Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1123


It seems that the idea of ​​fighting has been completely lost because of what happened.

Looking at the dozen or so sword shadows moved towards you, Lee Sovereign Dao felt helpless and bitter.

“Heavenly Dao, who has been reincarnation of Cangtian, ha ha ha …”

laughs facing the sky, but this laughter is full of helplessness, helplessness about the matter in front of you.

Close your eyes and wait for death, this is the only thing Lee Sovereign Dao can do now.

For Liu Changtian’s strikes and the glare like a tiger watching his prey, he really doesn’t know what else he can do to get himself out of danger.


Looking at the scene where Li Sovereign Dao is waiting for death at the moment, Liu Changtian sighed. Although Li Sovereign Dao damn it, he has to say that he really has a set of rules for governing the country, and he has learned a little during this time Lee Sovereign Dao.

Now that such a person is about to die in his own hands, Liu Changtian always has a pity.

However, it ’s a pity that not at all gave Liu Changtian pity, after all, this person was ordered to be beheaded by the Master.

long sword sword shadow is coming in an instant, seeing that it is going to pass through Lee Sovereign Dao, for a cool heart.

“Let’s go!”

Perhaps Li Sovereign Dao must die, so Liu Changtian turned around and said to Xue Ling Tian aside before Li Sovereign Dao died.

A dozen long sword sword shadows exude cold sword glow, as if trying to devour everything.

“After all, I still can’t escape the fate of being beheaded!” Feeling the breath of death from the front, Lee Sovereign Dao sighed in his heart and then didn’t think about it.


On the one side, Liu Changtian listened to Liu Changtian’s words, coldly snorted didn’t bother too much, and turned to leave this place.

In his opinion, Lee Sovereign Dao is dead. Of course, if there is no change, after all, this change is not everywhere.

As for the other old man named Martial God level, at this moment it has already become a part of the Blood Spirit Heaven’s body.


Suddenly, just as the two turned around and were about to leave, a broken voice sounded faintly in their ears.


There are many steps in the open, the steps are volleyed, and my heart has a bad feeling of rising in the mind.

ka-cha …

The voice is getting louder and louder. Liu Changtian doesn’t think he heard it wrong. This voice officially sounded from behind him, but the voice was slightly different from what he expected.

Retract the volley’s feet and turn around looking towards the direction of Lee Sovereign Dao. You can’t see the next jump. When you look at Li Sovereign Dao, Liu Changtian is amazed.

“Fuck, what’s going on?”

The scene of the bloody death not at all appeared, Lee Sovereign Dao is still good, the sword shadow in the not at all quilt penetrated, and his body was still injured before.

As for my sword shadow, which reminds me of the previous broken sound, suddenly, Liu Changtian understands the truth of the matter.

“Wrong …”

It seems to be something terrifying. I looked towards all around, my body went into a state of preparing for battle, and the whole person was full of vigilance.

“What’s wrong, is it that your swordsmanship hasn’t been practiced well? It’s so troublesome to kill individuals,” Xue Lingtian also came back to his senses and saw Lee Sovereign Dao intact, frowned looked towards Liu Changtian Question it.

“Fuck, what’s that?” A blindfolded eye turned to Xueling Tian, ​​he didn’t expect Xueling Tian to say so.

If it is something else, maybe Liu Changtian will still hesitate, but it is absolutely impossible for this thing to go wrong with the sword trick that he just cast.


Liu Changtian responded in a cold voice, and then said in his own guess, “My sword tactics cannot be wrong, and the only thing that can be explained is that there should be a powerhouse around me, which can instantly change my sword tactics. Crushed powerhouse. “

“Also, it seems that the other party can escape your perception, not at all you found.”


Liu Changtian’s words make Xuelingtian speechless for a while, but it is not impossible to think carefully. After all, Great Thousand Worlds, there is no lack of strange things, there are some cultivation techniques that can escape the investigation of Divine Consciousness.

Although I don’t want to admit Liu Changtian’s statement, Xuelingtian still releases Divine Consciousness and glances around all around again.

As for Lee Sovereign Dao, because not at all felt the pain from his body, so that he could not help but open his eyes and looked at it curiously.

“en? I … I am not dead?”

Lee Sovereign Dao was puzzled when she saw that Liu Changtian was far away, and the original shadow of a dozen words disappeared.

