Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1137


“Relax, it won’t be long before your son releases you. By then you will be home without looking.”

After hearing this, Huoyun and his son responded nodded, “Okay, all it’s up to you will do.”

“Well, good.”

A hand moved towards the front, Huoyun, Lin Feng, Liu Changtian and the others all disappeared into the system space.

Looking at the matter, Lin Lei divine sense moved into the system space and came to the space where Huoyun and the others were located. “Mom, you can stay here for a while, and it will be all right.”

Speaking, Lin Lei still feels uneasy, looks up at the sky, and divide sense communicates with small dragon warned repeatedly: “Look at it a bit, although there is nothing dangerous here, who knows if those monsters will go crazy.”

“Fuck, what do you think of Lao Tzu?”

The voice of small dragon appears, but the tone is not so good, “Lao Tzu’s cultivation base is stronger than you, and you must let Lao Tzu show you the door.”

The more you say, the smaller dragon gets more angry, of course, that ’s all on the surface, that ’s all, my heart promised it, of course, even if Lin Lei did n’t say he would watch it on his own.

Lin Lei’s temper is very well understood. If Huoyun suffers a small amount of damage, he is afraid that the monsters of the entire system will be implicated.

Imagine that when you caught these monsters, you lost your old nose, so it was all worthless because it disappeared.

“Let ’s go, wait for the Holy World to compensate you, okay!”

“That’s it, I’m leaving now.” After waiting for the small dragon to finish, Lin Lei escaped from the system, and for the conversation between Lin Lei and small dragon just now, Huoyun and the others, In the eyes of the others, Lin Lei just slapped the god for a few seconds that’s all.

They don’t know much about the existence of small dragon.

“You ah …” Seeing Lin Lei running so fast, the small dragon could not help laughing, and then retreated, but the Divine Sense was always in the place where Huoyun and the others were staying.

From the outside world, return to the body, and look down towards the Scarlet Flame Tiger under him. Now there are only two people left, and there is more freedom to come and go. The cultivation base of the Scarlet Flame Tiger is only one step away. Even God World is rare.

Finally, the Scarlet Flame Tiger is finally very underground. If it weren’t for Bloodline and Lin Lei, who have dragons, for years, they have piled up heavenly materials earthly treasures. I am afraid that Scarlet Flame Tiger will not come to this realm.

“Let’s go.”


“ao wu…”

Speaking of Lin Lei, Scarlet Flame Tiger stepped forward and came to Lin Lei on his own initiative. The body suddenly became bigger, of course, only what Lin Lei called physical strength. After all, his cultivation base is too strong. Release all fleshy body, fear this world can’t bear it.


Scarlet Flame Tiger’s behavior fell into Lin Lei’s eyes, a touch of fine light flashed, a smile appeared on his face, and his body jumped onto Scarlet Flame Tiger’s body.

“Yes, Liancheng.”

“Okay, Lei Ge, you’re done, now I’m fast!” It seems that I want Lin Lei to praise me, lifts the head instantly, and praise me quickly.

Understanding the Scarlet Flame Tiger ’s Lin Lei, he quickly laughed and praised it with nodded, “Well, our little tiger is awesome, I ’m afraid that Dragon Race will not dare to have the slightest crazy capital in front of you.”

“That’s it!”

Lin Lei said this, it was exactly the idea in Scarlet Flame Tiger’s heart, and he was even more proud. In one step, Scarlet Flame Tiger traveled to the sky and moved towards Lin Lei’s mouth.

As the Scarlet Flame Tiger of the god, Divine Consciousness can release the whole destiny with a little release. Finding a city is not a piece of cake.

…… …… God World, inside Profound Sect, in the great hall of Profound Sect, Lin Yun sits in the upper position, his face is full of sorrow, as if something bad happened.

On the side, Kui Gang is now aside, looking at the sadness on Lin Yun’s face, his heart is amused, “didn’t expect Now this little Young Master is also worried.”

For all these years, he has been by Lin Yun, watching Lin Yun grow up from a little fairy to a paragon nowadays. He can even ask Paragon of the entire holy realm, and now he is so worried about a small thing. appearance.

“Uncle Gang, what do you think I should do?” He did not turn his head, lowered his head, and frowned, his unspeakable taste made him uncomfortable.

“This Little Missy is just so old, so I went out for a while and came back and told me she was going to marry that bastard, how long has it been, I … I …” Think about it, Lin Yun said in his heart Speechless.


Kui Gang knows the matter very well, but after all this is Lin Yun’s family affair. Although he is very high in Profound Sect, he dare not care about such things.

“Uncle Gang, just say, now that Father isn’t around, that’s you, what do you think I should do? Then Little Brat has hardened his wings now, just to hit her boss for a bastard who hasn’t known him for a long time, You said, why did I … let him go out to practice? “Think of Lin Yun’s heart blocked. If you know that is the case, Lin Yun’s death would not let his pearl in the palm. Go out and practice.

Now, a few days out, this fuck brought a pretty boy back, and he will marry him with an open mouth and a closed mouth.

Lin Yun, I usually do n’t see my daughter very much. Now, the daughter always said that he would leave him and finish marrying, which made Lin Yun able to bear it. Of course, the most important thing is that he treats that The bastard didn’t understand at all. His family and family didn’t know each other well. How could he just let his baby so easily?

The most important thing is that Lin Lei did not return. She did not return as the grandfather, and this matter is not dare to settle.

“oh! I’m sad.”

Long sighed then said, in Lin Yun’s mind, this is more tiring than fighting a cultivator in a state of divine respect.

Looking at Lin Yun so worried, Kui Gang can’t stand it anymore. It’s so good. Lin Yun is in charge of this Profound Sect. But after busy, busy feet don’t touch the ground, even his own. My wife is a bit scornful, and now I encounter this … tsk tsk