Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1129


“Did you see it?”

Huoyun Cave Mansion. As soon as he entered Cave Mansion, he saw Huoyun now at the door, staring dullly and flashing, his expression was full of disbelief and shock.

“You …”

Hearing Lin Lei’s voice, Huoyun came back to his senses, looking towards Lin Lei’s eyes were full of complexity. He wanted to ask questions, and he was afraid to ask questions. The scene he saw before was really real. The body of his son was burned and burned, and that scene made him unforgettable all his life.

“I’m Lin Lei, your son, the person who was burnt out by me outside is also Lin Lei, my soul is the same person, but my body is not that ’s all.”

In order to be acceptable to mother, Lin Lei said the truth of the matter. Of course, when talking about system, Lin Lei skipped it. After all, the system thing is too incredible, not because of distrust of Huoyun, but because He was afraid that Huoyun knew that it would cause him unnecessary trouble.

That’s it, everything from God World’s battle with the monster to landing in the Destiny World is all told.

“That’s the thing, I’m God World’s most supreme holy man, and I’m the helm of Profound Sect Sect Master, Heaven’s Mystery Pavilion. At God World, basically my strength is already on top.”

“Besides, before I came here, I broke through to the holy realm and can enter the holy realm at any time, but I do not know why I came here.”

Looking at Huoyun and looking at this mother, Lin Lei’s expression was full of tenderness, “But I don’t regret coming here because I have such a beautiful, beautiful, generous mother, I am very satisfied.”


I was still wearing a heavy cloud of fire. When I heard Lin Lei’s touting, I laughed and burst out. The sadness and shock on my face disappeared, and I replaced it with tenderness.

“You child, how old are you, my aging mother, and she’s still pretty.” I said so in my mouth, but my heart was beautiful.

“Why, mother is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, none of them.” As he said, Lin Lei saw a smile on Huoyun’s face, and he knew that the previous thing had passed.

Thinking, the original smile disappeared, and his face turned positive, “Mom, look, now that your son’s strength has recovered, naturally he wants to return to God World and enter the holy realm.”

“I’m leaving, and I’m not assured of you either, you want you and grandfather to break with me and go to God World!”

“In God World, even if you don’t cultivate, the lifespan of the ordinary person is four or five hundred years old, not to mention cultivation, as long as you cultivate, you can become the top-level existence of this World at any time”

“when the time comes, what lives with Heaven and Earth, although a bit exaggerated, but also similar.” Let’s shut up, looking towards Huoyun with a pleading look, he really wants them to follow him away After all, if you want to survive on this planet, you have to work harder than others.

Of course, there is another reason, that is, he offended many people here. He was afraid that after he left, those enemies would find Lin Family and seek revenge from his parents.

“This …” Looking at her son, Huoyun’s face was full of hesitation. She also wanted to leave, but … she was a little hesitant about the husband she used.

“mother, are you … unwilling?” Lin Lei was a little disappointed when he hesitated to see mother.

Seeing that Lin Lei was a little disappointed, Huoyun was anxious, and quickly opened up to explain, “No, no, it’s just your father …”

“Oh, yeah, I haven’t found father yet.” Listening to Huoyun’s words, Lin Lei’s fierce pats forehead was awkward.

Divine Consciousness is released in an instant, although I’m afraid that this world will collapse, just ignore it.

In my mind, the entire world of destiny is all in my mind. Divine Consciousness quickly looks for the silhouette of father. Although he has remembered it for many years, he can still remember the silhouette of father.

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