Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1132



Seeing the sadness on his son’s face, Huoyun still wanted that many there, turned his head and looked towards his husband, Lin Feng’s body with straight hair was seen from the murderous eyes.

“I said, Lin Feng, you can! This is how many years I have n’t seen, why, my son does n’t recognize me, oh, according to your meaning, this son is not your uncle!”

“I … I …” It took me a while, but I didn’t say a mouthful at last. It looked like Lin Lei was very refreshing.

“Well, mother, I’ll go out first!” Lin Lei understood that the two saw that there should be a lot of things to say, Lin Lei didn’t bother, and chose to leave very interestingly.

“Well, you go!” Huoyun nodded answered.

“I said, don’t go, chat for a while!” Lin Lei’s departure, Lin Feng was unwilling, at this moment Lin Lei left, then the next thing is that there may be and so on, before Lin Lei was in Here, his life is guaranteed.

“Forget it, I’ll go out and take care of some things so that we can leave here later.” Say, wait for the two to speak and turn to leave the cave.

Lin Lei’s departure, Huoyun’s cannibalistic gaze appeared, and then he reached out and hammered towards Lin Feng’s chest, tears in his eyes couldn’t stop flowing, uttering sadness.

It’s just that this sadness and the appearance of Huoyun are exactly tears for a beautiful woman!

“You old fart, you talk about it, we haven’t come back for so many years, we all thought you died in that war, you …” Next moment, Huoyun’s complaining voice came from the cave.

At the entrance of the cave, listening to the voice coming out of the mountainside cave, a smile emerged from Lin Lei’s face, “After all, it’s a woman.”

“I don’t know how the shadow two are now?” Suddenly, the silhouette of the shadow two appeared in Lin Lei’s mind.

I have been out for so long, and I am really concerned about them. The more I think, the more eager Lin Lin is to return to God World.

Lin Lei’s family is complete, but the pattern of the entire Guangyun Empire and even the entire destiny world has changed unprecedentedly.

After Lin Lei left, Scarlet Flame Tiger slaughtered the entire Wind Cloud Sect, even the beasts of Wind Cloud Sect were completely killed.

This thing happened too bizarrely. Wind Cloud Sect is one of the Great Sects of Destiny. Such a powerful sect is destroyed. Naturally, other spies of the Empire and sect will not let go of this news. Suddenly, the news of Wind Cloud Sect’s destruction passed to the ears of the Empire and other sects.

While Wind Cloud Sect can be wiped out, the cultivation base can be said to be very powerful, so after receiving the news from each Great Sect and the Empire, they began to investigate it secretly.

In this regard, Lin Lei didn’t know anything. After leaving Cave Mansion, Lin Lei found Liu Changtian. At this moment, Long Yaoyang had disappeared and Li Sovereign Dao was not seen either.

The reason given by Liu Changtian is to release all of them. As for the reason is Long Ming, originally this thing was because of Long Yaoyang, but before answering Rain Dragon Ming to take care of Long Family, so he let off Long Yao. Yang.

Lin Lei did n’t say anything about Liu Changtian ’s approach. Anyway, this place wo n’t take long. After a day or two, he took his family and left here to God World. When the time comes who loves who .

Scarlet Flame Tiger returned to Lin Lei after extinguishing Wind Cloud Sect. His eyes were full of vigilance about the appearance of Scarlet Flame Tiger. He could feel the sense of crisis in Scarlet Flame Tiger. Scarlet Flame Tiger was In his eyes, it was like a large furnace, and he was a small iron block in the furnace, which was in danger of being melted at any time.

Of course, Scarlet Flame Tiger noticed the blood pupa, but Scarlet Flame Tiger couldn’t say a little about the blood puffer. According to Scarlet Flame Tiger, the blood pucker is an ant, and it is not worth his attention at all.

Return to Lin Lei. Lin Lei not at all took it back, but let him stay outside. After all, he didn’t come out for a long time, and Lin Lei felt a little distressed.

Think of Scarlet Flame Tiger’s loyalty to it. It’s been thousands of years. Scarlet Flame Tiger has been conquered by him since the early teens, and the role of Scarlet Flame Tiger has been very great.

A day has passed. A lot of things happened on this day. Lin Lei returned to the ontology, Lin Feng was recovered, and everything was resolved perfectly after the return.

In the evening, Lin Feng and Huo Yun finally said what they had hidden in their hearts for many years. As for Lin Lei, Huo Yun naturally told Lin Feng about all of them. For Lin Lei’s changes, Lin Feng knew it For one thing, Lin Lei is his species, no matter how it changes.

In this regard, Lin Lei’s heart is full of warmth, but he is also speechless to his indifferent dad.

What did you say? I haven’t seen him for years. I have to ask Lin Lei to make him eat more food and do my filial piety. Huoyun wants to stop it, but Lin Lei agrees.

For such a trivial matter, let alone Lin Feng not say, Lin Lei will also take action, the whole world, as long as Lin Feng wants. Even if he wants to be the master of this destiny level, Lin Lei will without the slightest hesitation enslave the entire destiny creature and give it to him.

Lin Lei’s family was sitting next to the fire. Naturally, Scarlet Flame Tiger could not leave Lin Lei, but at this moment, Scarlet Flame Tiger looks very small, and the whole beauty killer.

Liu Changtian didn’t leave. As for the other people, he was also afraid to approach.

Reach out your hand, take out a dagger, pull a few times on your hand, climb up the various spices, and then roast the meat on the fire again. Suddenly, the aroma overflows, and everyone will smell it. With this noise, Jun could not help rolling his throat.

“didn’t expect it, Lao Tzu’s son has such a good craftsmanship, and it seems to be a blessing in the future.”

“Yeah, I did n’t expect it.” Huoyun was shocked at the barbecue of Lin Lei. She did n’t expect her son to reach the sky through the cultivation base, even this barbecue … People covet.

“That’s for sure!” While the two of Huo Yun were shocked, Scarlet Flame Tiger couldn’t help but say, “Lei Ge’s craftsmanship is very good, not only the barbecue, he makes everything delicious In this world, I am afraid that only Lei Ge’s fullness is the most delicious thing in this world. “

“Yes, yes, Tiger is right!”

Huo Yun has been shocked about Scarlet Flame Tiger’s talking about it. Although the previous body was a bit scary, now this look, Huo Yun likes it too late.

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