Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1116


Li Huangdao I do n’t know. In his deliberations, Liu Linglong, his favorite woman, returned as much as possible. At the moment, he is in anger and naturally will not know Liu Linglong’s arrival.

Fengsu Palace, the palace in which Liu Linglong lives, in the whole palace, in addition to the Ganji Hall where Li Huangdao lives, the Fengsu Palace is the most luxurious.

The palace is surrounded by a demonic beast similar to that of the 貔貅. The sixteen pillars of the entire palace can be seen carefully. The whole body is made of black gold, so luxurious can be imagined.

Black gold. But this pillar is more than enough. Although the Guangyun Empire is expensive, it is not the kind of waste piled up in gold.

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In the Palace of the Wind, Liu Linglong returned from Li Huangdao, and her face was more worried.

“Go, check it out, check what happened to Liu Family this time, whether it is safe.”

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But at the moment when Liu Linglong tone barely fell, one silhouette flashed in the direction that Liu Linglong looked towards.

“Pu Tong”, the moment the silhouette appeared, kneeling in front of Liu Linglong, with a respectful face, “Master, actually …”

The man’s expression of utterance and endlessness flashed into his expression.

“You …”

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“You tell me what happened to the Liu Family.” At this moment, Liu Linglong was almost sure that the Liu Family had a change, and the change was not small, otherwise Li Huangdao would love him so much. May not shoot.

The man kneeling on the ground looked up at Patriarch, his eyes hesitated, he had to hesitate. Although he understood Liu Linglong’s character, Liu Linglong was very stable and mature in some things, but …

On Liu Family alone, if Liu Linglong is informed of the changes in Liu Family, I ’m afraid …

“Come on?” Seeing Xiao Ba not speak, Liu Linglong was angry and roar uttered a voice.

“Master, are you sure you want to know?” Xiao Yao confirmed, looking at Liu Linglong.

“Yes, I’m sure, tell me soon.” Liu Linglong confirmed, her heart was tight, her eyes were focused, and she got serious.


Looking at Liu Linglong’s appearance at the moment, Xiao Ba was sighed, and then she spoke out what happened to the Liu Family.

“Liu Family extinguishes sect. Except for you, Liu Family has not let go of the animals from top to bottom. Everyone in the Liu Family has been killed.”

“Boom …” The message of sunny thunder came to Liu Linglong’s ears. At the moment, Liu Linglong’s mind was blank. The whole person was now in place, and his body could not stop shaking.

Tears fall uncontrollably and uncontrollably, and there is no disbelief in the expression.

“Liu … Liu Family extinguish sect?”

“How is that possible?”

“No … no, you must be lying to me, Xiaoba, you said, are you lying to me.”

“How could the Liu Family be extinguished, who dares to attack the entire Guangyun Empire, and … Liu Family and the Old Ancestor of the Great Perfection, who dares to attack?”

“Yes, you must be lying to me. Liu Family cannot be extinguished. Liu Family is so strong. I went back two days ago. At that time, Liu Family was fine, how could it be.”

Recovering from the god of deities, the whole is like a madman talking to himself, his eyes are full of tears, and the whole is in tears. If Li Huangdao sees Liu Linglong here at this moment, he will be heartbroken.

“Master …”

Looking at Liu Linglong’s behavior at this moment, Xiao Ba Renjun could n’t help but call out, he knew that Liu Family would be told about Liu Family extinguish sect, but he had to say that Liu Linglong is now The only survivor of the Liu Family.

“Impossible, how is it possible …” It seemed as if he hadn’t heard Xiao Ba’s call, and still went to himself before asking and answering. He looked very scary. The original noble, elegant Liu Linglong disappeared.

A killing intent flashed from Liu Ling’s dragon body. With the ebbing of time, the killing intent became richer and richer, so that in the end, even the famous eight as an assassination had a little shudder.

“Master, please do n’t do this, this is also no way out. Your younger brother provokes people who shouldn’t be able to provoke, who can’t afford to offend, even if Liu Family Old Ancestor’s shot is not able to defeat him. Liu Family is safe. “

“Listening to the outside rumors, it seems that it was a Wuzun powerhouse that shot Liu Family, so …”

“Wu Zun? Why … Li Huangdao, why don’t you take a shot? The other party can just kill him with your cultivation base if you just start with Wu Zun. Why don’t you help me with Liu Family?”

“What on earth are you?”

Going back to God, listening to Xiao Ba’s words, Liu Ling is lost, a Wu Zun cultivator can keep Li Huangdao out of the shot. He doesn’t understand why Li Huangdao?

She didn’t understand, couldn’t figure out why Li Huangdao wanted to treat her like this, keep on saying love, now? Heh …

My heart is cold, since I heard Li Huangdao’s words before. Her heart was cold.

At this moment, after recovering from the madman, the temperament of his body changed in a short period of time, Heaven and Earth turning upside down, and the original gentleness disappeared.

“Xiao Ba, go … contact Death Banner. Even if I lose my family, I will kill the Liu Family. All of them have to die for me.” In a word, Xiao Ba was trembling with tremor.

“But …” Xiao Ba wants to refute. After all, the other party is Wu Zun cultivator. Generally, no one will pick up the list at this price, even if it is a dead flag.

Even if there is Wuzun powerhouse in the dead banner, who will shoot for money?

“Using all resources, at all costs, will make that person dead.” Murderous aura appeared instantly.

Feeling the emergence of Murderous Aura, Xiao Ba understands that Liu Linglong has made up his mind, even if he refutes it, it is useless.

Silent for a long time, looking at Liu Linglong’s decisive expression, but finally nodded, “Well, now that you have decided, I will go now, but there are too many things in this palace, you still have Do n’t expose, after all, the Emperor did n’t help Liu Family. It ’s too complicated. ”

“Just for the last Bloodline of the Liu Family. During the time when his subordinates are away, he must protect himself and not get hurt.”

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