Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1135


Lin Lei finally spent the drink from the sun, looking at the bottles on the ground, Lin Lei booed, “didn’t expect to drink so much at night!”

Think about how little Tibetan wine you have left.

“Your boy’s mouth is refreshed, just don’t look like this.” The voice of small dragon sounded in Lin Lei’s mind.

“Cut, what do you know!”

“My wine has been precipitated for thousands of years. Do you think it is ordinary wine? Really.”

“Every bottle of wine here is a collector’s edition. I’m afraid there isn’t a bottle in this destiny world. Even God World is rare.

In other words, a small eye casts no longer a chance for a small dragon. He stands up and acts as a water pump. A soft stream of water emerges out of thin air, washing Lin Lei’s entire body. Suddenly, the original full body of wine disappears instantly.

Spiritual Qi overflowed, and the original wet clothes dried out instantly, and a strange fragrance came out of the clothes.


After doing all this, Lin Lei stepped out of the cave. Lin Lei was very clear about the situation outside the cave. Even if he didn’t use Divine Consciousness, he could hear it with his ears.

If Lin Lei likes it, Lin Lei will be able to hear clearly and clearly beyond 1000 meters.

Looking at his parents, Lin Lei stepped forward and saluted, “Father, father, good morning.”

“Oh, Lei is here!”

Huoyun is covered. After all, I have been with you these days, but Lin Feng is different. The moment I saw Lin Lei, the whole person jumped up and came to Lin Lei. He stretched his hands over Lin Lei’s shoulders. .

“Nice, good, strong, I want to leave for the father but you are just a little child, tsk tsk, time!”

“hehe” Lin Lei didn’t speak, just smiled.

If this scene is the old eccentric old faces of God World, I am afraid that my chin will be frightened by what Lin Feng just did.

You know, that’s Lin Lei, known as the existence of the devil. How often have you been treated this way?

It’s Lin Feng. If another stranger treats him like this, I’m afraid Lin Lei will slap it directly into flesh.

“Okay, let’s do it quickly, and sigh that that many, what a chance to meet that many in the future, it’s okay, take your time slowly, you make up for the time.” Huoyun smiled at her husband and son. wave.

“Yes, dad, you will have a chance in the future.” This sentence Lin Lei has not lied and entered God World, Lin Lei will pass Profound Sect’s highest mind to him, in the context of God World Even if he is afraid of sleeping, he can cultivate success Immortal Realm.

Although Immortal Realm cannot live forever, Henggu, but thousands of years can still live.


The two Lin Feng came to the fire and sat down, but this time Lin Lei also sat between Lin Feng and Huoyun, and the family was very peaceful.

Lin Lei’s heart was filled with warmth as Father Lin looked nervous.

It’s the third time to count it. There was a father who crossed the other world, but the father is really …

After returning to Water Blue Star, Yin and Yang had father, but that father did make Lin Lei feel even more uncomfortable. Now, the third life is filled with warmth in Lin Lei’s heart.

This childhood piece of father has finally made up here, and this feeling is very wonderful.

Although he is also a father, he does n’t know how to be a father, otherwise eldest son Jin En wo n’t die, and the remaining son is the second son Lin Yun, who is not close to him. The rest …

Think about it, Lin Lei didn’t feel it in his heart, but after thinking about what they got, he stopped thinking about it. As long as they are safe and healthy, this is the greatest comfort of Lin Lei.

“Come, son, I’m optimistic, this is the best place for this monster.” He reached out and tore the flesh of the monster’s chest and handed it to Lin Lei, his face full of expectations.


Lin Lei’s heart trembled as if looking at the flesh in front of him.

“Don’t … unwilling to eat?”

Lin Lei In God, not at all took the meat in the hands of Lin Feng in time. For a time, Lin Feng thought that Lin Lei didn’t like to eat it.

“No … no, I like it!”

came back to his senses, feeling the loss of father, Lin Lei hurriedly brought the meat in front of him, and it seemed to be eaten raw, and looked very detached, but Lin Feng saw this week with a smile on his face His face was full of doting.

“Eat slowly, eat slowly, don’t choke!” Then he reached out and passed the glass in front of him, for fear that Lin Lei would choke like it,

Lin Lei, who is fleshy body but sanctified. Even if I eat the whole Demon Beast, I won’t feel panic. However, Lin Lei still took the cup and drank the water from the cup.

For this, Lin Feng feels very satisfied. This family of three lives together is something he has long missed.

Aside, Huoyun looked at the father and son so, with a smile on his face, and his heart was very relaxed.

Liu Changtian and the others do n’t bother this kind of scene, can only stay obediently, eat the meat silently, dare not speak, as for Scarlet Flame Tiger, that guy is even more gobble, can be imagined, He hasn’t been released for a century, and he misses this kind of cooked food very much.

Today’s food is still impossible to live up to, it is not that sentence, let him go down the west floor next month, it is not as good as the current food.

A meal should have been finished quickly, but Lin Lei likes it so much.

It should have ended in an hour and a half, but it was dragged on by Lin Lei forcibly for two hours. For this reason, Lin Feng was still doting slowly, and there was never a half point.

“hu… full.”

Wipe your mouth, turn your head and look away towards the parents, their faces are right. Now they have eaten and eaten, it is time to talk about business.

“Dad, mother, the same question yesterday, would you like to follow your son to God World?”

“Of course, before I leave, I will take all of the Lin Family together. As for the uncles, I will reshape the flushy body for them after entering God World. When the time comes, you can reunite.”


“However, if you don’t want to leave … you can, I will enslave the entire destiny world, so that you will not be harmed in any way, when the time comes, the entire destiny world, every life, will acknowledge allegiance Lin Family, Let it be. ”