Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1120


After performing Xia Xiaofa, Lin Lei returned to peace, then entered the practice again, and the cave returned to silence and darkness.

As for Huoyun, naturally she is not lying on the ground, she got up and walked out of the cave. She didn’t dare to stay too much. She didn’t want to rush in just now, it was too shameful, and …

The ground is really cold, and the face against the ground is still cold at this moment.

………… In front of the Imperial Palace of Guangyun Empire, Liu Changtian came here with blood spirit sky as he wished.

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Suddenly, the sound of a weapon collision appeared, and the guards standing in front of the labyrinth door saw Liu Changtian’s actions, his expression gloomy.

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“Who’s here?”

A man like Guardian Commander stepped out. Although he didn’t know the official title of the other person, this man’s armor was different from other guards. He looked very advanced.

Unexpected blocking, Liu Changtian browses slightly wrinkle, sneering in his heart. Seriously, he doesn’t want to kill anyone. This time he came mainly to kill a hundred people, and he didn’t bother to want to kill these little sisters.

“Let ’s go, you are not opponents of your deity, so waiting until you stop is just a loss of life.”

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Guardian Commander’s attitude is very clear. For this reason, Liu Changtian doesn’t want to explain more. He just reminded him that he doesn’t leave, so Liu Changtian has no burden in his heart.


Splitting the air sound, I saw a three-foot cold glow appearing in Liu Changtian’s hands, a long sword exuding a faint cold glow, and a little cold glow flashing on the tip of the sword.

“That being the case, don’t blame the deity vicious and merciless!” Said, without giving the guards a little time, step out and use the Water Sword trick.

The sword rises, and the flower and blood scene appear in front of the palace door. What is a sword seals the throat? Isn’t Liu Changtian doing exactly that?

A sword is out, and the speed is extremely fast.

“pu 呲…”

The sound of slicing flesh and blood, at this moment, Liu Changtian came across the gate guard to the gate, and behind him, the seven guards were still as if they had been fixed.

If someone looks closely, you can see that the guard’s throat seems to be non-existent.

“Hope not to be so stupid in the next life!” Without looking back, sighed stepped into this palace.

Deep inside the imperial palace, in the training room of the Old Ancestor of the empire, the old man who was training opened his eyes sharply, a flash of blood light flashed, killing intent Ling Ran.

“hmph, Ignorant Xiaoer, I will come to the palace of Guangyun Emperor in the realm of Yiwu Zun. Is it true that the old man is dead?”

Liu Changtian didn’t know. When he killed seven guards, the old man felt it.

Of course, if Liu Chang Heaven knows that he will not be afraid but will sneer, what should this be called? enemies on a narrow road? or is it not that the enemies are not together?

Perceiving the murderous aura emanating from Liu Changtian within the body, looking more gloomy, he remembers that for many years and many years no one has dared to challenge the empire like this.

What surprised me even more was that it was still Wu Zun who challenged. Did n’t the other party know that Martial God was in the Guangyun Empire?

Of course, the old man didn’t think much about it. At the moment, he only knew that the face of the empire was provoked, and as the Guardian of the empire he couldn’t stand by.

Get up, wave the door of the cultivation room, and the silhouette disappeared in the cultivation room in the direction of moving towards Liu Changtian.

Not only the old man, but even Li Huangdao felt it. For this reason, he was even more angry than the old man. Before, he could only endure because Lin Lei could not fight, but now? Why bother with one and two? This is going to heaven, this is …

Get up and move towards Liu Changtian, the same as the old man. The two seem to be in agreement.

For this reason, Liu Changtian did n’t know. After entering the palace, he did n’t release his perception, not because he did n’t want it, but because it was unnecessary. He had been here to kill people. Yes.

“si si ……”

Walking on the imperial palace avenue, the sound of a snake vomiting a letter was heard.

“You are awake!”

Looking towards Xueling Tian in her arms, Liu Changtian’s face showed a smile, and the tension in his heart was relaxed.

Although he has the confidence to fight Martial Saint, he ca n’t do anything about Martial God. Can he even make a half move under Martial God?

“His …”

For Liu Changtian’s words, Xueling gave a white look, as if to say, “Crap, is this unknown?”

Of course, Liu Changtian couldn’t understand Xue Lingtian’s words, but Liu Changtian could only hear the voice of a snake.


Looking at Xueling Tian, ​​Liu Changtian was speechless for a while, then he didn’t speak anyway and didn’t understand.

“hmph, this little guy, wait, I will be able to speak human’s words after a while, and then I will see you die.” Looking at Liu Changtian, the blood spirit weather exasperated.

“Lin Lei, you guys, obviously you are very difficult to deal with, do you have to let me come, sip, will Lao Tzu have to be your little follower?” Thinking of Lin Lei’s previous orders and threats to him , I feel very upset.

But Xueling Tian now complains twice, if it really lets him but Lin Lei comes forward, afraid he won’t dare to put two farts.

“en? Here comes.”

While Xueling Tian was extremely venting her dissatisfaction, suddenly, a powerful breath moved towards her direction.

“si si”

Feeling the rush of energy, Xueling Tian roar twice, stretched out his tail and pointed to the direction of the person.

“Are you saying that someone is here?” Looking at Xueling Tian’s actions, Liu Changtian understood even if he was stupid.

“Well, here it is.”

Looking at Liu Changtian, Xuelingtian looked with a touch of sympathy. In the face of a martial artist who was one realm taller than himself, he was a little worried that Liu Changtian would be able to defeat and kill the other party.

There are battles for leapfrogging, but very few. After all, not everyone wants Lin Lei.

While Liu Changtian understood the Will of Heavens, he didn’t take action, but stood still, looking towards the direction that Blood Spirit Heaven pointed, waiting quietly.

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“Why did you … come to my palace, this emperor did not remember doing something that was sorry to you?” Li Huangdao began, he was puzzled, and had no influence on Liu Changtian, he did not understand why he came.

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