Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1139


Lin Lei, who is far away, doesn’t know what the wife and the two are discussing. Lin Lei is walking around at the moment.

Of course, the Scarlet Flame Tiger is always noisy by the side, eating this, watching that, endlessly,

However, along the way, Lin Lei also ate a lot. Although it was Scarlet Flame Tiger’s greedy at first, slowly, but finally it became Lin Lei shopping completely.

Walking all the way, stop and stop, stop to taste some delicious stalls, and stop when you encounter some interesting nature. In this way, the distance that could be reached in an instant was Lin Lei forcibly Delayed for two or three hours, it can be said that the whole city’s delicious food was basically swept away by Lin Lei.

“Hmph, Lei Ge, when have you been so greedy, I remember when I was at God World, uh … no, no matter whether you are at Cultivation World, Immortal World or God World, you are the most annoying when shopping Yes, not to mention eating all the way. “Scarlet Flame Tiger was puzzled.

He really doesn’t understand. Why does Lin Lei become like this, is it possible that because in this world for more than ten years, it has been resurrected and brought back some of the features of this World Lin Lei from the new fusion ontology?

Scarlet Flame Tiger You can still think so, he can’t think of any other reason to express the performance of Lin Lei now.

“I …”

When I heard Xiao Hu ’s words, Lin Lei looked stunned and looked pale, but when I think about it, I seem to have changed a lot. However, Lin Lei did n’t feel bad about this change. On the contrary, Lin Lei felt physically relaxed. less.

“Okay, don’t say this thing, this is my home in this World.” Now, as soon as he left the gate of the other courtyard, Lin Lei stopped, turned his head and looked towards the gate of the other courtyard. The finger was introduced to Xiaohu .

oh? ”

Speaking of Lin Lei’s finger, a gate of the courtyard with a plaque of Lin Fu appeared in Scarlet Flame Tiger’s sight.

A pair of golden lions sit at the gate two or three, the gate is red, and the plaque with the word “Lin Fu” is also very high-end and high-end. When leaving home, there was a big difference.

What’s the matter, the original Lin Family can be said to be low-key luxury with connotation, to put it plainly means that wealth is not exposed.

However, when I saw the gate of the current Lin Family, Lin Lei was stunned. There were only four words in my mind, “Is this my house?”

“What’s going on?”

Looking at this strange door, Lin Lei was slightly puzzled. Although Liu Changtian’s help helped to get rid of the tangled dragons, he pushed the Lin Family to the top of the city, but … Changtian doesn’t seem to say that Lin Family has become so … no taste, so high-profile.

“What’s the matter? Lei Ge?”

Small Lin Lei’s anomaly, Xiao Hu said.

“Oh, no … nothing, just a little surprised, maybe a little bit strange, maybe … maybe I think too much.” With that, a touch of the different color flashed from his expression and became clear.

“Come in, let’s go and see what Lei’s voice is like!” Scarlet Flame Tiger not at all Perceived the strange color of Lin Lei’s brother, but it’s just a queer desire Just want to see what it looks like.

“Oh, you little brat.”

Waner smiled, shook his head, “OK, let’s go in.”

Say, move towards Lin Family. Despite all my doubts, I do n’t think about it at all.


As Lin Lei walked to the gate, a scene that made Lin Lei suddenly appeared. The guard in front of the gate, when Lin Lei approached the gate, the two long swords crossed together. Way to go.

“And who is it, Lin Family brother, can you break into it without wanting to live!”


Looking at the two of them, Lin Lei’s brows were tightly frowned, and his face was gloomy. Although he left, he didn’t even know the guards knew him!

Furthermore, the cultivation base of the two guards is not weak. Lin Lei is even more confused about this world. He still knows this world. In such a small place, how can the guard be such a cultivation base, and this is still Lin Lei He knew very well that when he left home, the guard did not even have a cultivation base, and it is now true …

The more I think about it, the more signs I have come along all the way before, my heart sinking, my bad feeling of rising in the mind.

“ao wu…”

“Asshole, try to be disrespectful to Lei Ge, and try to die.”

Angry roar came out of Scarlet Flame Tiger’s mouth. Next moment, the Scarlet Flame Tiger’s silhouette turned into a stream of light and disappeared into Lin Lei’s arms.

“pu 呲 噗 呲”

When I saw Scarlet Flame Tiger, Scarlet Flame Tiger was already inside the gate, and the two guards at the gate were already lying on the ground at this moment, a bloody gush from the two populations.

“Oh, you Little Brat, here, you can’t hurt people without my permission, understand?” Looking at the appearance of the two guards, Lin Lei resignedly smiled and stopped.

“Oh, listen to Lei Ge!”

Although a little puzzled, Scarlet Flame Tiger still agreed, in his mind, Lin Lei’s words were imperial.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Let’s step into the Lin Family and reprimand Xiao Le for his actions, Lin Lei not at all. On the contrary, reach out and take a shot, and the tiger’s body appears uncontrollably in Lin Lei’s arms.

Lin Lei’s hands kept stroking the top of Xiao Hu’s head. To this, Xiao Hu also looked comfortable.

Lin Lei dared to do this. Scarlet Flame Tiger is a Divinity Venerable Level monster, who dares to treat him like this.

Lin Family, although there is no return, it is still easy to find the hospitality hall.

However, Lin Lei was puzzled, and no guards and aunts were found along the way. Even in this forest, Lin Lei could not feel the breath of grandfather and Fourth Uncle.

“What’s the matter, got out?”

“No! Where can Lord Son go? And, Lord Lord, have they always guarded Uncle them?”

This problem is more able to explain, something happened to the Lin Family, and the matter is not small, and even grandfather and Uncle may have an accident.

Think, with a somber complexion, Divine Consciousness rushed out instantly, covering the entire Lin Family, “I found it.”

Not far away, Lin Lei found a woman dressed like a girl, sitting by the pond.

Retract Divine Consciousness, the silhouette flashes, and the next moment. A silhouette of Lin Lei appeared next to the woman who appeared in Divine Consciousness.

Lin Lei did n’t know the woman. Even the Lin Family had n’t seen it before, “Who are you, maid in this house? Do you know what happened to this Lin house?”

“Ah …”

A scream came from the moment when Lin Lei finished speaking, seamlessly from the woman’s mouth.