin Lei rest in peace, the final result will be to send Liu Family to Lin Lei for slaughter, but if so , Then Liu Family girl …

Thinking of her beloved concubine, Li Huangdao had a headache. He did n’t expect that because of his indulgence, Liu Family had such a strong presence.

Leaving the imperial palace and walking slowly on the street, he is not panicked at this moment. Now that he has arrived here, he can wait to complete everything.

Walking on the street, looking at the traffic and flowers, Lin Lei felt unable to fit in, “Red and white, all are so!”

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Why would Liu Changtian be with his mother, and why are they here?

A big greeting, flashed in Lin Lei’s mind, he didn’t understand why his mother appeared here. As for the Lin Family, what happened now?

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If he is so brave, Liu Changtian would know if he was afraid to slap his tongue, but unfortunately, Liu Changtian didn’t know that he was still waiting at the moment.

“I don’t know where this smelly brat is now?” As he walked, Lin Lei Divine Consciousness released and traced the trace of Liu Changtian. I thought that Liu Changtian should still be in the capital of the country. Since then, I have not found the silhouette of Liu Changtian. Now I am afraid that Liu Changtian is no longer here.

Thinking, shaking his head with a bitter smile, then he was not exploring. Take back Divine Consciousness, and continue to stroll around leisurely. The entire old man seems to be so close to mention a bird cage.

Lin Lei is happy and relaxed, but Li Huangdao on the other side is not the same. When I think that the day will soon pass, my heart is panicked.

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If Lin Lei knows his idea, he’s afraid he will have other expressions besides sneer.

This fuck even even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beauty? What can be done with him, all he wants is the word Liu Family. As for killing who is not who, let’s talk about the situation later.


The sound of a door opening sounded into Li Huangdao’s ears. Li Huangdao, who was lost in thought, heard this voice, a shivered came back to his senses, and turned his head to look, a woman who seemed to be weak and aware of Shu Dalai appeared. In front of Li Huangdao.

“Dragon, why are you here?”

Liu Linglong, the youngest daughter of the Liu Family, and now Li Huangdao’s wife, her cultivation base is close to Realm of Martial King, so breaking through Realm of Martial King at this age, it is unbelievable that it is genius.

Into the door, I saw Li Huangdao frowning, brows tightly knit, with a heavy heart, somehow suddenly suddenly, as if I felt something happened that makes Li Huangdao difficult to solve.

Liaobu moved towards Li Huangdao, a smile emerged, opened the mouth and said, “Sovereign Dao, what happened?”

As an empire master, has she ever seen Li Huangdao have such a look! No, never, even under the pressure of the army, Li Huangdao is still Mount Tai and has not changed, but now …

What the hell happened? Liu Linglong didn’t know, but as a clever woman, she understood that if Li Huangdao didn’t want to say, then pretending to know nothing, and sometimes being silly was also a blessing.

“No … nothing!” Li Huangdao didn’t tell her about the Liu Family, he didn’t want to see Liu Linglong break down because of this.

But for Lin Lei, he still has to tell about the Liu Family, otherwise the whole empire may be insecure.

Although there are some contradictions, although Liu Linglong knows that things will really be like him in the end, he doesn’t matter, at least he will pass the moment before talking about it.

Looking at Liu Linglong’s smile, Li Huangdao made a decision, and then he got up and took Liu Linglong moved towards and walked outside, “It’s a nice day today, take you out.”

“Well, good!”


Lin Lei walked away from the imperial palace, moved slowly towards the place agreed with Xueling Tian, ​​and watched people coming, people going along the way, feeling better.

Xuanwu Street, the place agreed with Xueling Tian, ​​Lin Lei’s eyes glanced at all around, and at a glance, he saw the now-minded Minjia siblings at the corner.

As for Xueling Tian, ​​he was lying aside at this moment, sleeping comfortably, and he was uncomfortable and unhappy. Looking at Xueling Tian, ​​Lin Lei looked blankly, eyes narrowed, stepped out, and instantly Came to the people in Xuelingtian,

“Yes, Xuelingtian, I’m very happy to sleep, what did I let you do?” The voice came out, coercion appeared, and horror coercion crushed Xuelintian in an instant.

“Boom …”

A squeak sounded from Xue Lingtian’s mind, and the entire human body could not move. Xue Ling Tian, ​​who had fallen asleep, awoke from his sleep.

“I … sink!”

Where your eyes are, you can see Lin Lei’s silhouette properly, but at this moment he doesn’t even have the strength to raise his head. It can’t be said that there is no, but that his body is out of his control.

“You … when did you come?” Divine Consciousness tweeted and spoke to Lin Lei.

“Just now, your kid can do it, let you look at these two little fellows, you’re good, and let me fall asleep as much as possible, did you let you come here to sleep?” For the sluggishness of Lin Xuetian, Lin Lei had had enough, but understood. This guy is so natural by no means.

“I …”

I want to refute, but I just fell asleep just now, and then I stopped refuting. I closed my eyes again and looked like you love.

“Look down …” Looking at Xueling Tian at the moment, Lin Lei’s heart was furious. “Yes, it seems that it’s time for the dragons to clean up and clean you up, and give me silence as long as you can, you can see You will not remain silent at that time. “Then, Lin Lei does not pay attention to Xueling Tian, ​​came to the siblings of the Min family.

“After eating something, I will go back to the room cultivation technique separately. Without my permission, I will not get the door step, understand?”

“Understand!” Min’s siblings dare not question or hesitate for Lin Lei’s order.

Don’t look at Lin Lei’s usual amiability, a pair of harmless to humans and animals, but to be honest, Lin Lei is more terrifying than Xue Ling Tian.

Sure enough, stand aside and dare not speak, Lin Lei didn’t say much about it, they just love whatever they like.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

As for Xueling Tian, ​​he still followed Lin Lei all the way and did not dare to complain in the slightest. As for whether he knew it in his heart.

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