Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1103


Holding a guard, he opened his throat, his voice was miserably mixed with Origin Force, and he yelled at Liu Family without any intention.

The sound is as loud as if it penetrates the sky. Within ten thousand meters, it is Liu Changtian’s voice.

Liu Family, the room where Liu Qing State is located deep in the Liu Family was originally waiting for the news of Hongsi. After all, with the strength of Hongsi, Liu Qing State believes that the task should be completed soon.

While Liu Qing State is dealing with family affairs, Liu Changtian’s voice is heard in Liu Qing State’s ears.

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“Come here …”

Liu Family Since it was built in the capital, no one has dared to provoke Liu Family so unscrupulously and so provocatively, but now there are such desperate people.

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The door was pushed open, and one of the men walked in, came to Liu Qing State, bowed his head, opened the mouth and said: “Patriarch.”

“Go. Send someone this act recklessly thing to grab me, scratch the skin, light the sky lanterns, let the people of the whole country know that Liu Family is not their offense.”

“It is this result that offends the Liu Family, and even the nine families have to die.” Liu Qing State began, and his words were full of indifference and murderous aura, and he looked really angry.

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The door was closed, and Liu Qing State looked better, but her previous mood was completely gone. There was no longer any treatment of family affairs.

I was saddened by Liu Tianxiang’s death, but now there is such a thing, which makes Liu Qing State a little unacceptable.

Liu Family’s gate. After shouting to Liu Family, the sound of a broken bone came to the ears of everyone around him with a hard palm.

“You …” Another guard heard the sound of a broken bone, and his face changed dramatically. As a martial artist, he naturally knew what it meant.

My companion, my clan, was talking and laughing at the last moment, but at this moment … it has become a dead man.

Moreover, this kind of death is unacceptable to him. He never thought that anyone would dare to be so brazen and fearless in front of the Liu Family gate.

The body slowly moved towards the rear and faded. He was afraid. He used to threaten Liu Changtian. He now feels that he is courting death. Yes, it is courting death. Facing a stronger than himself, he is not afraid of Liu. Family people, this is not what courting death is.

“Touch …”

A roar sounded, and I saw that Liu Changtian’s private was thrown out by him at this moment, and his eyes had already looked towards another guard who was constantly retreating and trying to escape.

Looking towards him, killing intent flashed, the tone of coldly said: “Are you talking?”

“The deity said, Liu Family will die today, no one will be of use. Do you want to make the deity a broken person?” Then, the silhouette flashed quickly.


It’s another digital sound, the two guards outside Liu Family’s door were killed with no difficulty, but this is not the end.

Because of Liu Tianxiang ’s actions, the fate of Liu Family has been determined. Death is the only way that Liu Family can now face.

For the two dead people, Liu Changtian didn’t care, “It shouldn’t be difficult for you to deal with the small miscellaneous fish around you!” Without turning back, he spoke to Hongsi.

He believes that although Hong’s limbs haven’t fully recovered, he can still deal with them, otherwise he will be fooled by Martial Sect.

Hong Si ’s answer did not disappoint Liu Changtian, and he responded with a nodded response, “No problem, you can go in, and give it to the husband outside.”

“en! Pay attention, one does not stay!” nodded responded, and walked into the Lin Family gate.

The street outside the gate of Liu Family is overcrowded at this moment. The expression on each person’s face is different. There are take pleasure in other people’s misfortune. There are pity, hate, coldness, and some are purely theater.

Most of these people have been persecuted by Liu Tianxiang, especially those with a cold look and killing intent. They would like the Liu Family to perish, so that their persecuted families can rest in peace. .

Liu Family outside, Liu Changtian was not in the opportunity, it was enough to have Hongshiyi, Liu Changtian was not worried about it.

As for Liu Family? Oh, the best way to perceive the Liu Family cultivation base just now is the Martial Sect large perfect realm. There is no Martial Venerable powerhouse. Of course, even with Martial Sect, Liu Changtian has no fear at all,

Even if Martial Saint Liu Changtian can kill, even more how Martier Venerable of the same level.

Butterfly moves quickly to avoid some unnecessary people. The younger one is the cultivator above Martial King. Martial King is okay.

As for Martial King, with the strength of Hongsi’s limbs, I am afraid it is difficult to cope.

“Asshole, you know Liu Family at this time, don’t you know that Liu Family’s Young Lady is now the woman of the emperor, aren’t you …” Just as Liu Changtian was about to enter the Liu Family’s inner courtyard, a group The Wuyang Wuyang rushed out and blocked Liu Changtian’s way. One of the Martial Kings stepped out and raised his finger to Liu Changtian.

“Asshole, hurry up to me, kneel on the ground and make a few noises, maybe grandfather is happy to leave you with a whole body.”

“ha ha ha, Old Shi, nothing wrong with what you said.”

The face of Liu Changtian on the opposite side is very ugly. This is the first time he was provoked today. Liu Changtian is not clear. He really can’t figure it out. The Liu Family ’s self-confidence is where they can make them. in this way?

Do they think this world is not strong except for their Liu Family?

I ca n’t figure it out, but then this idea was abandoned by Liu Changtian and no longer thought about it, because it was not important to him. What was important was that these people had to die right now.

Dare to wander about Huoyun, whether they are them or not, as long as they have a relationship with them.

Looking at their unscrupulous openings, Liu Changtian had nothing but sneer.

“Well, don’t speak yet, okay. In this case, Old Shi, kill him and let him know, Liu Family …”


“ka-cha …”

The voice stopped abruptly. Before the man’s words were finished, the voice stopped. The crowd waited for big eyes. The expression was filled with disbelief and terror.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

“You have too much nonsense. Only death can make you completely quiet.”

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