Of course, he wouldn’t believe that Liu Changtian was soft-hearted and would not kill him. Watching Liu Changtian vigilantly glanced at all around, Li Sovereign Dao was even more puzzled.

“Did you detect it?”

Looking at Xueling Tian, ​​Liu Changtian spoke. Liu Changtian didn’t care about the eyes cast by Li Sovereign Dao. His only idea now is to find out the other party. There is such a person after all. I always feel like having a blade around my neck, as if I can kill you at any time.

Liu Changtian doesn’t like this feeling, Xueling Tian is even more unaccustomed to it, but …

“No, are you sure you did not feel wrong? Are you sure your sword tactics are OK?” Xue Lingtian questioned again.

It’s not that he doesn’t believe in Liu Changtian, but that he really didn’t detect the existence of others around him.

There are two explanations for the issue now. Either that, the opponent’s cultivation technique is so special that Xuelingtian cannot detect it.

Either, the opponent’s strength is above himself, so that he can’t sense it at all.

Now there are only these two explanations. As for the others, oh, they don’t exist.

Xue Lingtian’s words Liu Changtian did not respond, his eyes looked towards all around, “Which mouse generation, what is the hidden place?”

“The mouse that can only be in the secret, looking at your previous actions, it seems that you want to rescue Lee Sovereign Dao. In this case, why not come out and face it instead of hiding in the secret?” >

Liu Changtian’s words passed into Li Sovereign Dao’s ears. Li Sovereign Dao was stunned for a while, “Somebody saved me?”

The instant change in this idea was suppressed, not because he did n’t believe it, but because the only Martial God in the entire empire was beheaded and killed. There were still people there to rescue him. under?

Unless the other party ’s identity is beyond Martial God, but … is this possible?

“Don’t show up yet?”

I feel that there is still no person or breath around, Liu Changtian brows frowned.

“is it possible that it’s me …”

嗖 …

After Liu Changtian saw that no one was showing up, he couldn’t help but wonder if his sword tactics hadn’t been practiced at home, a burst of voice suddenly appeared.

“Be careful …”

At the same time that the sound of breaking air appeared, the voice of Xuelingtian also came along, “Hurry away.”

“Fuck, what’s wrong?”

Xue Lingtian’s words, at the moment of exit, Liu Changtian, who had been vigilant, performed the butterfly step in an instant, and moved towards to avoid it.

“Touch …”

“Stab …”

A sound of cracked flesh sounded.

“Fuck, sure enough, Lao Tzu really didn’t guess wrong.” Feeling the pain on his arm, Liu Changtian thought about it instead of crying.

“Hehe, yes, alertness is good. If you do n’t have the reminder of the beast, you are afraid that you have become a cold body at this moment.” No emotion.

“Animal? Are you talking about me?” Aside, Xue Lingtian kept looking at the woman’s silhouette, but he heard the other person call himself that, suddenly, the viciousness in his heart was released instantly, not in depression.

“Uh … obvious.” Looking at Xueling Tian, ​​Liu Changtian interrupted.

“hmph, hurry up to deal with the injuries on your hands. As for this ant, save it to Lao Tzu!” Although Xue Changtian didn’t understand what he said, Xuelingtian still muttered.

“嗖 …”

Coughing, Xuelingtian silhouette flashed quickly and disappeared instantly. When she appeared again, she came to mysterious woman. Looking at the woman’s appearance, Xuelingtian couldn’t help but slap his tongue.

“tsk tsk, looks like Pill Master, it’s a pity!”

The face of the woman is delicate and pretty, and she looks very beautiful. The whole face is like a delicate sculpture. The eyebrows, the nose, and the lips are a perfect combination.

“Animals, why come to the Guangyun Empire to make troubles, but do you have to kill my Emperor of the Guangyun Empire?” The woman began, her words filled with overbearing, an unquestionable breath.

“Well, is this naughty little girl ordering me?” Looking at the mysterious woman, Xue Lingtian was scolded by the beastly upset, didn’t expect …

“hmph, since you’re looking for death, then don’t blame Lao Tzu for not knowing have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex …” The woman’s cultivation base is clear at a glance.

Early-Stage’s cultivation base, so the cultivation base is in the whole destiny world … It seems like there is something wrong!

Looking at the woman, Xue Lingtian always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong.

