Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1121


Looking at the two, Liu Changtian’s eyes are just indifferent and ruthless. For them, kill them and kill them. It is better than killing all the enemies of the Lin Family. After all, it was the previous one. Generation thing

Looking at Li Sovereign Dao, Liu Changtian said, “This matter is also very simple, killing the chicken to warn the monkey, using your Guangyun Empire emperor as a deterrent to the entire destiny community.”

“As for the reason, do n’t tell me about Lin Family. You do n’t know. Although the surface is Wind Cloud Sect, do you think your silhouette can be wiped clean?”

“You …” Listen to Liu Changtian’s go, Lee Sovereign Dao’s expression startedled, looking up towards Liu Changtian, and he’s cleared up. He knew the reason for this matter, and it was Lin who co-authored it for a long time. Family is coming to revenge.

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Looking towards Liu Changtian with doubt, there was a scorn in his expression. In his opinion, only the cultivator of Wuzun level would dare to break into the Guangyun Empire alone. In the eyes of outsiders, this is undoubtedly looking for death.

Even in the eyes of Lee Sovereign Dao, this is a kind of performance that gives death to people.

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Looking towards Lee Sovereign Dao, Liu Changtian just wanted to say, “I can’t fight but I have to fight, otherwise it will be me who is unlucky in the end.”

If facing the torment of Lin Lei or fighting Lee Sovereign Dao, Liu Changtian would choose to fight Lee Sovereign Dao without thinking about it.

In his opinion, fighting against Lee Sovereign Dao is not terrifying, and Lin Lei’s torture is the most terrifying. He doesn’t want to face or even tolerate it, but only fights.

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“And, you are so convinced that I am not your opponent? Do you think that this world has not been killed by leapfrogs?”

“or is, you have n’t been out in the Guangyun Empire since you were born, so you formed a frog in well?” For Li Sovereign Dao, Liu Changtian was not afraid to anger the other person, thinking of this Just what Liu Changtian wants to see.

“You …”

“Very well, I hope your mouth will be harder than it is now, otherwise I’m afraid you will not be able to bear it.” By the way, Lee Sovereign Dao is not suitable for mother-in-law, and his body disappears instantly.

“Oh, good, that’s it. Let me see what Martial Saint’s strength is!” He understands Lin Lei’s idea. Since Lin Lei allows him to play against Martial Saint, that is enough to explain, even if He was not in danger in the face of Martial Saint. It was nothing to hurt, as long as he didn’t die.

Li Sovereign Dao has started, and the old man is now in place, with a dignified expression on his face, just as Lee Sovereign Dao’s hands began, a shocking overwhelming presence appeared in Liu Changtian’s body. , And then disappeared in an instant, although it was only an instant, but the old man still sensed it.

He can be sure that Liu Changtian must have something that threatens him, even the cultivation base of this thing is far above him, a sense of crisis rise in the mind.

“I hope my hunch is wrong, otherwise …” Old man still has luck in his heart. After all, he is stronger than Martial God. He has seen Lin Lei so far.


The sound of a weapon collision sounded. I saw two silhouettes collided together in an instant. The arms collided. The two sides seemed to be indifferent, but Liu Changtian was shocked by the strength of Li Sovereign Dao.

Although it only collided for a moment, Liu Changtian could feel the great force uploaded from the opponent’s weapon, spreading the long sword into the arm, and then poured into the body.

“cough cough …”

Internal organs, because of the pain caused by the collision just now, Liu Changtian couldn’t help but cough.

“hmph, Little Brat, didn’t your grown up tell you that the gap between the cultivation bases is too big to fight hard?”

“Even if you said that there is a martial artist who has a higher level of killing in this world, it is not you, because you are too weak.”

Touch …

Speaking, Li Sovereign Dao stepped up his strength and dumped Liu Changtian directly.

“Bang … Bang …”

Liu Changtian was frightened, feeling that his body that was not under his control kept flying backwards. Several blocks on the way failed to stop Liu Changtian’s body. Finally, he regained control of the body after 100 meters. Take control, and finally a perfect three hundred sixty degree spin falls to the ground.


A mouthful of old blood spurted out, his blushing top was shabby, and his hair was a little messy.

One move, only one move made him suffer so much, which made Liu Changtian’s heart very depressed.

I just wanted to test. Didn’t expect the other party to be so rude and overbearing.

Looking up, looking at Li Sovereign Dao, Liu Changtian looked stunned and spit the blood in his mouth. The originally apathetic atmosphere disappeared instantly and was replaced by a domineering and simple atmosphere.

“Li Sovereign Dao, although you don’t want to say it, but … you are too confident and arrogant.”

“And one thing you might be wrong about, I … Liu Changtian, is an existence you can never surpass.”

Speaking, I got up, stretched out my hand to tear up the broken coat, and reached out, and the long sword in the distance seemed to get a summon and flew back to Liu Changtian’s hands automatically.

A sword in hand, the breath of the world is mine broke out at the moment Liu Changtian held the long sword, and the scary word intent sprang up.

At this moment, Liu Changtian is serious. For the first time in history, he is so serious. He doesn’t want to die, so he can only kill the obstacle in front of him.

“How is that possible?”

Shocked, stunned, looking at Liu Changtian’s silhouette, feeling the Shocking Heaven Sword rising from the sky, Li Sovereign Dao was dumbfounded.

Is this the ant who was defeated by myself? Is this still the ant who looks down on the quilt, why … how can it suddenly become so sharp and powerful that I have an inexplicable fear in my heart.

Although Lee Sovereign Dao didn’t want to admit it, the shock was so sudden that it made him feel a bit unreal.

Looking at Li Sovereign Dao’s astonished look, a dismissive smile appeared on Liu Changtian’s complexion, “Nothing is impossible, I wanted to play with you for a while, but now … since you are Seriously, that deity has to be taken seriously. “

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Speaking, he reached out and took out the blood spirit in his arms, “Brother, do it quickly.”

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