Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1134


“Well, yes, I have come in and have come back!” Closed, the small dragon silhouette disappeared and returned to the system instantly.

“Well, you can’t help but say this. What time was not forced by you, really …” Thinking of the past, Lin Lei just wanted to replace it with a white eye.

I can’t bear to look back. Every time I am fooled by system and small dragon, the most important thing is to know that there may be pits in front of me, but I have to jump.

Think about it, the sound of sighs couldn’t stop coming from Lin Lei’s mouth. All night, Lin Lei’s sigh echoed in the cave, just like that, the sky … gradually lightened.

Gray dawn rises from the edge of the sky, and the red sun rises slowly from the eastern margin. The scenery is very beautiful, especially the destiny world under the morning sun. It is very peaceful and peaceful as if it was covered with red clothes.

Beyond the cave, Liu Changtian is unusually early.

“咚 … 咚”

The muffled sound sounded, the earth seemed to tremble, and the dragon and the others who were sleeping outside, were all awakened by this sound at this moment.

“Wake up!”

Looking at Long Ming and the others, Liu Changtian looked at the crowd, his face was not at all because he awakened the crowd and felt sorry. On the contrary, what made the crowd speechless was that Liu Changtian began to directly command the crowd. To work.

“Okay, just work when you get up.”

“Uh!” Looking at Liu Changtian, Long Ming wanted to say no, but he couldn’t say it because he didn’t have the courage.

A smile emerged, hesitating, and nodded answered, “OK, here we go.”

Long Ming’s mood at the moment Liu Changtian can understand, but what Liu Changtian wants is that he hates me but can’t kill me. There is no way, whoever fists hard, is the boss.

Longming went to live. As for the rest, he returned to his post and started a new day’s work. As for Liu Changtian, he also found a stream and started to clean up the monsters on his body.

The monster is very big. At least 30 people ca n’t finish it. This is Liu Changtian’s hunting in the morning. It is because of the monster that he carried the movement. Wake everyone up.


Come to Xishuirang and drop the monster on his back directly to the ground. I do n’t know when I have a dagger in my hand.

“Stab thorn”

The dagger said the softest part of the monster, drove straight in, pierced it and started to deal with it.

I have to say that under the long-term oppression of Lin Lei, Liu Changtian’s dissect monsters have very good skills. The whole line is flowing, in one go, it’s quite a lot.

After a while, a whole animal skin was shaved by Liu Changtian, and the bloody back willow was thrown into the stream and washed away by the stream.

Looking up at the sky, watching the round of red sun rising slowly in the east, the sky was bright, Liu Changtian was anxious, “It seems to be faster.”

In Kamiya, Liu Changtian is responsible for Lin Lei’s diet, so when the sun rises gradually, he knows that Lin Lei is moving fast.

However, Liu Changtian didn’t know that Lin Lei didn’t sleep all night because of being pitted by system and small dragon. He was very upset and immersed in wine all night.

Of course, I was partly occupied by the unhappy mood, but the bigger part was because I did n’t drink it for a long time for a long time, so I made up for the past time.

The stream makes Liu Changtian busy in a frenzy. Long Ming is not idle. After raising the fire, he walks to the stream to give Liu Changtian a fight.

“Senior, you have done a great job.” Looking at Liu Changtian’s art-like dissect technique, his eyes fell into it.

Indeed, this dissect is a miscellaneous method of Lin Lei’s original dissect. The method is clever. Of course, it is not only used for dissect. If it is used for battle, I am afraid the scene will be very bloody.

This dissect method is afraid that in this destiny world, it will become a top-level warfare. Even if it is above some self-cultivation stars, it will be regarded as a top-level warfare.

After all, this dissect technique is passed from the hand of a Saint, and the level can be imagined.

Listening to Long Ming’s flattery, a smile appeared on his face, “You boy, this thing was taught to me by the Master. I want to learn it, and slowly boil it. I thought I was tortured for a year. It ’s such a great achievement. “

“I’m not afraid to tell you, as far as I am so skilled now, at most I can be skilled. If the Master is close, the whole monster will be cleaned up by dissect in an instant.”


Shocked, just listening to it, my eyes are very hot, thinking of the kind of monster monster that will be so dissect in an instant, the scene is absolutely shocked.

“Oh, okay, let’s work quickly, follow the study, maybe the Master is happy, and telling you some warfare will make you use it for life.”

Speaking, Liu Changtian is busy again, and Long Ming is working harder than before, and looks like a calf.

“Oh, this kid!”

Long Ming’s idea How Liu Changtian didn’t understand, thinking of the scene when Lin Lei took him as an apprentice …

If you think about it, Liu Changtian feels very fortunate. If he did n’t visit the teacher at first, he was afraid that he was still nestled in that small city at the moment, as his City Lord.

If you think about it, Liu Changtian finds it interesting, and I don’t know what I thought about it.

The cave where Huoyun is located, the two are already dressed and looking at her husband, Huoyun finally believes that this is not a dream, and believes that her husband has finally returned.

“Good, the family is finally reunited!”

Can’t help but say this, the face is full of happiness.

“Yeah, finally reunited!” Thinking of all that happened over the years, Lin Feng booed in his heart.

“Let’s go!”

Reaching out to hold her husband’s hand moved towards the cave, although the old man is already an old wife, but at this moment the two are very tired and crooked like a couple just in love.

Cave Mansion, seeing Huo Yun coming out, Liu Changtian quickly got up and saluted, “Nanny, Master, good morning.”

“Breakfast will be ready soon, but now there are only these, so it will be a moment.”

“Uh … oh, Master … this title …!” Lin Feng always felt weird when he heard the young man calling himself Master.

“He is Lei’s apprentice. It is normal for you to call your master, and you don’t have to bear the stress of your heart.” Then, nodded to Liu Changtian.

“It’s okay, you are busy.”

Say, the two came to the fire and sat down, “Where is Thunder, haven’t you got up yet?”

Peeping all around, I didn’t see my son, Huoyun asked Liu Changtian.

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