Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1133

“Don’t tell me that I suddenly missed me, so come to me!”

“You’re right!” Small dragon not at all intends to conceal it, “A very good thing has happened in the holy realm this time, so system decided to let you enter the holy realm in advance, and then make a break . “

“Maybe you can find breakthrough opportunities in the chaos of this time!”

“Holy Realm? Chaos?”

The place where the Holy Realm has been yearning for a long time, and now I hear the word chaos, brows slightly wrinkle, said solemnly: “What’s going on? Are you not in God World? How can you know the confusion of the Holy Realm?”

“And what happened in the holy realm can make you come to me a long way, and let me end the trial ahead of time.”

At this moment, Lin Lei had a bad hunch in his heart. Although there is no expression on the face of small dragon, Lin Lei can feel that things at this time are very serious.

Sure enough, the words of small dragon make Lin Lei completely speechless.

“There is a young dusk in the holy realm. If you can get him, it will be of great help to you in the future, so I am here.”

“You also know that there are many powerhouses in the holy realm, and I hope that in this experience, you will not only get the dusk of the heavens, but also improve the cultivation base, one move, two gains.”

“And now!”

“You have to make a name in the Holy Realm, which is very helpful for Profound Sect to enter the Holy Realm.”

“Evening in the heavens? Trial?” Looking up towards small dragon, Lin Lei had a heart in his heart that wanted to strangle him.

He doesn’t know what it is at dusk, but since the holy people can seduce, this thing will not be seen. As for the trial, it is even more nonsense. With his current realm, let alone trial It is good to survive in the Holy Realm.

“Why … scared?”

See Lin Lei’s unwrinkled appearance, small dragon teased.

“You must understand that this species is very powerful at dusk, so to speak, his existence is not weak and bloody, even stronger than bloody bloodline.”

“You …” waiting for the small dragon, Lin Lei’s heart that wants to strangle him is stronger, although Lin Lei knows small dragon, but small dragon knows Lin Lei better, and he knows that Lin Lei likes good things.

Of course, reap without sowing is even better. Yes, things like not at all will fall on him.

“How to do it or not, there is only one chance. If the heavens are conquered by others, then your mother’s worship mission will not be completed.”

“His, I think about it, if the task of worship of ten thousand sects is not completed, then the final result seems to be obliterated!”

“If that’s the case, then your relatives will be cold. Think about your sinners. If they knew you were dead, even if your son is now in the state of divine respect, you think he can Does it deter those ants who do not blink? “

“Boom, you shameless!” Looking at the eyes of small dragon, it can be said to change.

Although on the surface, the small dragon really has a strong relationship with Lin Lei, but in reality, this fuck is clearly a kidnapping and a threat!

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