Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1124


“This …”

Li Yanhui is so determined, and the cultivation base is so arbitrary, there is no need to lie, but if so, do those people kill or not?

For a while, Liu Changtian had no idea. If he did n’t know these things before, maybe he could still kill everyone, but now …

Liu Changtian thinks that he is not a good man, but he is not a man who indiscriminately kills innocent people. Now that he has come up with such a thing, this makes him do something.

“How about it?”

Turning his head, looking towards Blood Lingtian, maybe Blood Lingtian can give him the answer he wants, even if there is no answer, it is good to give a constructive opinion.


A roar came from Xuelingtian’s mouth, and the meaning of the words seemed to be to say, “Don’t look at me, I don’t know if I look at it, I’m only responsible for killing.” Look at each other.


“How are you doing this?” Xue Lingtian acted this way, even if Liu Changtian was stupid, he knew what it meant.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Liu Changtian was very distressed. On the one hand, it was the order that his Master gave him. On the other hand, it was the thing, he …

“How? Kill or …”

After seeing Liu Changtian not talking, time was up, Li Yanhui was a little impatient. He didn’t have any worries about Liu Changtian, but she was not confident that she could kill it. After all, before the old man died, it was not an instantaneous thing, even if she was such a strength, it was impossible.

“I …” I wanted to respond to Li Yanhui, but I didn’t know what to say, it was too embarrassing.

For a time, Liu Changtian could only choose to be silent, his thoughts moved quickly, in order to get along with a method that would not make him uncomfortable and would not violate Lin Lei.

Liu Changtian’s silence, Li Yanhui’s heart is very impatient. In her opinion, it might as well be used for cultivation, but now it is wasted here.

However, despite many dissatisfaction, the existence of Blood Spirit must be suppressed.

Looking back towards Lee Sovereign Dao, who was injured in the distance, walked up to him, reached out and groped for a while, a jade bottle appeared, and then moved towards Lee Sovereign Dao and dropped it.

“Drink it.”

Hold the bottle in your hand, looking at the liquid in the jade bottle, Lee Sovereign Dao not at all hesitated, now this situation can no longer be broken, and both sides are dead, just in case the bet is right.

Grunting, open the cap, and sip the liquid in the bottle.

“Old Ancestor, this is …”

“Ah …”

Looking at Li Yanhui, when Li Sovereign Dao just wanted to ask Li Yanhui what was in the bottle, internal organs appeared.

This hot sensation came so fast that Lee Sovereign Dao had no time to react to the whole body, as if to burn it.

The screams came out of Lee Sovereign Dao’s mouth, and when he saw his face turned red, it seemed like his face was bloodshot.

“Rely on”

Lee Sovereign Dao’s scream appeared, and Liu Changtian, who was lost in thought, came back to his senses from the thousands of thoughts, turned his head, and looked at Li Sovereign Dao, and then recovered.

“To make a fuss about nothing, isn’t it just to take a medicine, really.” I looked at Li Sovereign Dao coldly, and then looked towards Li Yanhui.

“I said this, how much attention do I have, neither will I be wronged, will you make it difficult for me, I wonder if you would like?”

“Of course, you have no choice. If you want to keep your Guangyun Empire, you must obey my orders.”


Li Yanhui didn’t take him. In her opinion, Liu Changtian said purely nonsense.

“Okay, then, you two will follow me!” said, looking towards the side of Xuelingtian, “Go back with the two, and go to Longfu to take Long Yaoyang later Now, since both sides hold their own words, when the Cangyun mountain range meets the Master, it will be clear at a glance who is lying in the end.

“Yes, agree!”

Huge skulls, agreeing with Liu Changtian’s words, and now there is only this way, but if it is Xuelingtian, I’m afraid it won’t bother me so much, how easy it is to kill directly, why is it so troublesome.

“Let’s go.”

“Oh, by the way, take that person with you, follow him, remember not to run away, the monk can run away, but the temple won’t run with him, don’t do stupid things. “

In spite of it, Li Yanhui was ignored, and turned towards moved towards the imperial palace.

In front of Longfu, Liu Changtian and the others left the palace and went straight to Longfu. What Liu Changtian lacks now is time, and he doesn’t want to waste it.

“Senior Liu, you are here!”

At the moment of Liu Chang Heavenly Dao, the two guards at the door stepped forward to greet him. The last time Liu Chang Tian came to recognize them, knowing the strength of each other, so they didn’t dare to neglect.

“Go, call out Long Yaoyang.” Ignoring the two, he directly ordered.

“Uh … OK, OK!”

Looking at Liu Changtian so cold, his forehead was cold and sweaty, and his heart admired Liu Changtian very much. The whole country, except those of the Great Family’s Patriarch, dared to call Long Yaoyang like this, and there was only this horror in terror. Already.

Answered, one of them quickly entered Longfu until the room where Long Yaoyang was.

“Patriarch, just Senior is here, and said to let you go out.” The man said directly, this time is not like the last time.

With the sound of “twig”, the door of the room opens, and Long Yaoyang appears to watch the guard, “Let’s go!”

Let’s say, the silhouette flashes quickly. To Liu Changtian, he was very careful. The opponent’s strength is strong. He naturally dare not neglect, and his son is still under the hands of others.

Long Yaoyang didn’t dare to stop all the way. Within a few minutes, Long Yaoyang came to the gate and saw Liu Changtian’s silhouette as soon as he went out.

As for Xueling Tian, ​​because of looking at Li Yanhui, not at all disappears, but the volume of the body has been reduced a lot, and it looks like Liu Changtian.

Looking at Xue Lingtian for a few moments, all eyes fell on Liu Changtian’s body.

“Come, come with me!” No nonsense, straight to the point.

“A walk?”

“Where are you going?” Looking at Liu Changtian, Long Yaoyang was very puzzled, but he was in a high position, and he still knew how to look at it. Liu Changtian didn’t look very good at the moment, and at first glance he knew there was nothing good.