Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1138


“I … this, I …” The original frozen expression was even more ugly, but it was just a kind mention. Didn’t expect that the yin and yang misunderstood the matter on his own head.

I thought that if I smashed this thing, and thought of the consequences that Lin Lei would know after I knew it, I could not help but emerged from my heart.

……… Lin Lei in Destiny didn’t know. Soon after he left, his granddaughter was going to marry.

If Lin Lei knows that the family of the man whom Lin Linger sees is going to suffer, Lin Lei must not check the ancestor’s ancestor eighteen generations again.

And as Kui Gang said, if it is a little bad for the Fang Family court, and the man has an interesting impure attempt on Lin Linger, the consequences can be imagined.

It ’s cheap to kill anything directly. It ’s the most terrifying thing to cramp the skin to light the sky lanterns, detain the soul, and suffer from the blood and fire erosion of the phantom.

In the Destiny World, in just half an hour in front of the Liancheng city gate, Scarlet Flame Tiger came here carrying Lin Lei.

Now even before the city gate, looking up at the city where he was born, his home, there is a feeling of return.

“Finally back.”

In his mind, Lin Lei took this place as his own home, but despite this, he had to leave. He had unfinished missions, and God World had his wife and children. He had to leave.

“Lei, here …” Looking at the tattered city in front of him, Scarlet Flame Tiger’s eyes couldn’t hide his disbelief.

“Oh, you!”

How can Lin Lei look at Scarlet Flame Tiger?

Indeed, compared to Immortal World, compared to God World, even the city of the lowest-end Cultivation World is not comparable here, but in the eyes of Lin Lei, this is his home, his roots, although compared to Those pavilions, magnificent city, this is nothing at all, but there is no way, Lin Lei just feels that this place is better than those places.

“Okay, don’t think about it, let’s go!” Nothing said, the smile on his face remained, and he moved towards moving towards city.

Scarlet Flame Tiger’s volume has become the original puppy, but after all, it is a monster in the state of deity, no matter how concealed, it can’t stop the breath that fuses with Heaven and Earth.

In the city, the scenery is still the same as when I left, and it is still so lively. It ’s for sale, stall, and business solicitation, it is still the same as that year.

I still remember that in order to come out, I spared no effort and tried everything. Now it is funny to think about it.

“Lei, I want to eat that!”

While Lin Lei was thinking back to the fun of the hour, Scarlet Flame Tiger’s voice came from convenience, pulling Lin Lei back from his memory.


Bend your head and hug Scarlet Flame Tiger, and ask.

“Just that?” Then, directly beside the stall, it was full of fruits, and its scent was tangy. Even if Lin Lei smelled it, there was something going on in his heart to taste it.


Nodded responded, came to the fruit stand, reached out and picked up a fruit and looked up, “No, I have never seen this kind of fruit, and the fragrance is so strong, what is this thing?”

“Is it from another place?” Looking at the question in Lin Lei’s doubts, the aunt of the booth opened the mouth and said.

“Uh … I …”

“This thing is our specialty here, er, it has also appeared in recent years, I haven’t seen it before, but it seems that only within us ten square li, we are listed as a specialty.”

I didn’t understand Lin Lei’s response, and the stall owner’s aunt spoke directly, interrupting Lin Lei’s words, and talked with Lin Lei cheerfully.

“Everyone didn’t know his name when this thing came out, but then everyone called it six mangoes. Don’t look at him small, but it’s delicious.”

“What kind of scent is left, the wife is not a cultural person, but the wife promises that as long as you eat it. Absolutely want to eat a second one.”

Speaking, reaching out is, “You are long, unsweet and don’t want money.”

“Uh …” Looking at the six mangoes in his hand, Lin Lei was not quitting to look at the expression of the stall owner’s face that tasted quickly.

“Okay, then, the kid is disrespectful.”

Speaking, he reached out and put the six mangoes in his hands at the corner of his mouth. He opened his mouth and bit a small piece, and started chewing.

“en? This smell …”

“Did Lei?” Listening to Lin Lei’s exclaim, Scarlet Flame Tiger sound transmission.

“It tastes great. Although there is no Spiritual Qi flowing in the fruit, it tastes very good.” As he said, he swallowed the six mangoes in his hand.

In this regard, the Scarlet Flame Tiger in his arms couldn’t help but want to rush up to try the six mangoes that even Lin Lei found delicious.

Of course, he had the idea, but just when it was born, Lin Lei pressed it back with a slap.

“Boss, this fruit is very delicious. In this way, you send all these fruits to the Lin Family Mansion, when the time comes, you say that Lin Lei let you give them, as for the money …”

Speaking, I reached out my hand and touched it in my arms. A Gold Coin appeared and handed it to Boss. “Here, this is your fruit money. As for the rest, it will be your running expenses.”

“Ah? Lin Family?”

“Are you?”

Lin Family is well-known in Liancheng. Today Lin Family is the largest family in Liancheng. Who knows.

“Lin Lei, a child of the Lin Family.” Lin Lei arched.

“So that’s how it is, it’s the Lin Family.” The wife looks like that that’s how it is.

However, Lin Lei saw an improper meaning from the expression of his wife, “What’s the matter, this old man …”

“Lei, I want to eat, I want to eat.” Just when Lin Lei was weird old man, Scarlet Flame Tiger’s loud noises came to mind, and suddenly woke him up.

“Okay, here you are.”

Lin Lei was very addicted to small dragon, and immediately took a little six mangoes from the booth and left.

“Well, it’s delicious, this fruit is so delicious, it’s too delicious compared to God World’s divine fruit.” Finally the fruit was eaten into the mouth. At this moment, Scarlet Flame Tiger finally understood why Lin Lei That exclaimed.

Lin Lei didn’t know. Soon after he left, the original old man was still agitated, his face suddenly changed, and the expression of hate was trembling.