Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1102


In a hurry, Lin Lei came to Guodu in one day. After entering the palace, Lin Lei stayed at Inn without leaving.

Out of the city, Liu Changtian sat here and waited for Hongsi for a period of time, regretting his heavy hands again, while exploring Hongsi’s injury.

In this regard, I have to marvel at the medicine pill given to him by Lin Lei. His limbs were broken. Ken should take a long time to recover. A medicine pill made it possible to recover the injury for a day or two, although the bones were almost the same. might be a bit uncomfortable.

Exploring that Hongsi’s injury was almost recovered, Liu Changtian finally smiled, “Oh, finally, well.”

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Hongsi in recovery, heard this voice, a shivered, opened his eyes, nodded with fear in his eyes, “Senior, we are now …”

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“Go and kill!”

“Now that you are awake, accompany me to kill someone. The previous account is still pretty good.”

Speaking, Liu Changtian is not talking nonsense, and the speed with which Hong Si moved towards the national rush is astounding,

I have wasted some time. Liu Changtian wanted this matter to end as soon as possible, and then returned to Kamiya to practice, breaking through Martial God to transform Nascent Soul.

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What is having unspeakable bitter suffering? Hongsi is the best example of what it means to be speechless and to break your teeth and swallow your stomach.

Liu Changtian’s speed is accelerating, he must also be accelerated, but the limbs have just been connected, and the acceleration may cause his limbs to break again, but there is no way, he dare not stop, otherwise he dare not guarantee the next meeting Won’t live.

Luo Changtian, outside the gate of Longfu, Liu Changtian brought Hongsi to the entrance of Long’s house. In this regard, Long Yaoyang seemed to pre-pay Liu Changtian to come. At this moment, he was waiting at the door and was meeting Liu Changtian After silhouette, a smile appeared on his face, and he stepped forward to welcome him.

“Senior Liu, finally waiting for you!” With that said, a piece of paper appeared before Liu Changtian years ago.

“Senior, this is the list you asked me to put together, all you want is on this!” Long Yaoyang straight to the point, very decisive.

“Oh? Nothing missing!” Liu Changtian frowned as he took the paper from his phone and looked at the dense family names and the names of Zongmen.

Here, he saw the name of the Guangyun Empire. As a human being, Yun Fengzong was also among them. Both of these behemoths had Martial God.

Looking at these two names, Liu Changtian sighed, his face became dignified, “It looks like this time is desperate.”

“I trust, don’t let it go!” Behind him, Hongsi heard Liu Changtian’s words, his face changed suddenly, his heart muttered.

Liu Changtian’s strength he has seen. In Martial Venerable’s realm, if Liu Changtian desperately works hard, what is the strength of the opponent? Martial Venerable? Martial Saint? Still …

“I trust, willn’t it be Martial God, right?” Thinking of a possibility, Hong Si was scared.

“Fuck, I may not understand the World of Powerhouse!” Without thinking about it, he was afraid that what he thought would become true.

Looking forward, looking at the paper for a long time, Liu Changtian came back to his senses, put the paper in his arms, and looked up towards Long Yaoyang: “This is a good thing for you, although Some of them are what your Dragon family is facing now, but seeing that you work for me and Long Ming, I don’t mind helping you eliminate these. “

Booming, Long Yaoyang’s body changed suddenly, complexion changed slightly, he understood what Liu Changtian said, and didn’t speak. At that time, he was nodded, so he didn’t speak.

Looking at Long Yaoyang, Liu Changtian was nodded, turned around and walked away with Hongsi moved towards the distance, “This is the case, you ca n’t participate in the Dragon family. During this time, let the people of the Dragon family try their best. Less out. “

“This country … I’m afraid it will be messy!”

The fool will understand what this means. Looking at Liu Changtian, Long Yaoyang bowed deeply, and then ordered all the disciples that had the Dragon family out to call back, and ordered not to go out.

At this moment, Liu Changtian left Hongsi with no idea of ​​Long Yaoyang’s arrangements.

“Senior, let’s … we’re going to …” Looking at Liu Changtian without saying a word, but his whole Murderous aura seemed to move endlessly towards the outside world forever, and this macro was very frightened.

“Liu Family!”

“Liu Family?” Hong Si was shocked. He knew where Liu Family was, but …

“People in the Liu Family participated in the previous siege, and they were the first in the list, so being trapped in the Liu Family will completely destroy their home.”


Listening to Liu Changtian’s voice full of murderous aura, Hongsi’s heart suddenly sipped, and he drooled drastically, and the fear in his heart was forever.

Fuck, who are these people? They are going to destroy the clan at all times. Can this fuck be fun? Is the World I stayed in before all fake?

Since being defeated by Liu Changtian, Hong Si began to wonder how he had spent his previous life.

“When you arrive, you don’t need to do anything, find a quiet place, recover your injuries, and try to repair your limbs within two days, because your gush is very big next time.

Speaking, it doesn’t matter if Hong Si is willing or not, he has already been told anyway, whether to do it or not lies in him.


Hong Si was nodded, and he did n’t say anything. Just after Liu Changtian was born, he wanted to know that the baby is the same … well, of course, it looks a little different that ’s all.

Liu Family, Pang Great Clans located in the center of the imperial city, the area is naturally huge, especially after their daughter is favored, the Liu Family has expanded to nowhere.

In front of Liu Family, Liu Changtian finally came here with Hongsi. Looking at the Liu Family gate, Liu Changtian was one of them. This fuck should not be worse than the imperial palace?

Think of the door of the Dragon family. Compared with that, the fuck is the little witch seeing the big witch. How can it be compared?

Let’s go!

Speaked to Hongsi behind him, and moved towards Liu Family.

The sound of a weapon collision of “锵” sounded, and when the two guards at the door saw Liu Changtian’s arrival, they reached out and stopped Liu Changtian’s way forward.

“Who are you, needless to say Liu Family brother, can’t idlers wait?” At this moment, a guard said.

oh? ”

“Really?” Looking at the two guards, Liu Changtian became more and more gloomy. He had originally been here to kill, and naturally he didn’t say much to the two.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

“Liu Family, the family will be extinct today.”

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