Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1127


“What about Five Elements and a book of art?” small dragon said what he gave.

“Just the same?”

“Nonsense, what do you think?” For the insatiable Lin Lei, small dragon turned his eyes, “These two things are things that exist beyond the sacred realm, and these two things have made you learn a long time. “

“Also, if these two are learned, they can basically walk in the same order in the holy realm without any problems.”

“Cut …”

Although the small dragon is a bit exaggerated, but I have to admit that the things of the small dragon are basically high-end goods and have been hit before, then … tsk tsk

“Yes, you say something?” Seeing Lin Lei not talking, small dragon was anxious.

“Oh, I still have a good temper!” Seeing the small dragon anxious, Lin Lei quickly confessed that since the thing he wanted was already obtained, it would always be bad to get an inch.

“Hehe, that … well, well.” Then, sitting cross-legged, completely retracting the cultivation technique, the body relaxed, and the summon of the body was sensed.

In fact, even if they do n’t give it, Lin Lei cannot stay in this fleshhy body. After all, this body is too weak, and he has a lot of things waiting for him to deal with.

The entire space is completely quiet. Except where Lin Lei is located, the surrounding area is basically surrounded by Samadhi True Fire. The heat wave is soaring and billowing. The heat wave, I am afraid that an ordinary person is here, all will be given by this heat wave. Bake it.

As time passes, the induction from the body becomes stronger and stronger, and the soul within the body begins to emerge.

“It’s finally done!”

In the system, seeing the soul body of Lin Lei detached from the fleshhy body, the big stone in his heart finally let go.

“Huh, yeah!”

“But do n’t take it lightly and block the circle with your strength. After all, the host is not within the body for a long time, and it is normal for the body to have some uncontrolled spirit strength for a while.”

“After all, this is not God World, you can let it go. If you inadvertently release a hint of coercion, you fear that the whole destiny world will collapse.”

“This guy …” watching Lin Lei, the small dragon nodded echoed, “I see, you can rest assured, I’ll keep it.”

By the way, come to the side, according to the idea of ​​the system, the cultivation base is released instantly, blocking Lin Lei’s surroundings, forming a round protective cover that makes Lin Lei lose contact with the outside world. Even after the integration, cultivation Base is uncontrolled and doesn’t matter much.

On the side, Lin Lei ’s soul was completely detached from the ordinary fetus, floating in the air, watching his own body lying quietly on the ground, the excitement in Lin Lei ’s heart, he has thought about this many times, but every time Dreaming is the second time, and now, dreams come true.

“Everything returns to its origins, melts.”

The secret art in my hand keeps on scoring, and the income is getting faster and faster. The original body ’s soul body is released in the secret art. Slowly, the soul body turns into a plume of smoke and penetrates into the body. In.

A little bit, first the lower body, followed by the lower body, until the minute passes, and the last moment when the soul body was wiped into the body, there was no heartbeat body, and it suddenly returned to heartbeat.

“dong dong dong…”

The powerful heartbeat, like the sound of a thunder drum, is shocking.

“Boy, this bastard, wait, if you pit me today, you will have to spit it out sooner or later.” After seeing Lin Lei’s body restored, the original grievances were released instantly.

That’s it. A little bit of time passed. Under the gaze of small dragon and system, Lin Lei’s frequent eyes opened.


“Finally … finally found my body, it’s not easy!” Feeling inside the body flowing the powerful and ridiculous Spiritual Qi, the smile on Lin Lei’s face …

Sleeping eyes rubbed his eyes dimly, got up and moved his body for a long time, and suddenly, there was a crackle sound like a cracked bone, the sound was very Deity, and it was unbearable to listen.

“Ah …”


Look down, look at your own hands, look at yourself, Supreme Treasure, and feel the strong cultivation base of your body. The original depressed heart disappears instantly.


Suddenly, a bloody flame rushed out of the palm of the hand and floated in midair, and it looked very charming.

“Illusive blood, long time no see!” Looking down at the enchanted blood in his hand, the familiar feeling made him warm and full of security.


A long spit of stale air and a relaxed expression on his face, “Now that the body returns, it is time to deal with my affairs.”

Looking up and looking towards the exit of the forest, Divine Consciousness instantly saw the entire cloud mountain range, and I saw Lin Lei’s mind. Liu Changtian led the blood spirit sky and the others, and at this moment was moving towards here.

But …

“It seems to be resolved before the word in front of me.” Thinking, communicating small dragon with heart.

“Unscrew the hood!”

“Can you control your power? If not, then this energy hood is absolutely impossible to unlock!”

“You know, this isn’t God World after all, this destiny can’t stop the slightest breath of your Holy Spirit.” Small dragon reminded.

“Hurry up, if I can’t think of my own strength, I’m afraid it will be a waste.” A small white dragon glanced impatiently.

“If so, then … okay!” Seeing Lin Lei’s self-confidence, small dragon was not hesitating, after all, Lin Lei would not lie on this matter.

An echo, a handy body, the energy hood that originally surrounded him disappeared instantly.

Feeling energy disappeared, eyes fell on Sammad True Fire all around, frown slightly raised, and then raised his hand and phantom blood burst out, “Go, let me suck the flame here, remember not to be a little bit Child’s Samadhi True Fire. “

嗖 …

As soon as Lin Lei finished speaking, Phantom Blood and Fire seemed to have heard Lin Lei’s order and rushed into the forest instantly. Wherever Phantom Blood and Fire passed, Samadhi True Fire disappeared and disappeared, leaving only Under the fly ash burned to ashes.

Raising your hand, facing Liu Changtian’s direction, suddenly, a horrible suction suddenly appeared, “Come here.”

In the distance, Liu Changtian, who was on his way, suddenly a few horrors of energy imprisoned a few people. Next moment, his body moved uncontrollably towards the cloud range of Cangyun.

“What’s going on?”

Looking at such weird things, Liu Changtian was shocked, turned his head and looked towards Xuelingtian, seeking answers,

“Don’t look at me, how do I know?” It seemed as if he understood what Liu Changtian meant, and then roar twice.

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