Because she could n’t speak, Xue Lingtian responded with a serpent voice. In response, Liu Changtian slaps his forehead, and his face is helpless.

“Okay, let me do it!”

Thinking, the woman looked towards the woman. Although the other person looked stunning, but thinking of the other person’s strength, eventually Liu Changtian came back to his senses instantly, without much greed.

“Senior … I don’t know who you are, why stop me from killing?”

“What do you have to do with this Guangyun Empire? As far as I know, the Martial God of this Guangyun Empire should only have the Old Guy, why …?”

Each and everyone asked the question, the woman looked towards Liu Changtian browses slightly wrinkle. The woman is very curious about Liu Changtian being able to avoid his strikes. Although there is a bloody reminder, this is not just a matter of luck. , The main thing is still a bit of strength, otherwise it is impossible to come.

“My last name is Li, and my name is Yanhui. This is the daughter of the Guangyun Empire who has come to the Emperor. You said, what is the relationship between me and the Guangyun Empire?”

“Today, if the emperor of the Guangyun Empire is dead, the whole empire will be paralyzed. Do you think I might let you kill him?”

“You … You are …” In the distance, Lee Sovereign Dao kept watching. Naturally, what he just heard was clear and clear, but what shocked Lee Sovereign Dao was that his identity was so precious.

I have been to the Princess of the Emperor. What is this concept? This fuck is more honorable than myself. If you want the control of the empire, I would like to come to those Old Guys.

However, fate is the most important now. As for the others, wait until we get out of danger.

“Daughter of the founding emperor, so to speak … you also participated in the siege of the Lin Family.” Liu Changtian said, this time, his tone of respect was gone.

Lin Family originally came from the emperor’s siege. Now that the daughter of the founding emperor is here, then … revenge is even more important to find the Lord.

“You … Lin Family?”

Looking at Liu Changtian, Li Yanhui’s face appeared puzzled, and his expression was confused for a while, then he seemed to be in a recollection, and the whole person was stuck in place.

In this regard, Liu Changtian also not at all stopped, turned his head and looked towards Xueling Tian, ​​opened the mouth and said: “Can I beat it?”

“hmph, nonsense, but you thought I would still be here?” Of course, even if Xue Lingtian spoke to Liu Changtian, he couldn’t hear it, and in the end he could only express his thoughts with a blank eye.

“Uh, okay!”

Not in the mouth, turned around looking towards Li Yanhui, waiting for Li Yanhui to wake up.

……… Cangyun mountain range.

Lin Lei cultivates in his own cave as usual, but I do n’t know each one. Today, his soul seems to be affected by some summon.

For this, Lin Lei is helpless. He really can’t figure out what happened to him. As for the feeling of summon, he is familiar, but he doesn’t know what it is.

For this reason, he kept steadying his soul, so he gave up cultivation.

“Well, it would be nice if small dragon is here. Now, in this case, small dragon should know!” Suddenly, I missed rise in the mind, and he missed small dragon very much. After all, he lived together for thousands of years .

……… In the Guangyun Imperial Palace, the scene was silent, and Liu Changtian couldn’t stand it. “I said, you can do it, can you say a word.”

“Whether it is, if it is, then you can’t go today, the whole empire has to pay for your actions of that year.”

“Are you … a Lin Family?” Woke up by Liu Changtian, Li Yanhui asked.

“Yes, this deity is the Lin Family. How?”

“Lin Family, hehe, indeed, the Guangyun Empire did take part in the encirclement, but it seemed to be your Lin Family bully intolerably at that time, relying on the strength of the family regardless of the lives of all beings.”

“If you want revenge, I think we killed the Lin Family to get revenge. Maybe the Lin Family killed the Sudden Man? The whole destiny world almost became a hell on earth because of the cruelty of the Lin Family. Now, they all bite back. One sip, come to report on my empire’s strategy. Why, do you think my empire is bullying? “

“You … Lin Family …”

“Impossible, how could the Lin Family be what you said, what I heard before was completely contrary to what you said.”

Liu Changtian didn’t believe that Lin Family would be what the woman in front of her said, how could Lin Family be what she said in her mouth.

“Oh, what ’s impossible, as for the person you said before and you said, I do n’t know who he is, but I just want to say that I Li Yanhui can swear from her own life, saying that The facts are true and true.

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