Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1136


Looking at his parents’ smiles and decisions, Lin Lei felt relieved, and yesterday’s worry was one less thing.

“Well, so, after a while, go home after dinner and bring them grandfather, and then come back to God World with me.”

“God World has a lot of things. I do n’t have it here, and there are so many delicious things. Not only that, God World can easily pull out a cultivator, which can easily destroy this destiny world.”

“There, you two can practise the most advanced cultivation techniques, and it won’t be long before they become one of them, even stronger than them.”

“The most important thing is that your son, my sect, is the top-level existence in God World.”

In this way, the answer from Huo Yun and Lin Lei opened the clip, and the whole style changed completely.

God World’s scenery, customs and customs, some of you should pay attention to God World, Lin Lei told them all, Lin Lei has no reservations about this.

A little time passed, and the afternoon came, and Lin Lei’s forgetful explanation finally came to an end.

Huoyun and others are looking forward to God World. They want to see if God World heard from their son.

There are thousands of people in the country, and it ’s true that the scenery can be destroyed by a cultivator.

“There are many more, waiting for God World, I will let you talk about it well.” Then, Lin Lei looked at Liu Changtian’s expectant look, smiled, and suddenly got up.

“Go clean up, let’s get out of here!”

“Uh … oh, right away” Lin Lei’s voice came to his ears. Liu Changtian came back to his senses from the gods, and quickly spoke, then got up and moved towards the cave.

“Longming, right!”

“Uh … yes, yes, the subordinate is Long Ming.” In the distance, Long Ming, waiting, heard Lin Lei’s words and quickly responded, the excitement in his heart.

In Longming’s eyes, Liu Changtian exists as a god. Now he remembers his name as much as possible, how can this not make him excited.

At this moment, I am afraid that Lin Lei will let him die, Long Ming will not hesitate at all!

Long Ming looks like this at the moment, Lin Lei froze, but helplessly laughed, “You go and collect yours and concentrate on it, this time to take care of my mother can also be regarded as a merit, you must return to God World in order to rectify the deity, see In your care of my mother, let ’s return to God World and practice together. “

For those thirty men, Lin Lei investigated when they returned to the ontology. Among them, high-grade spirit roots are suitable, and the rest are basically mid-grade spirit roots, and even some are low-grade spirit roots. Keep up.

It is impossible to join Profound Sect with such qualifications, but when they think of their absence, they can stand guard to protect their mother’s safety regardless of their mortal danger, and it is understandable to take them up.

“Really … really, you … would you like to bring us?” Long Ming exclaimed, his eyes were full of disbelief, he could hardly believe that he was lucky enough to go to God World in Lin Lei’s mouth.

I thought Lin Lei wouldn’t take them when they left, but now hearing Lin Lei’s decision, Long Ming is dumbfounded,

“No matter what, since Lei Ge said he would not take his word for bringing you, so you still have to rectify your manpower. If anyone is slow and delays, even if Lei Ge wants to bring you, I would not Oh! “Scarlet Flame Tiger said.

“Hehe, you can do it!” Looking at Scarlet Flame Tiger, his face was full of smiles, nothing else, just thought Scarlet Flame Tiger was right.

“Then … then I will go now, now.”

Thinking of Scarlet Flame Tiger, Long Ming was anxious, bowed saluted to Lin Lei, turned to run the cultivation base, and left Lin Lei and the others in front of 2%.

Everyone understands the excitement of Long Ming, but Scarlet Flame Tiger does not understand it. Although they know that they have taken care of Huoyun, this is not enough to take them into God World.

Thinking of my child, the color of doubt flashed in the pupil, and aside, Lin Lei naturally noticed the strangeness of Scarlet Flame Tiger.

“Do n’t think about it, you have to go back anyway. Now that they obey the order of Little Tian, ​​it would be better to take them up and go to the door of my little apprentice in the future. As for the others, he looked at it himself Do. “


Scarlet Flame Tiger reluctantly accepts this, but think of this group of weak chickens … no, no, ants, think that this group of ants will soon enter the God World of person fighting person, and I can’t help feeling a little sympathy for them.

