Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1104


killing shall begin, this time is the real extermination of Liu Changtian. For the first time, if they did not move the cloud of fire, I am afraid that Liu Changtian would not be the case, even because of the Lin Family, Liu Changtian God can’t do such things.

silhouette rushed out quickly, and saw a shuttle back and forth among a group of Martial King Martial Sovereign. The tactics in his hands were completely separated by Ling Chang Liu Liutian. Anything returned by Liu Changtian was used at this moment.

A group of a dozen people has fallen 90% at the moment, and the rest, Liu Changtian did not bother, because there is no need, the rest have not reached the point of Martial King, Liu Changtian disdain Hands on,

Furthermore, there are four doors to Hong, even if these people want to leave.

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Another time, Lin Lei said okay with Li Huangdao as before, came to the imperial palace along the way he had come to, and came to the place where he encountered Li Huangdao before,

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“It seems that this little fellow has already seen that Martial God, but that’s fine, at least the next things will be better done.”

Think about it, Wan Er smiled and said nothing, came to Li Huangdao, looked at him, opened the mouth and said: “How, what did you check yesterday for the results?”

Turn around, see Lin Lei, Li Huangdao quickly bowed, respectfully said: “Senior, I sent someone to investigate what you said, there is such a thing in line with what you said.”

“The son of Liu Family Liu Qing State wanted to do something to a woman in front of Tianxiang drunk door, but was rescued by a powerhouse. The son of Qi Liu Qing State, Liu Tianxiang was also beheaded by that powerhouse. . “

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“Oh? Martial Venerable?”

Hearing the message from Li Huangdao, Lin Lei can basically be sure that the person who was bullied by Liu Qing State is his mother, and naturally the only one who is Martial Venerable is Liu Changtian.

“Well, it’s Liu Family, they …”

“Okay, I’m understood this thing!” Before Li Huangdao finished speaking, Lin Lei’s voice came out.

The voice is indifferent and has no emotion, but Li Huangdao can feel that the extremely angry heart from Lin Lei seems to be really angry.

Turn around, ignore Li Huangdao, walk towards moved outside, and the quiet space disappears with Lin Lei’s silhouette after Lin Lei leaves.

“hu hu …”

“It’s too strong, just the breath can be so powerful.” Li Huangdao was feeling very depressed just now, “I don’t know how strong this cultivation base is!”

………… In the Liu Family, Liu Changtian stepped on the road and came here. At this moment, Liu Changtian finally met someone who could open his eyes and take a look.

“Yes, finally there is a person of some interest.” Looking at the youth, Liu Changtian said lightly.

Looking at Liu Changtian, the man was stunned, his face was instantly gloomy, and his tone was Murderous aura rushing to the sky, saying: “You … just come to my Liu Family, threatening to destroy my Liu Family?”

This person is not someone else, but it is the man who was sent by Liu Qing State to catch Liu Changtian.

“Yes!” Liu Changtian admits nodded, without any hesitation, in his opinion there is no need to cover it.

“Then … dead!”

Liu Changtian tone barely fell, the man moved, the silhouette turned into a path of afterimage disappeared in front of Liu Changtian,

“Oh, interesting!”

The disappearance of the man, not at all, scared Liu Changtian’s arrival, but to the man, Liu Changtian felt a little bit interesting, not because of the man’s cultivation base, but because of the pace of the man to increase his speed.

“This step seems not so advanced at all, but it can bring you speed improvement. It’s not easy!” Liu Changtian commented.

“hmph, a bit of vision, but useless, so it can’t stop your fate.”

“However, you should be relieved to be able to die under the jeeps.” The man’s voice came from all directions.

“Yes potential step?” Qing Qi Zhu lips spoke the name, which he has never heard of, but depending on the speed of the opponent’s pace, this kind of non-beating should be imported, otherwise it is impossible to have such a speed.

At men’s current speed, they should be able to go back into Martial Sect Great Perfection, and even approach the speed of Martial Venerable Early-Stage wirelessly!

“pu 呲.”

Splitting the air sound came from behind, and the coldness swept Liu Changtian’s heart instantly.

“hmph, act recklessly.”

Yue Changtian does n’t understand Ye Shibu, but it ’s a pity. Obviously, Ye Shi Bu has not been fully grasped by men, otherwise the speed should be faster.

There is also the most deadly point, that is, the gap between the cultivation base between men and Liu Changtian. This is a hard condition and there is no way to make up for it, even if there are steps to replace it, isn’t Liu Changtian there? Just kidding …

Splitting the air sound behind, Liu Changtian’s head is tilted to the left, and a three-foot cold glow rushes out from the back. The little cold glow on the top makes the hair burst.

This sword’s formidable power is very large. If it is not on Liu Changtian’s cultivation base, the perception is strong, otherwise this sword will really come to pass.

“The speed is okay, but the explosive power is still not enough.” After avoiding the long sword, the silhouette of Liu Changtian quickly retreated, exiting the scope of men’s strikes.

At this time, Liu Changtian couldn’t help but point up at the man. When the scene was rectified, the wind changed completely.

In the original Life and Death Battle, now it seems like learning, especially men, listening to Liu Changtian’s instructions, his face instantly darkened.

It was enough to make the man lose face without a hit, but now he is pointed at Sword Art by the opponent, which makes him unacceptable.

“Bitch is silent.”

Angry, Tijian snarled at Liu Changtian. Then Ye Shi moved out of the field, the silhouette flickered again and disappeared in front of Liu Changtian.

“Well, forget it, since there is no long memory, there is no way, anyway, a dead person is useless even understood.”

“It’s okay for Ye Sebu.” Liu Changtian seemed to miss Supreme Treasure, shook his head with a sigh, and his face was full of regret.

“hmph, boosting shamelessly.”

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“die for me.”

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