Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1131


“It’s up to you!”

Lin Feng didn’t respond, Lin Lei didn’t think about it, he told Scarlet Flame Tiger, and then tore the space and left the scope of Wind Cloud Sect.

“Well, Lei Ge is so ruthless!” Watching the silhouette of Lin Lei disappearing, Scarlet Flame Tiger grumbled a few times, and then returned to the old cold.

Turn around and look towards Feng, who has been shot dead. There is no disdain in his expression, as if Feng Zhi is not even qualified to make his meat.

“I don’t know what Rego thinks, so I came to this low-level plane and shot against the ants.” As soon as he came out, Scarlet Flame Tiger knew that this was not God World, but the Great Thousand Worlds. One of the smallest and barren planes.

The eyes are full of puzzlement, but he never violates the order given by Lin Lei.

Looking down towards the Wind Cloud Sect below, at this moment because of the sound of Lin Lei, at this moment, whether it is closed or not, Wind Cloud Sect is now out of Cave Mansion to investigate all around.

“Forget it, don’t want to, do it quickly, I haven’t seen Lei in a long time, this time can be more time.” Thinking of Lin Lei, Scarlet Flame Tiger is too lazy to wait, raise his feet, facing Step down gently.

“Boom …”

Splitting the air sound sounded from the ears of Wind Cloud Sect. Some high-level cultivation bases felt the sound of this empty air, and their faces suddenly changed suddenly raised his head. I saw that the sky became dark. Something that has been similar to the leg of a monster has landed since.

“Fuck, what’s that?” Someone said, looking at the giant thing that suddenly appeared in the air.

“This … this power …” Some of them are careful and feel the huge breath. He understands that if this aura falls on his sect, he is afraid that the entire sect will be destroyed once it is less than that. Will be destroyed.

“Not good, elders, quickly organize a sect disciple to leave, this … this is going to destroy my Wind Cloud Sect!” Suddenly, an old man spoke, facing several people around him.

“What?” The crowd was shocked, although they didn’t understand why, the things that landed in the sky were too powerful and powerful enough to keep them from thinking of resistance.

“Quick …”

Speaking, several old men slammed towards their respective Cave Mansion and rushed away. As for the others, they naturally reacted after the old men left, and each and everyone’s departure began to prepare.

As for the ordinary disciples under the Wind Cloud Sect, there is still the possibility to leave at this moment. The Scarlet Flame Tiger’s breath will suppress them and their bodies will not listen, and there is a heart that wants to escape.

This day is destined to be the day of Sect extermination of Wind Cloud Sect, and it is also the day to warn the entire destiny world.

The deepest part of the Cangyun mountain range.

In the Cave Mansion where Huoyun is, Lin Lei leaves, Huoyun stays in the place, and Lin Lei’s sentence is still in his head, the sentence that I went to take Father home .

“Really … can you really bring it back?” After waiting for years, Huoyun hopes again and again, but again and again in despair. In this repetitive cycle, she is completely desperate.

“Stab friends”

In the silent Cave Mansion, an abnormal sound suddenly appeared, and the cloud of fire fell into silence. After hearing the abnormal sound, he suddenly looked back and turned to look.

“You …”

Turn around. When you saw the strange noise, Huoyun was stunned, her face was unbelievable, and the tears in her eyes had begun to turn.

“Yun … Yuner?” A questioning voice sounded in Cave Mansion.

“How, I told you before that I’m really your son Lin Lei. You still don’t believe it. Now that you’ve seen your mother, you should believe it?” Watching your father and mother move at this moment, Lin Lei couldn’t help saying with a smile.

Cangyun mountain range is not very far from Wind Cloud Sect. Lin Lei’s breath can only be reached. Even if it is a place of positive and negative poles, as long as Lin Lei thinks, he can reach it with a tight breath.

“You … Are you really Yuner? My Yuner?” This one, the entire world seems to be the only two of them. Lin Lei said that Lin Feng didn’t seem to hear it, staring at the fire. Cloud, voice trembling reconfirmed.

How long, when he was locked in the dungeon, he was thinking about meeting his wife Huoyun all the time, but unfortunately, those dark days made him completely cut off that kind of thought.

In his opinion, that kind of thinking is simply unrealistic, and how that situation can meet the day, even if you are lucky to survive, you will not be able to leave the dungeon, and you can only die in the dungeon that ’s all.

But now … this makes his wife who is not thinking about him appear in front of him day and night, but he can’t believe it.

Happiness came too suddenly. Suddenly it made him a little unreal, especially his wife ’s face. I did n’t talk about white hair in the past ten years, but she did n’t even have any wrinkles on her face. The young people who just met each other, it is precisely because of this that he dare not know each other …

However, Huoyun didn’t think so. The time when the husband and wife met was very worthwhile. It can be seen that her husband questioned and confirmed again and again, which made Huoyun’s hot temper burst out.

“I said you want to die? Who is your wife, or is your wife, or have you been outside during this time?” The words suddenly changed, and the scene completely disappeared.

Let’s step forward and pinch Lin Feng’s ears, a look like you want to die.

“Uh …”

“This, mother, are you really good like this?” Looking at mother’s appearance, Lin Lei felt a chill in his heart. Although I know that mother has this side, this side has not been seen for a long time.

Lin Feng’s eyes are full of sympathy. He admires his dad’s spirit of not being afraid of death. He didn’t know how the two looked right.

Of course, the scene that made Lin Lei even more eye-opening appeared. Lin Feng, who was still full of doubts, is now pinching his ears and being reprimanded by Huoyun, but no laughter comes from his mouth.

“ha ha ha.”

“Yes, that’s the feeling, you really are my Yuner!”


Lin Feng’s appearance at this moment, on the performance of de-shaking M, he is really a little hard to believe that his father recognizes this way.

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