If possible, he would rather be a martial artist here, although the cultivation base is not good, but at least it is safe here. Compared to God World, it can be called heaven, hidden land of peace and prosperity.

In God World, although you do n’t want to cause trouble, things will find you. In God World, you must always be 2% a hundred spirits. You ca n’t relax for a moment, otherwise you do n’t know how to die.

“Okay, hurry up and eat, you ca n’t stop your mouth from eating.” Then, reach out and hold Scarlet Flame Tiger, reach out and take a shot, a piece of meat appears in your hand, and hand it to Scarlet Flame Tiger. He started feeding.

“Hehe, what Lei Ge feeds is incense.” Looking at Lin Lei, Scarlet Flame Tiger ate it, and he didn’t forget to mention it when he ate it. Lin Lei really wanted to laugh.

“Little tiger is so cute!” Looking at Scarlet Flame Tiger like this, Huoyun couldn’t help but speak, a little envious on his face.

After hearing this, Lin Lei looked, “If mother likes it, when God World can choose a Spirit Beast from Profound Sect’s beast as a pet, when the time comes, let alone Scarlet Flame Tiger, than Scarlet Flame Tiger. Even more adorable. “

“Yes, my son said so, when the time comes, I will accompany you to choose.” Lin Fengji said.

“Cut, I think you want to choose a Spirit Beast for your own mount!” The thought of finding a home, how did Huoyun not know.

Glancing at her husband, she smiled and picked up Scarlet Flame Tiger in Lin Lei’s hand.

The speed of packing things is fast, and there are not many things, basically some clothes that ’s all.

Liu Changtian soon appeared from Cave Mansion, and he had more large and small bags in his hand, “Master, everything is organized.”

Looking at Liu Changtian, Lin Lei nodded, “Well, I see, wait a moment, wait for Long Ming to bring people, so we will leave here later.”

Speaking, he waved his hands and collected the saluted of large and small bags in Liu Changtian’s hands into the storage ring.

“En? This … this is …” This scene was seen by Lin Feng, crying out in surprise.

Everything in Cultivation World will surprise them here, even though the storage ring in the bad street of Cultivation World makes Lin Feng so curious.

No, not only Lin Feng, but even mother Huoyun also feels magical, Liu Changtian is even more so.

“This is a ring. You drop your blood on the storage ring finger. If you move your faith, you will be able to receive what you want to receive into this ring.”

“The storage ring refers to the fact that in Cultivation World, it is a must-have for killing and overstocking. It can make you light and simple, very convenient.”

“In this, it is made of Void Abyss Stone and some matrix methods plus refining means. Because it is the shape of a ring, it is called storage ring. It also has the shape of a bracelet, earrings, and necklaces. Both. “

“Now, that’s all.” As soon as Divine Sense moved, he took out the various storage styles stored in the system and put it in front of the second old man.

“Look at what style you want!” For these things, even if you took out a thousand Lin Lei, they all came out.

I thought that in Immortal World, because of his wife and children, he had slaughtered several sects. Among them, the disciple was not a few million. He had a wasteful and shameful attitude at that time, and it was normal to kill and touch the body.

system Space brother, storage ring means that there are several mountains piled up. Of course, one thing Lin Lei was wrong. In Culture World, such a storage ring means only elders, protectors, and Sect Master. Of course, there are some rich sects that will give true disciple, but not many.

Generally, in Culture World, storage bags are very popular. Of course, even for some poor planets, even storage bags are not even available.

Of course, this storage ring means nothing to Lin Lei. When Cultivation World kills and overstocks, this kind of thing is too lazy to look at, but it is slightly better after the sect. After all, sect is bottomless. Pit, of course, wealth is not small.

Furthermore, more and more apprentices, disciple, are endless bottomless pits. If it is not shameful to waste, what will he use to feed that many people, just kidding.

Finally, the three of Huoyun chose three different ones. Mother Huoyun chose a type of bracelet. Father Lin Feng also chose a wristband. As for Liu Changtian, he also chose an ordinary storage. ring means.

