Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1125


Changyun mountain range entrance, Liu Changtian finally came here with a few people, somehow, after coming here, Liu Changtian felt inexplicably relieved, before the tension and anxiety outside before.

“Let’s go, we’ll be there in no time.”

Speaking, Liu Changtian didn’t say a word, stepped out one step, and moved ahead towards the destination.

………… Deep in the Cangyun mountain range, Lin Lei’s cave.

“What the hell is it that can cave in my soul and make my soul so turbulent.”

Sitting in the cave, Primal Chaos Heaven is constantly running, and the facial expression grave looks towards the cave entrance.

Sometimes, somehow, the soul started to stop listening to restlessness, but it was fine at first, but with the ebbing of time, this feeling became clearer, especially to the past few days, This feeling is getting stronger and stronger, so that he now runs the cultivation technique to stop the broken body of the soul body.

“Is there something wrong with three immortal souls and seven mortal souls?” Thinking of this possibility, but the idea was drowned the moment it appeared.

“No! Three immortal souls and seven mortal souls. If something goes wrong, I can’t detect it? What is it that’s affecting me?”

I can’t figure it out. I got up and walked out of the cave, watching the bright sun shining on my face, within the body, the soul was turbulent again. At this moment, even if the cultivation technique is running to the extreme, the feeling of being pulled by the soul is not easing.

“hmph, who the hell is it, get out of me!”

At this moment, Lin Lei vaguely understands that the feeling of summon traction is in the vicinity, otherwise he wo n’t be out of the cave again, the feeling of the soul breaking out will be so calm, even the suppression of the cultivation technique It didn’t work either.


all around There is a silence, even the roar of the beast that is usually faintly heard disappears. There is a demon in the so-called abnormality. Now in the mountain range where the birds and beasts are walking around, there is no even the sound of birds. If nothing is noticeable, then Lin Lei was once considered Saint.

all around, there was nothing, Lin Lei brows slightly wrinkle, and then Divine Consciousness released to explore all around dynamics.

“en? Still not?”

All around is a 3D scene in Lin Lei’s mind, all around not at all Silhouette of anyone, not even birds and beasts.

Of course, the more so, the more dignified Lin Lei’s heart is, and his eyes are vigilantly looked towards all around, so the scene can only show two points, either there is no one around, he thinks too much, or it is the thing around His cultivation base level is stronger than him, so powerful that he can’t even sense it.

“Don’t come out yet?” The voice sounded again, and Lin Lei had no choice now, except for that, he couldn’t think of other methods.

A little bit of time has passed, and the surroundings are still quiet. There is no sound at all. Even the cloud of fire in Cave Mansion, the breathing sound at this moment appears indistinctly, as if being suppressed.


Insulted in the heart, if the cultivation base is still the same as its predecessor, why is it so passive?

“Okay, good. In this case, don’t blame Lao Tzu!” With a flash of fierce color in his eyes, after breaking through the Golden Core, within the body will produce Samadhi True Fire, although the flame is not as powerful as the predecessor. , But the fire can still be done.

“I don’t believe when you can hide, unless you can tear the space and hide in the space.” Then, with your body, mobilize the Golden Core to run, a hot flame appears in Lin Lei palm.

Looking at all around, there is still no movement. Lin Lei is not hesitating. The flame is out of his hands, not just above the big tree all around. Instantly, Samadhi True Fire said that the igniter started frantically raging. stand up.

“Everyone waiting at the sentry all withdrew from the forest.” Opening his throat and carrying Spiritual Qi, Lin Lei’s voice could be heard for thousands of miles.

For these people, Lin Lei doesn’t want to let them be in trouble, although he really wants to stand out the thing behind, but he doesn’t want to hurt the lives of innocent people, and these people are still his men.

“What … what happened?”

Thirty people who were actually on patrol suddenly heard Lin Lei’s voice in their ears. Although he was puzzled, he had to listen to these orders.

Without saying a word, I rushed out of the moved towards mountain range under the sentry.

In Divine Consciousness, seeing the departure of those people, Lin Lei relaxed, now there are no worries about it now,

“Oh, let the flames burn more fiercely!” Without any worries, Lin Lei didn’t care anymore, the flames reappeared, he threw them high, and moved towards the distance.

At this moment, Lin Lei was very hard to lead the thing behind. Otherwise, if this problem is not solved, it will always be inappropriate, and there are problems with three immortal souls and seven mortal souls. serious.

“Bastard boy, I haven’t seen it harder for a while!” In the dark, a young man was now on the tree, watching the scene made by Lin Lei, the young man’s face smiled bitterly.

“Get out of here quickly, although there is nothing to burn the mountain range, but here is destiny after all, it is not good to get these things done.” An electronically synthesized voice sounded in the ears of the youth.

“Oh, I wanted to play for a while, didn’t expect this kid …” Then, the young man stopped talking, but finally nodded, “Let ’s do it, then, go out now . “

Speaking, the youth is no longer hiding, one step out, and the volley moves toward the direction where Lin Lei is.


Lin Lei, who has been using Divine Consciousness to explore, suddenly a silhouette is added to Divine Consciousness. However, when you see the silhouette’s face, the whole person seems to be shocked. The body is set in place and the face is full of shame Of course.

“fuck, what the hell?”

Looking at the face of the person who appeared, Lin Lei’s mind seemed to have 10,000 Cao Fuck rushing past, for nothing else, because the face of the person who appeared was not the fleshhy body of his predecessor?

“No! Why is the fleshhy body here, and it looks like he has passed, what the fuck is … what the hell is going on?” Divine Consciousness stared at the young man’s every move, his face confused.

Finally, the silhouette of the youth appeared in Lin Lei’s sight. Looking at him, Lin Lei couldn’t help but say, “Who are you? Why do you look like …”

“Bastard boy, won’t you forget Laozi?” Before Lin Lei finished speaking, an angry voice came from the youth’s mouth.