Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1130


Although Lin Lei desperately wants to prove that he is his son, in the end, the man still does n’t believe it. After all, he understands that he has n’t left long. Even if his son is a genius, he ca n’t cultivate in just a few years. To be able to rush into this inheritance for thousands of years.

“Forget it, let’s solve them first! Since I dare to treat you like this, you have to bear my anger.”

Lin Feng’s look of disbelief, Lin Lei will no longer be entangled with anything. Since he doesn’t believe it, those facts are behind him, and you can’t tolerate it.

Thinking, regardless of Lin Feng’s thoughts, he reached out and explored. Spiritual Qi emerged and wrapped up Lin Feng, then dragged behind him, and then waved forward, a black hole appeared.

“What … what kind of power is this?” Behind me, I saw Lin Lei and other means, his face was full of surprise, this means he was unheard-of, even if this is the Sect Master of Wind Cloud Sect, I am afraid there is no such thing means.

Lin Feng ’s idea Lin Lei I do n’t know, at this moment Lin Lei is filled with anger by his anger. The only thing he wants now is charge ahead. The two Wind Cloud Sects are razed to the ground, once to warn the deities of the destiny world. People can’t move.

Move to death.

Lin Feng’s shocked pupil watched, Lin Lei stepped out and took Lin Feng into the black hole.

Above Wind Cloud Sect, a crack appeared, and Lin Lei, who disappeared in the dungeon, walked out of the crack at this moment, standing up in the sky, looking down at Wind Cloud Sect.

“Wind Cloud Sect is here, I will wait for my father Lin Feng, and today is the last day.”

Spiritual Qi is mixed in the sound. The sound is so loud that it is passed into the ears of all Wind Cloud Sect for a long time.

Among the best great halls of Wind Cloud Sect, Wind Cloud Sect Sect Master is sitting in the great hall and is meditating.

Of course, a sound suddenly sounded like a thunder in the ground, pulling it back from reality to meditation.

“Who dares to scream at my Wind Cloud Sect, don’t die?” His face was gloomy, coldly snorted toward the place where the sound came, and the silhouette flashed into a streamer and disappeared in place.

However, when I saw the wind again, I was unexpectedly outside the great hall. When the wind appeared outside the great hall, I looked up into the air and saw Lin Lei and the forest peak behind.

“en? Lin Feng?”

Lin Feng, he knows that the descendants of Lin Family, who had previously captured it and put it in the dungeon, now appears here, looking at Lin Feng, the wind is getting more and more gloomy.

Now that Lin Feng appears, that doesn’t mean that the young man can come and go freely in his Wind Cloud Sect without being discovered by everyone.

Also, standing in the air, this strength appears in a youngster, which is enough for him to take seriously.

There is such a cultivation base at such a young age, and how strong is it to train him when he gets up again.

As a Sect Master, he has to consider the overall situation. After all, if he makes a mistake, hitting the entire Wind Cloud Sect will be unlucky.

Thinking of it, the wind calmed down a bit, and then stepped out into the sky, and finally came to Lin Lei to stand side by side.

“This Fellow Daoist, innocent is using me to come in and out freely, which is not good!” Then, looking towards Lin Feng, the meaning of the words was already very obvious.


Lin Lei just felt funny about Feng Zhi’s words, and his face was full of disdain. “Have you ever talked to me about my father coming to Wind Cloud Sect?”

“Here, my Wind Cloud Sect is nothing in my eyes. This time, the deity ca n’t bring my father, but also count the trauma to my father ’s body and soul over the years. Make the corresponding price. “

“The deity has said before that the entire Wind Cloud Sect, with or without participation, now that you have captured my father with Wind Cloud Sect, your entire sect must bear the anger of the deity, without exception.

Speaking, Yu Guang glanced at Father Lin Feng behind him, “Dad, you look at your son to give you gas!”

Speaking, without waiting for Lin Feng to respond, he raised his hand and patted the void in front of him. Suddenly, a slap formed by Spiritual Qi suddenly rushed out.

“You …”

When you do it, you can do it. For Lin Lei’s waywardness, the face is gloomy. He understands that since the other party does, it means that this matter has reached the point where it cannot be returned, and …

Tie a father who looks like a Martial God powerhouse. What a shame to Martial God. This kind of thing is definitely not allowed to happen. If this happened to him, it would be even more crazy.

Looking at the palm of your hand getting closer and closer, the wind wants to dodge subconsciously, but next moment, the wind seems to be stagnant, unable to move even a little bit.

“Why … what happened, my body …” The face changed suddenly, the ugly complexion reached the extreme, and his body couldn’t move when he saw it slap.

“Do n’t waste any effort. In front of the deity, I ca n’t say it is you. Even the whole destiny, the deity can slap it with a slap. Even more how you are just a Martial God Early-Stage.” Lin Lei this The words are mad in the eyes of Fengzhi, and mad in the eyes of Lin Feng, but … people who really know Lin Lei don’t think so.

Saint, to the Supreme Realm, it is possible to open a World existence on its own, and to smash this Basic Plane at will, it is not as simple as a daily routine.

“Shuzier dare …”

The wind is panicking. Lin Lei didn’t believe what he said, but when he felt the danger in the palm of his hand, he knew that if he was hit, he would be immortal or disabled.

“Silly *”

Ignore the wind, and in Lin Lei’s mind, the wind is already dead. Turn around and look towards the Wind Cloud Sect below. With a change of heart, Scarlet Flame Tiger appears in front of Lin Lei.

The Scarlet Flame Tiger that appears at the moment is a reduced version, because if the Scarlet Flame Tiger is released all its body, it is afraid that it will burst this world.

“Go, kill all the people below the sect, leave none behind, and then come to me.”

“You … are you talking to him?” Behind him, Lin Feng, who has been following Lin Lei, watched this lip and said that he was his son, Lin Lei, and he was talking to the tiger all the time, which made his brain more useless.

Of course, next moment, under the shocking gaze of Lin Feng, Scarlet Flame Tiger speak human’s words, “Lei Ge, I haven’t seen you for many years, you still do this, and don’t say to comfort others.”


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