However, the three of them chose not to be the kind of bad street thing in Cultivation World. What Lin Lei brought out were all low grade Divine Item. This kind of low grade Divine Item storage space, let alone the destiny world. That is, all three destiny worlds can fit him and still have plenty of room.

Looking at the trio happily playing with the storage Divine Item they got, Lin Lei was helpless, but it was difficult to express. After all, he was facing his parents and apprentices.

“Okay, quickly follow the method I said before, squeeze a drop of blood on it, and let Hou initially contact him. When he got to God World and converted his Origin Force into the spirit of God, he was trying Refining it. “

The three people who were playing around heard Lin Lei’s words, they were nodded, squeezed a drop of blood with the cultivation base, and dropped it on the storage Divine Item.

“shua” o

San Dao Xia Guang was radiated from the Divine Item’s storage, but the Xia Guang disappeared immediately after it appeared.

“Okay, it should be fine.”

Looking at the three, Lin Lei started to guide them to try to communicate with the storage ring finger, “Feel it with your heart, and let your later thoughts enter the storage ring finger. As for vomiting, you also need to think.”

According to Lin Lei, the three closed their eyes and began to perceive it with their hearts.

“Is this … is this the space Lei said?” In a dark space, Huoyun stood looking all around.

“But … why is it different from what Lei said? Isn’t it that there is a lot of space? Why is there such a point?” Looking at the space found in only one room, Huoyun was a little puzzled.

“I feel it, son, I feel it, your son!” Withdrawing from the space, Lin Feng was very excited.

“Well, just feel it.” Looking at the face on Father’s face, Lin Lei was very satisfied, and the joy of heaven is beyond that!

Think about having two daughters, and a beautiful granddaughter, who now has both parents, what else can he be dissatisfied with!

Soon, soon after Lin Feng woke up, Liu Changtian also woke up, but Liu Changtian not at all excitedly said like Lin Feng. Forget about it.

“Son, why is there only one room in the space? Didn’t you say the space for this thing was large before?” Mother Huoyun woke up and looked towards Lin Lei to explain her doubts.

Aside, Lin Feng and Liu Changtian heard this and looked towards Lin Lei with the same doubt.

Because they were so happy before, they forgot about this problem, but now Huoyun said it.

“This is very simple!” Looking at the three people’s expectations, Lin Lei smiled and explained, “Now your cultivation base is too weak, so you can only use the space you see.”

“However, when your cultivation base is improved, the space will increase with your strength. Even if you enter the divine realm, this thing is also useful.” There is no doubt about this, Lin Lei’s products are all good things. I think the storage ring of the bad street means how can he use it for his parents and apprentices.

After hearing this, the three of them suddenly opened up, clearly nodded, “It turned out to be this way.”

When the four were talking, Long Ming came with a group of people from a distance, and the movement was not small, which alarmed the four Lin Lei who were talking,

“You are here!”

Looking at Long Ming and the others, Liu Changtian spoke. He was very satisfied with Long Ming. Originally, he wanted Lin Lei to save him from death. By the way, he made a running errand around him. Become a follower completely.

“Senior, I’ve handed over all the people, according to Mr.”.

Mr. naturally said Lin Lei, but he didn’t know what to call Lin Lei. After all, Lin Lei was Liu Changtian’s Master. His name was Liu Changtian Senior and then Lin Lei Senior, which felt weird.

Looking at Long Mingentire group, a smile emerged, “Then I will wait for the disciple of this branch of Liu Changtian. As for how to call me, please call me Venerable Lord at Sect, and call me Young Master outside. “

I hope that everyone at Profound Sect will call it that, but because they were qualified for Profound Sect Sect Master before, they are generally called Sect Master in sect. Now, after leaving office, it is naturally impossible to grab the title with their son.

“Yes, Young Master.”

The response was pretty quick. Lin Lei tone barely fell, 36 people like Long Ming spoke like a Young Master, and their voices were loud and without any clutter.