Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 11401


“Little girl, it seems I asked you first. Out of politeness, you have to answer my question before I can answer your question.”

“And …” Then, Lin Lei looked at the woman carefully, and decided not to meet before continuing: “I have never seen you in the Lin Family. I can tell you that you came here. . “

“But you just said your Lin Family, which shows that either you are a Lin Family, but I know all of them, or you are a sideline, but it seems that there is a rule in the Lin Family that sidelines cannot appear in the Lin Family backyard. “

“Say, who the hell are you?”

Lin Lei began to question, word by word, and the voice became louder and louder, so that the woman in front of him was a little shy.

“It’s okay, speak slowly.”

After seeing the woman choking, Lin Lei found a clean place and sat down. A bottle of wine appeared in the hands of Lin Lei out of thin air, opened the lid, and took a sip of wine.

“You …” came back to his senses, looked towards Lin Lei, the woman did not know who the man was, but from the information just said, the reason for the man may be the Lin Family, but he has not seen it.

Puzzled, “My name is Lin Ruoxi, Lin Family Third Elder’s daughter.”

Lin Ruoxi reports to his family, and the pride that can’t be said on his face, like the daughter of Lin Family Third Elder is a particularly proud thing.

Well, Lin Rui’s words made Lin Lei sting, Third Elder? Just kidding, he was born in the Lin Family since he was a child, but he never heard of the existence of Third Elder, and the original Lin Family, apart from grandfather, seems to have only his Uncle uncle, apart from this there are some sidelines left, which Here’s Third Elder.

At this moment, Lin Lei is more certain that something is wrong with the Lin Family, otherwise the position of Third Elder would not appear.

The original dignified face is even heavier, looking up towards Lin Ruoxi, a faint hint of killing intent flashes between the eyebrows.

“Lin Ruoxi, the name is really good, but … as far as I know, Lin Family doesn’t seem to have the position of Third Elder. As for your father Lin Zhi, I have never heard of it.”

“You talk about it, who is in charge of the Lin Family now, and what is the Fourth Master of the Lin Family?”

“And what about the old people of the Lin Family? I remember that the Lin Family was an old steward who was Lin Zhong’s. Why did he not feel his breath when he came along all the way?”

“You … who are you?”

While listening to Lin Lei’s words, the woman complexion greatly changed her body and pushed back, her face was full of vigilance.

Lin Family Si Ye she knows that the old Lin Zhong steward knows more, and it is because she knows these people that she is so sleepy and even shocked.

“Shouldn’t, the lineage person still asked, didn’t he say they were all replaced?” Thinking of looking up towards Lin Lei, recalling the presence of the not at all man in the original picture, this is the only reason A little peace of mind.

Forcibly calmed my shocked heart, calmed down, looked up at Lin Lei, and responded, “I don’t know who you are, but what I want to say is now controlled by our lineage. As for the four you said Grandpa and the others, sorry, this is a secret of the Lin Family and cannot be commented on. “

“So, you also know, since people who are not my Lin Family will leave soon, this time when you are unintentional, this Miss right will never be seen.” Then, turn around and leave. ,

“You lineage?”

In the information just now, Lin Lei understands that Fourth Uncle and the others must be in danger, but Lin Lei is even more like what happened to the lineage in Lin Ruoxikou.

Lin Ruoxi did not respond, and continued to move forward, “Since you don’t want to say it, stay.”

Raising your hand, a ray of light rushed out of Lin Lei’s finger, divine light flashed, and rushed into Lin Ruoxi’s body at an extremely fast speed.

“Why … what’s wrong, why can’t this Miss’ body move?” The moment the light and shadow disappeared in Lin Ruoxi’s body, Lin Ruoxi, who was about to leave, was suddenly set in place, no matter how he couldn’t move his body Move half a minute.

“hmph, Little Missy, who is arrogant in front of the deity, and it really ca n’t be bullied.”

Lin Lei looked coldly, Lin Lei coldly snorted, as soon as divide sense moved, the next moment, Lin Lei appeared in the system.

At this moment, Huoyun and Lin Feng are working together. Silently, no one speaks. They just do it together quietly, looking up at the sky, the back view is very peaceful.

Looking at the two, Lin Lei froze, then went back to God, stepped behind the second old, lightly coughed, opened the mouth and said: “father, mother.”


When I heard my son’s voice, the second old man shivered back to his spirit, got up, and turned to see Lin Lei, his face was full of smiles, and he was very happy.

“Son, why are you here, are you home?” Lin Feng said, his expression inexcusable.

The old saying goes well, there are parents who don’t travel far at home, and now that they have been away for so many years, how excited they are to be home now!

Looking at the appearance of father, Lin Lei was panicked. Although I do n’t know if they are not blocked by Fourth Uncle, they are really dangerous. According to the current situation, his father will be very sad.

“Forget it, don’t let Father know about this thing!” Looking at the excited expression on Father’s face, Lin Lei hid the matter of Fourth Uncle and the others.

“Father, do you know that Lin Family has another lineage thing?” Now Lin Lei is living medicine to a dead horse. He doesn’t know if he knows this father, but he can be sure, mother Huoyun I definitely don’t know.

Because of Lin Family’s other lineage, she never mentioned it. If it wasn’t for today, I’m afraid he won’t know it in his life.

“What, Lin Family has another lineage?”

When he heard this, Lin Feng’s complexion suddenly changed. The original smile disappeared, and it was replaced by full of fear.

“Lei, how did you know that Lin Family still has lineage?” Lin Feng asked.

“It seems to be true!” Looking at Father’s response, Lin Lei knew that Lin Ruoxi was telling the truth, Lin Family really has another lineage, and looking at father, this Lin Family is another lineage Very scary.

“Lei, let’s talk, how did you know about Lin Family’s other lineage! I remember this thing didn’t seem to tell you.”

“Yuner, did you tell Leier about this?” Seeing Lin Lei in silence, Lin Feng turned his head and looked towards his wife.

However, Huoyun also looked like her clothes, obviously she was also very confused about this matter.