Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1128


“Bastard boy!” murmured, then shut up and didn’t talk, as for the matter of going to the holy realm, small dragon not at all now said, anyway, it is not urgent, and he understands that Lin Lei has things to deal with.

Looking at the coming crowd, Lin Lei took back the power of the Holy Spirit, and both were placed on the ground.

Looking at the person brought by Liu Changtian, Li Sovereign Dao, he had seen it. As for Long Yaoyang and Li Yanhui, he had never seen it, it was strange.

“Little Tian, ​​I let you deal with it, why did you bring me back?” Lin Lei said.


“You … are you?”

Liu Changtian, who was in a state of horror, heard Lin Lei’s words, came back to his senses looked towards Lin Lei, and when he saw Lin Lei, Liu Changtian choked.

The whole man stood in a stunned place, his face was full of doubts. He didn’t know who was in front of him, but … when Yu Guang glanced at Lin Lei, his eyes fell on the person behind Lin Lei who was lying on the ground. youngster.

“What are you doing with my Master?”

Yes, the one who is lying behind Lin Lei is Lin Lei of this destiny world, but now it is just a fleshhy body that ’s all.


Yue Changtian’s words caught the attention of Xue Lingtian. He said that Liu Changtian looked in the direction of his fingers, saw the body lying on the ground, suddenly looked fierce, and his eyes filled with Murderous Aura looked towards Lin Lei. .

Although it ’s upset with Lin Lei, after all, the two have become friends since this time. More importantly, Lin Lei said that he can help him reinvigorate the bloody family. Now Lin Lei is dead, before he What about your commitment?

Who is he looking for?

“Do you know what crime you committed? The person who killed me, do you think you can leave?” Looking at Lin Lei, Xue Lingtian said.


“Fuck, this guy, when did Lao Tzu become his man! Why don’t I know?” Looking at Xue Lingtian, Lin Lei brows slightly wrinkle, then he said, “Little thing, who do you think I am? Also … return to your people, obviously you are under the authority of Lao Tzu. “

Lin Lei understands that it’s hard to convince everyone, thinking, a sudden suction suddenly appeared towards the body behind him.

“ao wu!”

The voice of dragon roar shocked the sky, and Jiulong sighed in the sky. I was afraid that voice in the scene was something that they would never forget.

Chaos Dragon Spear emerged from Lin Lei’s body under the suction of Lin Lei, and finally fell into Lin Lei’s hands.

“ao wu!”

The sound of Dragon Shadow reappears. The difference is that, while the sound of dragon roar appears, it rushes out of the chaos Dragon Spear with nine behemoths. After nine days of traveling, it floats on the top of Lin Lei’s head.

“I wait for pay respects to Master.”

This scene can be described as a deterrent to everyone on the spot, especially the blood sacrifice and blood sacrifice, he naturally understands what this means, this treasure cannot be changed, especially for such Divine Weapon, he has his pride.

Want to come in this way, isn’t that the person in front of him is Lin Lei himself?

As soon as this idea came out, looked towards Lin Lei’s eyes changed, “You … Are you Lin Lei?”


“Then … what is he?”

Lin Lei knows what Xueling Tian means, “He is the fleshhy body of the destiny world, and this fleshhy body is the true body of the deity.”

“A fleshy body with a sacred realm.” Said, the expression was full of pride, and it was impossible to live forever.

“Saint … Saint, you …” Although I have experienced that aura before, it really appears now, and Xuelingtian is still a little shocked. After all, this thing is too shocking.

“Okay, before, this dear promised you to help you revive the bloody family, of course you will say what you must do, Lin Lei naturally counts.”

By the way, my eyes fell on Liu Changtian. “This time I want to leave here as a teacher and go to a place full of Spiritual Qi. If you want to say goodbye, hurry up or you can come back later. It ’s hard to say. “

Lin Lei, regardless of Liu Changtian’s disbelief, anyway, now that his body has been replaced, the fleshhy body behind him will not be used.

Thinking, reaching out, a phantom blood fire appeared, palms shook, and the phantom blood fire fell on the body as if transformed into bloody Elf.

“Boom …”

Suddenly, the blood and fire of the phantom exploded. Only the instantaneous and instantaneous events, the flames that had soared quickly disappeared, until finally it became silent, and the corpse burned in place by the flames eventually left no slag.

“You …”

The appearance of this scene makes Liu Changtian feel like a river, and it makes him difficult to calm down.

“You … Are you really a Master?” Finally, Liu Changtian questioned.

Then I asked Liu Changtian like this, a flash of disappointment flashed in Lin Lei’s eyes, “Don’t ask again after this, this deity is your Master Lin Lei, this deity is just back. Ontology. “

“And what’s going on with them?” The eyes fell on the people behind him, wondering.

Lee Sovereign Dao, he knew, but the other two people he didn’t know, and he remembered that he had just wanted Liu Changtian to kill, but now this fuck brought people back what what hell? Is this to bring someone back to kill him?

“Uh … this …”

Although there are still some doubts about Lin Lei, but the things behind Li Yanhui and the others were replaced. Thinking of this, Liu Changtian opened up and told Lin Lei all the things that Li Yanhui had said before.

On the one hand, how long Long Yaoyang’s complexion can be changed, until the end, there is only fear in his eyes.

“What’s going on? Isn’t it that the entire empire has only the old bastard and a Martial God? Why did you come up with a daughter of the founder?” Looking at Li Yanhui, Long Yaoyang hated it so much that he thought he could use it. Eliminate the empire, but now it looks like, huh …

Lin Lei kept observing the expressions of the three people. He understood the changing expressions and expressions of Long Yaoyang, and he understood the truth of the matter, and he knew who was lying.

looked towards Li Yanhui, Lin Lei didn’t charge too much. If the body didn’t come before, maybe he would still look like it, but now … except for disdain, nothing else.

“Long Yaoyang, do you know what the deity hates most?” Lin Lei started looking at Long Yaoyang.

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