Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1126


“hmph, you little bastard, you finally know who I am. I thought I came here and forgot me?” Then, the silhouette fell on Lin Lei. It was weird, especially when Lin Lei looked at his body and made this expression, and couldn’t bear to look directly.

“However, your current cultivation base is too weak. I admit that my cultivation base is very strong, but I can’t detect it even at such a short distance. I said, have you been only watching mountains and rivers during this time? Already? “


The words of small dragon make Lin Lei speechless. What does it mean to swim in mountains and rivers, and what is too weak? Obviously you put me too far away.

Look at yourself and feel the surrounding Spiritual Qi. How can this existence be affordable for my daily practice?

Of course, these words are what Lin Lei thought not at all, but thinking of it here makes him the biggest doubt in his mind.

Looking up at the small dragon, the nameless anger in my heart filled Lin Lei’s entire atrium instantly.

“Small dragon, you can! If you don’t discuss it with me, you will be the owner and get me to such a place. What are you going to do about it?”

“Don’t say that this short check perfunctors me. If there is no equivalent in this matter, don’t try to fool it.”

“Uh …”

Lin Lei’s words were introduced into the small dragon’s ears. He was still carrying a happy small dragon. He was shocked and stepped back awkwardly. “

“It’s hard to change nature!” Trying sighed, a sad expression on his face.

“And don’t tell me so much, nature doesn’t exist, I just want to know what you … what should be given to me, I can tell you, it’s not a good thing, I can’t see it, after all It ’s Daogu ’s Early-Stage, you take care of yourself! ”

The two have been together for a long time, so small dragon fart Lin Lei knows what he thinks.

“Don’t dare to give me some face. Anyway, I used to be a powerhouse. Do you want me to lose face?”

“No bullshit, hurry up, don’t be pester and chirp, anyway, it’s also a powerhouse, don’t be so stingy.” Regarding the tricks of small dragon, Lin Lei doesn’t eat that set at all.

In Lin Lei’s view, try to do what you can while you can now. Who knows not to do it now, what will happen to the small dragon afterwards? when the time comes there is no reason to find a place.

“Give him!” The electronically synthesized vocal sound was filled with coldness and ruthlessness.

“Sure, you’re too unrighteous!” The small dragon was completely blinded, and he didn’t expect the system so shameless to have no shame, as if it was him who degraded Lin Lei to the destiny world!

What about now? What happened to this fuck, now it’s his thing.

“Don’t get ink, return your body to Lin Lei first. You can’t stay here too much, and your control of Lin Lei’s body is not perfect, and your face will reveal the laws that this world cannot bear.”

“You … well.”

If you want to refute, but system is right, he can make this World completely collapse with any breath.

Observe the order of system, came back to his senses looked towards Lin Lei, and his face was becoming strict. “Boy, now is not the time to discuss this, quickly return to your body, otherwise, I am afraid this world will be supported by my strength Explosion, hurry up. “

Speaking, without waiting for Lin Lei’s reaction, the soul body of the small dragon instantly pulled out of Lin Lei’s body.

A muffled sound came from “peng”, and I saw that Lin Lei’s body was standing on the ground at this moment. It looked like a living dead, except that it didn’t open its eyes and breath, everything was normal.

The cheeks are rosy and shiny, unlike humans without soul at all.

“Damn, do you mean me?”

Looking at the body that has no soul, Lin Lei’s face is full of sorrow. What’s this? If you want me to come, if you want me to go, what will I do, don’t I lose face?

If you think about it, Lin Lei is very upset. He won’t obey the small dragon. If this is done, then … will he not become a pet in the end?

So, I ca n’t obey the arrangement of small dragon, and … Now that small dragon is here, it means that something must have happened above, otherwise the small dragon will let him return to the ontology so quickly?

Just a joke, at least Lin Lei’s expectation is that he will be able to summon him back for at least a thousand years.

So, Lin Lei is not in a hurry right now. It should be small dragon and system.

Thinking of this, a smile appeared on Nian Jun’s face, “I said, don’t worry, small dragon!”

“We haven’t talked about the conditions before. You make me so shameless.”

“System, I know you can hear it. Tell me what you plan to compensate me, don’t think I only say small dragon, and you are the same. Without you, I don’t believe that small dragon will have the ability to take me. Get here. “

“You said … right? system …”

System space, seeing Lin Lei so proud, especially seeing the under-flat smile that I haven’t seen in a long time, the small dragon couldn’t help but want to charge him a fat meal.

“What to do? Say something.”

Looking up at the sky, the voice sounded in the space, “The cause of this matter is you, let’s talk.”

“Anyway, based on my understanding of this kid, if you do n’t give him something, it may be difficult for him to be accepted!” Let’s just look at Lin Lei’s flat face, the kind in my heart The urge was stronger.

“Oh! Time is running out. Since this Little Brat wants something, give it to him!” Then, the voice disappeared, and the voice of system sounded in Lin Lei’s mind.

“Host, as long as you return to the ontology, system gives you two opportunities to lottery, and Primal Chaos Heaven to pass five or six layers, how?”

“Oh? Are you sure?”

To be honest, Lin Lei, which was given by the system, was very excited, especially when I heard the five or six layers of the cultivation technique. This kind of thing may come by with luck, but not by searching for it. The speed he used to get two layers of cultivation technique will take a long time.

As for the opportunity of two lottery, to be honest, although Lin Lei is also regrettable, compared with the cultivation technique, the rays of light of this lottery are a bit dim.

“Yes, sure.” System responded very simply, without any clue.

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